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Diving into a technology career at Oracle

"I love my job, because I'm able to apply the military's go-getting mindset." -Ashley C., Site Reliability Engineer, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Ashley is an Oracle National Security Region Site Reliability Engineer as part the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute group. Together with her team, she addresses issues that Customer Operations escalate, helping to find the right answers for them. Ashley is also a Navy Veteran; she served for six and a half years working abroad on humanitarian relief projects and, in times of war, building operating bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Qatar from the ground up. So, how did she transition to Oracle?

Underwater achievement

One day, one of Ashley’s supply officers told her that the Navy was now allowing women aboard submarines, and that her technical background made her a perfect candidate for the position. “I applied and, out of around a thousand candidates, they chose me. I became one of the first 26–30 enlisted women allowed aboard a submarine,” Ashley remembers. “I spent the last four years of my time in the Navy aboard the USS Michigan, based in Washington, as a system administrator.”

Far from home

Even though Ashley became close to her colleagues onboard the USS Michigan, she still missed her family back home. “It was tough; you can’t have contact with family or friends because you have to keep your location secret,” she says. “That’s why around November last year, when the time came to reenlist, I realized I wanted something that kept me closer to my loved ones. So I sent my CV through a couple of programs, and that’s when I met Melissa, my current manager at Oracle.”

Planning is caring

Drawn in by an empathetic and comprehensive approach, Ashley knew she’d found the place for the next stage of her career. “Melissa cared about my growth, even before I decided to accept her offer,” she remembers. “She wanted to know about me, about the things I’d done before to make sure I was a good fit for Oracle. She wanted to know what I was looking for, where I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, and how to get me there.”

No fish out of water

Having joined Oracle, Ashley realized her background jelled well with her new role. “In the military, you have specific things they tell you to do. However, other things you need to figure out and start on your own. I’m able to apply that go-getting mindset at Oracle, where I can get involved, be provided mentorship, and learn on the job,” she explains. “Everybody’s been so nice and accommodating; you never feel dumb for asking questions,” Ashley adds.

As part of her move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Seattle, Ashley enjoys the welcome change of pace. “Seattle feels like a small city; there’s not as much hustle and bustle as in the big cities like New York and Los Angeles,” she says. “It’s so beautiful here in the summer: there’s so much green; there are so many outdoor activities, so many different things going on.”

Take the leap

Inspired by her friends who are still serving, Ashley shares some valuable advice: “I have friends who are still in the military because they love it. I also have friends who want to leave, but think they don’t have the skillset to make the transition. What they should know is that their skills are unique. In the tech world, many things are in place to get you civilian certifications, internships, to get you into coding school, to start you off from nothing. I say go ahead: great things await those who take the leap.”

Are you on the same boat, um, submarine as Ashley? If you hold a U.S. Government Top Secret SCI or higher clearance, explore our career opportunities on her team and apply today—countless aspects of everyday life for millions of people around the world will be within the reach of your ideas. Create the future with us.

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  • Jo Friday, May 15, 2020
    Speaking from experience of working with Ashley: she is a phenomenal site reliability engineer and a top asset to OCI Compute! What an inspiration.
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