Career journeys @Oracle Sweden: Tuva, Senior Engineering Manager

We've asked Tuva, Senior Software Development Manager to give us an insight into her experience with Oracle and the great career path she has had within the company. Read on the first part of the interview!

HI Tuva! Thank you for accepting to do this interview for the Recruitment team! Let's start with introducing yourself and giving us an overview of your current role at Oracle!

  "Hi! My name is Tuva and I am currently Senior Engineering Manager for two teams in the Java Platform organization. I have worked with Oracle for more than 13 years. I started off as a Software Engineer in the Compiler team, but have had various roles after that, like Head Product Manager for Exalogic, Partner Manager for Intel, etc etc. I have worked in most of the teams in Java Platform Group over the years. It has always been very challenging and fun!"

Give us some more information about the two teams you are managing.

"I am currently Manager for two teams in the Java Platform Group: Java SE Serviceability and Java Mission Control. Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. It is essential for Java and all these applications that Java is maintainable and manageable, which is the focus for both my teams. Java SE Serviceability provides hooks and APIs within Java to ensure that tools and end-users can monitor and manage what happens in the Java engine. Whereas the Java Mission Control team provides the world’s most powerful tool to manage and monitor your Java Virtual Machine and Java applications."

What’s the career path in your team?

We either hand-pick senior technical experts with expertise in some special area which we need support for, or tailor top performing talents at an early state of their career. The most common way to start your career at Oracle Java is probably to do a master thesis internship or summer internship before you graduate. We have tailored some very top talents for the front-end expertise that is required in our organization.

When you work in Java Platform Group you have end-less opportunities for your career. It is a very large team with many different kind of roles. All roles in our organization are utterly technology oriented. You need to have high technical skills no matter which area you work in, or which career path you choose.

• You can either choose to become a technical expert, by taking on more technically advanced challenges, architecture tasks, and be active in the Java community. You can then become a

  • Architect, responsible for some area within Java
  • Team lead, responsible for the technical direction for a team or sub-team
  • Open JDK Reviewer etc

• Or you choose to go for a more manager oriented role, you can then go for being some kind of lead, team lead, project lead, and then move towards becoming some kind of manager. You can then become a

  • Engineering Manager, managing a team of engineers
  • Product Manager, specifying and defining the direction of a product or sub-product
  • Release Manager, driving the release work forward etc.

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