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HI Ville! Thank you for accepting to do this interview for the Recruitment team! Let's start with introducing yourself and giving us an overview of your current role at Oracle!

Hi Everybody! My name is Ville and I’m a 31-year-old Sales Rep from Finland. I graduated in 2010 after studying 6 years Business and Administration in the University of Vaasa. In January 2013 I moved to Copenhagen when I was offered an interesting job and I decided to join Oracle. 6 months later I moved to Helsinki and joined Oracle Finland where I’m currently working. That’s my Oracle history in short.

 At Oracle I’m working as a Territory Manager covering Finnish based customers from e.g. Professional Services and Manufacturing Industries. I’m focused on Core Technology products, especially on the Database product line.

What about the team you are part of?

I’m part of a Broad Market team that covers mostly SME customers in Finland with the help of our partner network and their channel managers.

What’s the career path in your team?

In case you don’t have a lot of sales experience and broad knowledge of the IT business, Oracle Direct is a great place to start your career at Oracle. The work is covered mostly over the phone and email but occasionally there is a need for F2F meeting with the customers as well.

When you are more experienced you can move on to field organization. Depending on your skills and role you might have only few named accounts or a lot of non-named accounts. Phone and email are important tools but F2F meetings are also important to build a good rapport with the customers  

If you feel people management is your thing you can take management courses while waiting your chance (open position) to come. Naturally there are not so many manager positions available but if you have the will and patience and you continuously prove your worth you will get your chance.

What are the top 3 things that you’ve learned in your role?

1.            XLOB Communication. You need to understand Oracle’s business larger than where your own focus lies. Communicating with different lines of businesses helps you to serve your customer better and deliver them more value.

2.            Ask questions, never assume. People have diverse backgrounds and goals, they know different things and they think differently. With that in mind it would be a huge mistake to assume something based on your own experience and not to make sure by asking.

3.            Learning never ends. Oracle is a massive company and the business is complex. It means you need to develop your knowledge and skills all the time.

 If I was looking for a job I would apply at Oracle because…

Oracle offers a career instead of a job. The company takes care of the employees and provides all the tools that are needed to be successful. Employees have unlimited possibilities to develop their professional skills and take part in diverse courses. You can build your career horizontally as well as vertically, whatever suits you the best.  Basically the success is up to you!

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