[Guest Article] Oracle Summer School: Challenge Accepted

By Cezara Gheorghe, Oracle Summer School 2016 graduate, currently an HCM Sales Consultant at Oracle in Bucharest "My Monday started with a two-hour presentation on Cloud Operations from one of the best speakers I’ve heard in a while, who traveled all the way from the United States to talk to us. As I got back to my office, all hyped up after the amazing presentation, I saw that I had a couple of messages from my colleagues around the world - Raj from India wanted to know if...

Thursday, June 22, 2017 | Campus Hiring | Read More

The science (and art) of sales

Vijinder Mahadew is a student of the science of sales. Not only does he keeps on top of the latest in sales thinking through his keen interest in reading, but as an Oracle Applications ERP Sales Manager he is also relishing the opportunity provided by Oracle’s Cloud transformation in terms of also transforming inside sales into a prime sale organisation. “The theory of sales has fascinated me from day one,” he says. “Since I started around 16 years ago there’s been a couple of...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 | Blogging | Read More

Why Oracle isn’t just ‘another’ Sales opportunity

It’s a given – there’s no such thing as a perfect Sales job. You can look for bigger financial rewards, a fantastic product you’ll be selling, or even a great work environment – but the truth is – paving your way to a successful career is about finding a place where you can be …yourself. Ask Yannis Jacob, who is currently developing a new team in Oracle’s Sales Consulting Centers after successfully following a 5-year career journey with Oracle Digital. His experience says...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 | Blogging | Read More

The Sales rules to closing your best career deal

Nothing says “I’m in charge of my own career path” like finding the right job in the right company. As one of the top Digital Sales professionals for Oracle HCM in Dublin, Nancy Rodrigues tells us that while finding a job itself might not be the toughest quest you’ve had, turning your career into a coherent story is what truly makes a difference in the long run and what makes finding the right job a worthwhile challenge. So how can we build a career narrative where all our...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 | Blogging | Read More

Sailing around the opportunities of relocation

Committing to a radical career move such as relocation can be one of the toughest choices you can make. No wonder - it’s not just about having to build everything from scratch in another country, or getting used to a new job and a new environment – it’s about using this move to level up your career and to perform exceptionally in it.   The right support makes the world of relocation go round The truth is, a sudden career shift makes collaboration with the hiring company a key...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 | Blogging | Read More

Late start for a quick starter

Doors tend to open when you have a flair for sales like Farah Garry. What’s interesting about Farah, however, is how she’s also used her talent to help keep the doors open for an essential service. Ireland-based but originally from Dubai, Farah’s parents take care of around 400 orphan children across three separate orphanages in Dubai and India. So, whenever she’s back in Dubai or India, Farah spends her time at the orphanage where her chosen profession helps make a...

Friday, April 28, 2017 | Blogging | Read More

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