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  • October 25, 2009

Do you consider yourself a Technical James Bond? Come Join Oracle NSG! by Kelly Trebbe

Greetings Oracle colleagues, partners, friends. For six years, I have had the privilege of providing recruiting support for Oracle's National Security Group. Because I don't have a background in the military, I feel that this is my way of contributing to National Security. This is a time when lending a hand to our great Nation is so important.

Oracle's National Security Group (NSG) has the single largest group of

cleared Oracle technology engineers in the industry. Our primary mission

is to assist customers in the U.S. intelligence community, military

services, federal/international law enforcement, and homeland security

community to make the best use of the power inherent within Oracle's

database, applications, and other technologies. Drawing on our domain specific

experience, NSG Consulting helps you assess your current and

planned infrastructure, create your mission information management

strategy, and deploy new technology. We specialize in both custom

development of Oracle-based systems and in applying Oracle's large

inventory of ERM, HR, Supply Chain, CRM and other operations support

software to customers' mission problems. No one brings a stronger team

of experienced and dedicated Oracle experts to address your problems.

Are you facing an expanding mission and a shrinking budget?

If so, you are not alone. Many national security agencies are facing the same challenges:

fighting new kinds of enemies and expanding both the amount and type of intelligence

required to prevail. Agency programs are under increasing financial scrutiny and

demands for quick and decisive results. NSG can contribute significantly to the speed,

quality, and effectiveness of custom software development and applications

implementation. We have the senior, experienced engineers needed to help create (or

critically review) program architectures, and we have the talented developers to help bring

them to life.

Will you need to get creative to meet new threats and mission challenges?

NSG has a well-deserved reputation for creativity, both with our customers and within

Oracle. It starts with looking at creative application of the capabilities and power in the

Oracle software you already own and that is on the drawing board within a corporation

expending US$2.4 billion a year on development. We can start from scratch if that is what

is needed, but that is seldom the right answer if what you need is speed and low risk.

Have you seen custom developments or applications implementations fail?

So have we--but fortunately, not ours. We believe that many of the reasons for those

failures are grounded in the inability or unwillingness of project leadership to properly

consider the complexity of enterprise applications. We strongly recommend that you

engage us to review complex Oracle-based architectures near the start of a project and

at critical decision points, when only a few weeks of expert consulting can pay big

dividends in ensuring that your project is on the right path.

If you work with Oracle technology and are in the Intelligence Community, you most likely have worked with one of Oracle's fine consultants.

Oracle' NSG is hiring all over the US for candidates w/ Oracle's core and immerging technology. Due to the nature of the work this group does, a TS/SCI level security clearance is necessary. Kelly is part of our North America Recruitment Team and works with our NSG Group, for any NSG enquiries, Kelly can be contacted at kelly.cushman@oracle.com

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