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Develop a Successful Sales Career at Oracle Engineered Systems

"This is an exciting, challenging opportunity to stretch your skills, learn new things in new directions, and improve your business acumen." -Terry Quinn, Regional Vice President, Oracle Engineered Systems

The Oracle Engineered Systems team is in a unique position to achieve unmatched success in the marketplace. Read our Q&A with Terry Quinn, RVP of Engineered Systems, to learn what a sales career at Oracle can do for you.

Why is now a good time to join the Engineered Systems team?

TQ: The market has changed dramatically in our favor with the interest and advent of Cloud. The appetite for Cloud has moved from discussion to workload. That dialogue opens up a huge opportunity for us because the best place to run an Oracle workload is on Exadata/Engineered Systems from us.

Five years ago or before, the marketplace focused on standardization by brands; today, when we talk about workloads and moving things to the cloud, brands don’t matter anymore. You don’t get to pick them and nobody cares; it’s all about how to optimize the workload for the users. That took an enormous barrier down for us in terms of injecting Engineered Systems into the discussion. We are right in the sweet spot for optimization and then migration to a cloud strategy.

Everyone’s looking for the right time, place, and product to intersect for success. We’re in a unique position right now to achieve that.

For what roles are you currently hiring?

TQ: We’re hiring Sales Executives to help us evangelize the messaging around optimization. Today we have less than 20% penetration into the Oracle accounts that have significant Oracle footprints around Database. We need to get in there, break the norm, and move them from that previous standards conversation and into the workload conversation. We’re looking for sales executives with a solution project-centric focus and business acumen.

What do current employees enjoy most about being part of the Engineered Systems team?

TQ: The growth of their sales skillset. This is an exciting, challenging opportunity to stretch your skills, learn new things in new directions, and improve your business acumen. Our ability to differentiate and challenge customers’ ways of thinking, and influencing them to adopt new ways of thinking is a very rewarding aspect of the business.

Arguably, our goals are relatively low, so your ability to achieve and, more importantly, overachieve your goals is dramatic here, compared to the marketplace. You can’t get that financial reward realization at many places right now.

Do you want to join the Engineered Systems team at Oracle? Email your résumé today to Amy Hyatt (amy.hyatt@oracle.com) and express your interest in our sales positions. Come create the future with us.


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