BITS Graduate Internship: An Intern and a Recruiter Reminisce

BITS Internship: An Intern reminisces…..

BITS is one of the first Indian engineering colleges to require compulsory internship through its "Practice School" program wherein more than 300 industries have collaboration with it both in India and abroad. Students get to have hands- on experience of industry for around 11 months of the 4 years they spend in the college.


I have chosen Oracle India for my year long internship program primarily because of the brand value that gets added to my resume. Since DAY 1, I loved the work culture, flexibility, atmosphere and the variety of roles and platforms that you can chose to work on. The transition from college to Oracle has almost seemed effortless due to the support from my team mates and HR managers. Though we had other placement offers in hand, all the Oracle interns from my batch chose to stay with Oracle for the most apparent reasons :)

I'm with the Release and Operations team for the HCM (Fusion) Product. The experience of working in a virtual global team is truly amazing. You get to interact with people having diverse technical and functional backgrounds and the knowledge and learning experience that you gain in the process would give an edge as you grow professionally. I got a change to visit the Headquarters in San Francisco and the London offices as part of my team's internal training. I got to see the difference in work culture very closely and tried to pick and adapt to what's best for me. The interaction with the top management has been really helpful during the visits.


Oracle is not just about work. We have a lot of clubs such Toastmasters, Oracle Volunteers, Volleyball/Cricket/Table Tennis Clubs where you can interact with people having similar tastes and have loads of fun. I'm part of Oracle Volleyball and Table Tennis teams and we have regular corporate events where we compete with teams from Microsoft, Google, Dell, Amazon and other tech companies. All Thanks to Oracle, I enjoy every bit of my time here."

Gowthami Guttikonda

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BITS Internship – A Graduate Recruiter’s Thoughts: An enriching exposure.

I am one of the Campus Recruiters for Oracle India Development Center. It has been a great pleasure to be associated with the BITS Practice School over the past 4 years. I have been interacting with several interns like Gowthami.

The BITS Practice School interns are focused group of students. The internship is for a period of five and a half months. The internship is evaluated through quizzes, group discussions, mid-semester report, mid-semester seminar and final report and final seminar. They are enthusiastic and eager to learn while they study and many of them have actually opted for Oracle as a full-time hire post the internship.

About BITS Practice School – (BITS PS)

BITS PS is a formal internship program which aims at linking the academic world to the industrial world. BITS PS Stations with designated faculty to monitor the interns have been established across India. Students from all branches of Engineering, Science and Humanities are drawn into this program. Its beginnings can be traced to 1973 with 1 PS Station, 12 students and 4 faculty. Currently it has grown to 258 PS Stations, 1800 students from (from Pilani and Goa Campuses*) and 70 faculty.

Manognya Reddy


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