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Coder’s Tips for Cooking a Successful Career at Oracle

Are you looking for a healthy workplace to grow?

Zahra KhatamiAre you looking for coder-to-coder insight on what it takes to find success and grow at Oracle? Our very own Zahra Khatami has the career experience to enlighten you through her off-work passion: cooking. Read her story below and discover the ingredients of a successful career at the world’s leading cloud technology company.

The Intern Arrives
Zahra joined Oracle Labs as a research intern in 2017, while pursuing her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Louisiana State University. “During my PhD, I was doing research and development to create highly scalable runtime system for parallel and distributed applications,” she remembers. “Joining Oracle Labs was a perfect way to apply my thinking to actual Oracle projects, while getting to experience the work atmosphere.” These interesting projects, together with the friendly and supportive environment, are what Zahra attributes to her choice to join Oracle full-time.

Powering the Modern Economy
Now a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, Zahra designs and develops new technologies for distributed Database systems. Getting to work with the Oracle Database—the most widely used database in all major industries around the world—, and seeing how her team’s work powers the modern economy, is inspiring to Zahra. She’s always looking ahead to the future, with her personal goal being to help deliver more efficient and higher-performing Oracle products.

“One of the projects in which I’ve been involved at Oracle,” she says, “was to integrate Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) with Oracle Database to build highly available and scalable applications, where the database serves millions of Inputs/Outputs (I/O) at very low latencies.”

Cooking up Opportunities for All
As a woman in technology, Zahra appreciates that she found a workplace where all kinds of people work together—and where her ideas, not her gender, are what truly matters. She attributes this to the work of the Oracle Women’s Leadership group, which helps ensure her, and her colleagues’, professional growth. “Their mission is to empower women to reach their leadership potential,” Zahra says. “I’ve learned from this amazing group that the power that I feel as a woman is due to the effort of women before me, who’ve fought and struggled against inequality.” She feels strongly on continuing on this path, “to keep educating ourselves, to keep trying until we reach our goals.”

Coding for Success
Passionate about both coding and cooking, Zahra believes they’re similar in two significant ways. “They both require creativity,” she explains. “Only following a recipe doesn’t make you a good chef, just like only following an existing code doesn’t make you a good developer.” She also believes that both coders and chefs need to “embrace new ideas, as it’s important for writing both better code and recipes, respectively.”

When it comes to her recipe for success at Oracle, Zahra names four ingredients:

  1. Set your career goals.
  2. Have self-confidence; don’t ever underestimate your power. You’ve reached this stage of your career due to the effort YOU have applied.
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection—what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
  4. Have the power of asking. Always ask questions if you’re eager to learn more, and if you want to get involved more in projects.

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