Geographical Boundaries do not Restrict our Long Distance Relationships… Rajendra Prasad

Yesterday, I was speaking from Hyderabad (India) to three Hiring Managers – one in the US , one in the UK and one in the Philippines about their individual recruiting requirements. Soon after that, I went on a call with one of my colleagues from Noida (India), discussing a few critical requirements and later on had a call from my manager from Bangalore (India) inquiring on the status of some new joinees.

This is just a glimpse at a small segment of the typical work day at Oracle.

I imagine this is how many global organizations work today. Long, long gone are the days when all your colleagues are just a whistle away from your cubicle….When there was the personal touch to all your conversations. The team dynamics, of course have changed.

Or has it really changed?

As I don’t feel the change.

Even though I work in a global team and many of my colleagues are in different locations, I feel more of being a part of the team that has stood next to me all through. I have so many connect calls, one-on-one discussions, regular team meetings & outings, fun activities…. that it is impossible to think that I am a stand alone working remotely.

I have never felt this bonding with the rest of the team in my earlier organizations, not to this level. Then what’s different at Oracle?

I attribute this connected feeling with the rest of my team spread across the globe – to the people involved. Here at Oracle I believe it’s PEOPLE are the determining factor.

Geographical boundaries do not restrict our long distance relationships…..!!!

We talk to each other, we inspire each other, we commit mistakes together, we share our successes and our failures – but help ourselves to rise and finish the marathon. We are all a part of the family…we are ORACLE.

The author of this article has been with Oracle India Recruitment Team for the past two & half years and can be contacted on


Like any relationship, long distance relationships require effort for them to succeed. Where your relationship differs from a normal relationship, is the fact that you have time to live for yourself. How many couples do you know of, who complain that they never have time for themselves. As with any sort of relationship, there are undoubtedly times where frustrations start creeping in. The quality time that you spend together, probably on the end of a telephone line can quickly end up in mind games, destroying the small amount of time you do get to be close together. If the wonders do start creeping up on you, remember that your relationship is built on trust, love and respect.

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