Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Oracle GHCI 2015 – When Empowered Women Empower Other Women (II)

In our quest to support women empowerment, we’ve challenged some of our colleagues in Oracle India to share the stories of their business path: the drive for career success, the challenges they faced in the IT male-dominated industry and their mentoring vision to other women technologists. This week we interviewed two inspirational women – Anandhi Sridharan and Srilakshmi Ramachandra – who engage and lead with power and grace in tech-related leadership roles. 

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Thursday Nov 19, 2015

The Introvert & Networking - A Cat and Dog Relationship?

For many introverts, one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking parts of looking for a job or advancing their career is networking. Having to introduce themselves to strangers and striking up a conversation about careers sounds more like a nightmare than a potential means to land a dream job. Thanks to online social business networks, introverts can burn some stages by getting acquainted with people from their professional area without the cringing face-to-face experience. But unfortunately for introverts, they cannot hide forever behind of a computer screen and eventually will have to socialize in real life.

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Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

Oracle GHCI 2015 – When Empowered Women Empower Other Women (I)

In our quest to support women empowerment, we’ve challenged some of our colleagues in Oracle India to share the stories of their business path: the drive for career success, the challenges they faced in the IT male-dominated industry and their mentoring vision to other women technologists. Meet Bindu Parvathy, Senior Manager Fincore Quality Assurance for Peoplesoft Enterprise FMS/ ESA, within Oracle India. 
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Monday Nov 16, 2015

Life at Oracle: The Power of Active Volunteering

October proved to be a very busy month for our dedicated volunteers who took part in 27 global campaigns. They’ve ran for fundraising events, spent time bringing bright smiles on the faces of kids from shelter homes, donated blood or went the extra mile for a cleaner environment. They’ve done it all in the good name of humanity.Honoring their impressive efforts, let’s take a look at some of their most recent initiatives.

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Wednesday Nov 11, 2015

Life at Oracle – #WellnessWednesday or How to Create the Perfect Work-Life Balance

What’s your favorite sports activity after work? This is the question we asked Oracle employees from offices all over the world when we launched the Wellness Wednesday social media campaign, back in august 2015. That’s how we came to learn that many of our company members are not only valuable professionals, but they also project extraordinary lives outside work. Let’s take a look of some of the amazing people who have been, so far, featured in our Wellness Wednesday campaign.

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Wednesday Sep 16, 2015

7 Tips On Working With Coworkers You Don’t Like That Much

In a perfect world it would all be sugar, spice & everything nice. But as we’ve all experienced in our working years, sometimes it can be only spice. There’s a reason why people say it’s good to “spice things up”, it keeps boredom away. But is it really worth your nerves and serenity? Luckily, there are several ways to block the negativity and the spikes & flames shooting from your colleagues.

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Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

How to Train Your EQ to Survive the Workplace Chaos

Stop and take a deep breath. Clear your head of bad thoughts and put the world on pause. It’s time to take control over your emotional state of mind and learn how to use that information to improve your personal and professional relationships. It’s time to manage your emotional intelligence (EG) and make it through that chaotic day at the office.

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Friday Sep 04, 2015

Meet Oracle's #WomeninTech

Every day, thousands of extraordinary women engineers bring their contributions to the dynamic development of Oracle technologies and products. Their stories are fascinating life-lessons of courage, dedication and women empowerment. In order to discover these thriving personalities and recognize their contribution, we’ve sat down and asked them a few questions. Meet Simona Stanescu (Senior Product Support Manager), Alina Giurca (Software Development Manager) and Adina Dumitrasc (Technical Support Engineer). 

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Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

Big Ideas Are Good, but Every Plan Needs Building Blocks by David Talamelli

A few years ago I attended a training course which was designed to help participants understand how they think and behave to help them make better decisions both individually and as part of a team. In this training I completed an Emergenetics Profile which helps you understand the way you think. There are 4 Distinct Categories which are Analytical, Structural, Social and Conceptual which are fairly self explanatory. The training was really insightful and helped me better understand the way I tend to approach situations and also better understand how others approach situations as well.


When I took the test my profile was heavily weighted to ‘Conceptual’ thinking which has thinking attributes and traits such as Imaginative, Learns by experimenting, Enjoys the creative process, etc…. Looking at my work I can see this reflected in the projects and work that I do. While it is great to have a conceptual approach to creating solutions that has to be counter balanced with activity from the other categories – any plan needs elements of the other traits involved as well to be successful. What good is having a big plan if you do not take care of the basics or learn how to translate your big ideas into bite size action items.  Everyone has an idea, the hard part is taking those ideas and turning them into reality...

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Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

Oracle Korea: Awarded "Great Company to Work For In 2012"

On April 24th, Oracle Korea was awarded the grand prize for <Great Company to Work for in 2012> by Korea Economy Magazine. Since its establishment in 2007, the award has designated Korean companies that are the best place to work for and most desired work place, based on research findings from Korean universities and university press.

The <Great Company to Work For in 2012> award is significant as it identifies companies that strive to create a ‘fun and exciting’ workplace based on ‘great employees’ and ‘great work culture’ whilst maintaining business growth. It is worth noting Oracle Korea has been widely recognized by Korean universities and the industry alike.

Oracle Korea has demonstrated successful business outcome over the past few years with double-digit yearly growth. This means the company was credited with remarkable quality growth not only in business outcome but also in customer and partner relationship and talent development.

This award is the result of various efforts Oracle Korea has exercised to bring balanced growth between the business and the people. Managing Director Yoo Wonsik of Oracle Korea has always made it clear that his utmost goal is to make Oracle Korea a ‘workplace where employees can enjoy the best time of their life while working at Oracle.’ To realize such vision, Oracle Korea has spared support to its various club activities. Some outstanding clubs include Harmony, the orchestra where many employees have an instrument of choice and practice them, sports club to get rid of daily stress through many sports, camping club take in the nature, and so many others.

With continued emphasis on corporate social responsibility, Oracle Korea has participated in several voluntary activities to help support the less privileged people in the society such as ‘food truck,’ ‘coal delivery’, and ‘knitting for the newborns.’ Furthermore, its Harmony orchestra has performed open concert on the street so the local people can enjoy the music and appreciate the culture of Oracle Korea.

The most admired company, Oracle Korea will continue its endeavor to further develop its corporate culture where best people work to make the most admired company in Korea.


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