Monday Oct 19, 2015

Why Do We Change Jobs – A Closer Look At The 5 Big Reasons

Why are you looking to change your job? A question we hear quite often from our interviewers, parents and friends. But before prepping up your nicely wrapped answer, better start answering to yourself. With honesty. Lay down the pros and the cons of your decision and assess the situation with maximum clarity, before you take the next step.

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Friday Nov 07, 2014

A Second Coming by Sanket Atal

My name is Sanket Atal and I am the Group Vice President with the product development organization in India.  This is my second stint at Oracle, having left the company for 4 years to explore what other companies and businesses are like.

The journey with Oracle began in January of 1997 when I, along with a few others, setup the R&D centre for Oracle in the city of Portland, Oregon - a place also famous for having Nike’s headquarters in its suburb of Beaverton.  Working at Oracle was a glorious experience where I had the opportunity to work on many areas, including being part of the team that started Fusion Middleware, which is one of the highest revenue generating software products of Oracle.  

At Oracle, engineers are treated with tremendous respect and the environment is setup to encourage creativity which leads to great innovation.  With Fusion Middleware, we had the opportunity to create a lot of great products from scratch, as well as integrate others that had been acquired.  It was such a rewarding experience and one that truly made me a complete engineer.  I moved to India in 2006 and was very impressed with Oracle’s formidable presence here.   The R&D organization at Oracle is truly “global” - teams are comprised of engineers who just happen to be dispersed around the world but are all working towards the same goal.

After having been with Oracle for 13+ years, I made the decision to leave, not because of any discontent, but rather to better understand how other companies work.  My first job after leaving was for a US based MNC, heading its largest R&D center worldwide.  This was followed by a role heading all technology (R&D, Hosting Infrastructure, Internal IT) for one of the leading E-Commerce companies in India.  Both of these experiences were fantastic as they provided me with great knowledge and an insight into different industries.

They also made me realize something else - the engineering environment that Oracle has is something that companies strive for but is very difficult to achieve.  At Oracle, engineers are greatly empowered and each engineer has the ability to influence the product.  In addition to this, there is a lot of focus on enabling personal growth through education and mentoring.  And finally, the work culture promotes work-life balance.  The combination of all of these makes for a place that is a haven for engineers.

My rejoining has been a wonderful homecoming with so many colleagues world-wide welcoming me back. Oracle is making great strides in the brave new world of Cloud technologies and has done an amazing job of innovating as well as seamlessly integrating technologies that it has obtained through acquisitions worldwide.  I look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Sunday Jan 10, 2010

Career Longevity: Find Creativity in Your Job

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