Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

Hot tips to keep productivity from freezing in the cold season

Are you feeling less productive in the cold season? Nobody can blame you. Days are getting shorter, the sun becomes a rare treat and your bed has never been more appealing. All these can take a toll on your energy and on your productiveness. I’ve been working for 3 cold seasons now, and I must say the Laziness Bug bit a few times. Unfortunately we can’t just sink in our beds until spring comes and we need to keep delivering the same good work throughout the year. So in order to remain focused and productive in the cold season, we must understand why it happens and what we can do about it.

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Friday Sep 25, 2015

7 Career Tips for a Younger You

For a second, consider your life since you first started working. Look back at all your experiences and think about the lessons you’ve learned on your own. If you had a time machine and could go in time, what would you say to a younger you? Would you tell yourself to try another career path? Or maybe not to take things too personally? If I could go back in time and tell my younger me something, this would be it:

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Monday Sep 21, 2015

How to Be in a Happy Relationship with Your Job

I’ve always thought that having a job is exactly like having a relationship. At the beginning your passions bring you together, the first months are full of social media PDA, #ilovemyjob becomes your top hashtag… but then something happens. Excitement starts to fade and routine finds a home in your welcoming heart. Waking up becomes harder every morning and calling in sick is so tempting. Those 8 hours feel like 24 and you are on the edge of calling it quits.

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Thursday Sep 17, 2015

5 Cartoon Characters You’re Bound to Meet at the Office

You don’t need a degree in psychology to tell that being aware of your coworkers' personality type makes approaching them a lot easier. You also don’t need an expert’s input to know that such knowledge will be useful when you're dealing with them on a daily basis. If you look closer at them, you’re bound to identify a few stereotypes which you can use to your advantage.

Here's an easy way to spot 5 different personality types at work, and an even easier way to interact with them, as well as tips on handling the least agreeable traits of their personality.

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Monday Sep 14, 2015

How to Overcome the Missing Team-Player Gene

The heart and soul of any businesses today are fueled by teams. But just as joining a team is one thing, performing as a team member is another. Regardless of the job we choose, being a team player is not exactly an option, but it’s definitely a muscle we can train. This got me thinking of ways in which we can learn how to become a great fit in our group of co-workers.

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Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

5 Stereotypes About Successful Women Broken By Serena Williams

A strong woman is said to be cold, furious and not feminine. She confronts daily all sorts of stereotypes which she must overcome and prove wrong. We’re living important times in which women write important chapters in the history of gender equality and performance. Creativity, discipline and productivity align into a force that makes women climb the ladder of success regardless the industry, but also comes with an altered vision on their personality. This is the case of Serena Williams too, a woman whom I most admire for her determination, endless passion and grit. She’s pushed through, becoming a role model to women all over the world. But success doesn’t come cheap, you have to pay the price of stereotypes. Here are the most common things people think about strong, successful women, and are completely wrong:[Read More]

Thursday Sep 03, 2015

3 Female Movie Characters That Teach Us About Real Career Passion

You have a burning ambition and, in your mind, you’ve already painted your career journey. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream. You’re lacking action. Maybe it feels too unrealistic, maybe you feel discouraged or maybe you’re just too afraid of failure. Let yourself inspired by 3 iconic women who turned their vivid passion into a striking success, followed by a successful career. 

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Wednesday Sep 02, 2015

Busting the Myth: Work-Life Balance is Possible

 Stress is the root of all evil. It affects everything, from our health and personal life to the way we handle our tasks at work. We can definitely put the blame on it for losing work-life balance and be right about it. There’s no better time than now to put an end to those complaints from your significant other for working overtime or even from bed, to regain the time lost with your kids because it took you forever to finish that report and to finally go and have some drinks Friday night without checking your e-mail every 5 minutes.

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Wednesday Aug 05, 2015

5 Tricks to Help You Beat the Vacation Blues

You’ve waited all year long for your summer vacation and… now it’s a wrap. The first day back at work is the gloomiest and grimmest day of them all - blue skies and golden sand beaches are swapped for traffic jams and cubicles. It’s that moment when your yacht transforms into a pumpkin as the clock strikes 9 AM. You’re still jet lagged so you lose your shoe in the Monday morning subway chaos. Don’t expect a modern hero to save the day! You will have to do it yourself; these 5 tricks will help you survive the post vacation blues caused by:

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Friday Jul 11, 2014

The Shift From an Individual Contributor to Manager – Some Thoughts by David Talamelli

I have been in my current role managing the Campus Recruitment Team and function here at Oracle for the past 3.5 years or so. I was previously an Individual Contributor for 5 years here before I made the shift into a management role. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to take on this current role as I have learnt so much both personally and professionally.

I am constantly challenged (in a good way) to push myself out of my comfort zone and on reflection the last 3-4 years has led to real growth for me. During this time I have made plenty of mistakes and had many growing pains but I think that I have learned from them and I think I am now starting to find my own management style. As an Individual Contributor all the projects I worked on together with my colleagues was done collaboratively and I find that I have taken that approach to my current role as well.

A few things I have observed/learned as a relatively new manager over the past 3-4 years has been that:

1)      Be transparent with your customers and with your team...


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