Are All Recruiters The Same??? What Does a Good Recruiter Do by Prinz Mandap

 Prinz Mandap who has recently joined Oracle has written a blog post about the intangibles that good Recruiters bring to the table. 

I’ve often wondered what people actually think specialist Recruiters do. There’s the usual stigma that we’re “just another used car salesman or real-estate agent” and all we do is “whack an ad up on Seek and wait for the flock to arrive in droves”. More often than not, people assume Corporate Recruiters rely solely on candidate applications through the various job boards or basically spam everyone on the market, then sit tight, hang around and hope for the best.

 Yes, fine it’s very easy to advertise, become complacent and pass the time before candidates decide to apply. However the ratio of serial applicants to those who’d be considered genuine quality is about a 10 to 1. And even then that’s quite generous! Another pretense is that Recruiters simply scour the social media sites such as LinkedIn, type in a single key word, search in the area they’re after and mail blast every listed candidate with the specific buzz words.

I’m here to clear it up now. It ain’t that easy.

Why do we call ourselves specialists in our field? Well, it’s the same reason why anyone doing what they do is a specialist in their own field. You know what the intangibles are, the factors most layman’s wouldn't have even fathomed. To quote’s The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, you've figured out “the secret”.

You’re a GP because you studied medicine for 10 years and you can tell when someone actually has the flu or just the common cold. You’re a specialist forward for Barcelona because you know where to be at the right time and how to score crucial goals from the left. You’re a Senior Software Developer because you’re a great programmer who’s specialised in .NET since 1.0 and can see algorithms before anyone else wakes up in the morning.

Whether in a recruitment firm or large multinational, good Corporate Recruiters are specialists in their own field because they too have figured out “the secret”. They too can decipher the intangibles. They know who the better fit will be when two candidates have the exact same skill set while everyone else can’t split them down the middle. They can envision how a hiring manager will react when you present them with a specific CV. They know perfectly, the working environment that will best fit a candidate and can foresee their future success in that role.

If I posted a tweet saying I needed an IT Sales Rep who’s worked in the applications space, what would I see? I’d probably get a ton of replies and RT’s from different salesmen working in applications, currently ready and willing, explaining why they’d be perfect for my role. But what if I needed someone who was unique to that organisation personality wise? What if what I was looking for was someone aggressive, switched on, proactive and innovative? Basically someone who was entrepreneurial? As opposed to someone from a more laid back, consultative, relationship management environment?

Am I being too fluffy for you? Maybe. But that’s the fluff that separates candidate A from candidate B (who on paper possess the exact same X’s and O’s); the difference between someone having a 2 month career at one company and a five to 10 year career.

The reason we do what we do and we’re good at it, is because just like every profession, just like whatever it is that you do, we’ve come to learn through years of hard toil, what “the secret” is.

It might sound cheesy to you, but trust me… A good Recruiter can likely already tell whether you’re going to be a good egg or not.


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