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Cybersecurity metal-head enjoys Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s work environment in Lithuania

Following Oracle’s acquisition of startup Zenedge in 2018, Rimantas is now part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) team. As a Senior Software Engineer in our Lithuania hub, he gets to indulge in his passions: cybersecurity and heavy metal, all in an environment that he enjoys.

Join Rimantas as he tells us about his experience of going from a startup to an international technology company. Hear about the advantages he sees in working with Oracle, and discover what a change like that can do for your own career as a Software Engineer or Software Developer.

Master of cybersecurity

Rimantas had worked at Zenedge for only four months before Oracle came along and acquired the startup. Two years have passed since then, and Rimantas keeps working hard on turning Zenedge into a native service within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “As a Senior Software Engineer, I’m responsible for developing the back-end part of our Web Application Firewall (WAF),” he explains. “We’re working on creating the engine that checks traffic for both our teams and our customers. To name a few specific areas, this involves building and fine-tuning the engine itself, working on features that help identify malicious patterns, features to detect both good and bad bots, various access-control enforcement roles, dealing with high traffic loads, and moving around large amounts of logs of detected events.”

This role ties in with Rimantas’ passion for cybersecurity, which has fascinated him for some time. “I did various cybersecurity-related things and joined several cybersecurity groups while studying—I even got my master’s in it. It’s been an experience of sorts. Overall, breaking things is much more fun for me than securing things. Nevertheless, both go hand in hand when dealing with my job’s tasks.”

Brave new world

With the right job to leverage his cybersecurity skills, Rimantas also counts with the right environment to do so. “Even though we have structure and processes that we’ve integrated into our day-to-day work, I’d say it’s more or less the same friendly, informal, and open-minded environment we had at Zenedge,” he admits. “I won’t lie: the corporate stereotypes kicked in when I heard about the acquisition, and made me a bit worried. However, it wasn’t quite what I imagined: the team is awesome and the domain is interesting—I mean…we’re building our own cloud; how cool is that? We face many performance and security challenges, as well as a totally new set of tasks to become a native service within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

“There are so many exceptional engineers working on this quest of building the cloud that one can always poke and ask questions, share opinions, and follow their guidance into the unknown. Not to mention that everyone’s okay with me listening to my favorite music while I work. There’s not a single day I don’t listen to heavy-metal inspiration from Agalloch, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Mgła, and Motörhead, among others. I have autonomy and the support to do my best work. Flexible working gives me freedom to do things my way.”

Exercises in career development

With his experience of moving from a startup to one of the world’s leading technology companies, Rimantas sees the advantages in having a career at Oracle. “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is awesome. It’s relatively new, so we’re constantly growing and creating new features, having to come up with ideas on how to improve and what would benefit our IaaS and PaaS solutions,” he says. “I’d say the amount of challenges we need to overcome, and all the opportunities to learn and grow, are the reason why fellow software engineers should join us. We’re constantly learning and seizing opportunities to grow our careers and ourselves. We challenge each other to stretch beyond our past to build our future. I know I hope I stay here, because I love what I do.”

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hub in Lithuania is waiting for you to help us write the most exciting chapter in cloud history. Visit our website and discover the opportunities we have for you to join our groundbreaking team. Create the future with us.

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