Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Squad Goals: 4 tips to building a winning team

A quick search on Twitter for the term #squadgoals, will reveal a bunch of pictures and stories of people having fun or thriving like a well-oiled machine. And while that’s fun to watch, you need to keep in mind that it didn’t happen overnight. When it comes to office chemistry, building an amazing team that brings in results and knocks it out of the park every time takes a bit of effort. However, once you have a proper squad, nothing can stop you.

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Monday Jan 04, 2016

5 Answers to Be Successful in 2016

That time of year is here again: New Year’s resolutions. We’re all thinking about it: gym memberships, weight loss, commitments to personal needs, the list can go on and on. But have you stopped to think about any professional goals you might have? Do you have resolutions around them? If the answer is no, I ask you “Why not”? To find out the shorter way to success in 2016 you need to have clear answers regarding your professional activity till now.

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Monday Dec 07, 2015

Job, Career or Vocation?

There are three completely different ways of seeing working: as a job, as a career or as a vocation. Want to know were you stand? Read our article to find out if you're among the lucky ones.

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Thursday Dec 03, 2015

How to Evaluate & Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to confidence, it’s amazing how many people are their worst enemies. We tend to compare ourselves to others, underestimating our true value. The lack of self confidence transcends in every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. There are many reasons you can lack confidence at work, from being less experienced than your colleagues to fear of public humiliation and errors in judgment, and these simply come too hard on an already insecure person.

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Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

No Career Plan Yet? No Worries

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? The dreaded question we all heard, at some point, during job interviews. Realistically speaking, are you even close to what you envisioned your career path to be 5 years ago? What changed and why? What drove you off your road? Continue reading. 

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Friday Nov 13, 2015

The Phone Interview – Not Just A Matter Of Luck

If you’ve been selected for a telephone interview, first things first - well done! The employer has been impressed by your application or CV and wants to know more about you. There is a difference between telephone and face-to-face interviews - do you how to prepare for them?

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Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

Keep those nosy colleagues away with 6 easy tricks

Working in an open space exposes you to a large number of people. You will discover both the pleasure and the challenge of interacting with such a diverse crowd. Prepare to discover different personalities and work styles: some will be loud, others quiet as mouse, and inevitably some will be nosy. So it’s probably a safe bet you’ll run into this challenging species in your career too if you haven’t already. Fortunately, most of the time, a nosy colleague isn’t anything more than an annoyance. Every once in a while, you will come across an overly curious colleague who crosses a line. And, if you don't handle the situation carefully, it could cause issues for your career. If you are in search for a Nosy Colleague repellent, use these 6 tricks.

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Monday Oct 26, 2015

Are You Stressed? Here’s How To Tell Your Manager

As much as we’d love it, our job doesn’t remain in the honeymoon phase forever. As in a marriage, everyday stress crawls in your bed and will, inevitably, affect your motivation and performance. Something is wrong and you must tell your manager how you’re feeling and what’s causing it. It’s never easy, but it’s necessary and if you want to keep loving your job. So, how do you tell your boss you are feeling overwhelmed without leaving the impression you are lazy?

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    Friday Oct 23, 2015

    Turned down by a company in the past? Follow these steps and apply again

    The company you’ve been dreaming to work for finally has a job opening perfect for you. After reading all the Tips & Tricks articles available on the internet, you spend two nights crafting the perfect resume. But for some reason, you don’t get the job and you feel heartbroken. This is the moment you decide to let go or to be perseverant. If you really want to work at that company, do not despair, you can apply again and even get the job.

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    Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

    Get Closer To A Promotion By Avoiding 5 Essential Mistakes

    They are looking for someone to lead a new project or for a person to replace your ex-boss. You look around and think you’re the perfect fit after all these years, and somehow, despite your abilities and experience, they don’t consider you for the position. Meanwhile, people who were hired on later than you have already started moving up the ranks. You worked very hard and you feel disappointed, but did it ever cross your mind it takes more than hard work to get promoted? Attitude and strong principles count as much as what you do. If you haven’t been promoted by now, maybe you’re unknowingly doing some mistakes.

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    Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

    Hot tips to keep productivity from freezing in the cold season

    Are you feeling less productive in the cold season? Nobody can blame you. Days are getting shorter, the sun becomes a rare treat and your bed has never been more appealing. All these can take a toll on your energy and on your productiveness. I’ve been working for 3 cold seasons now, and I must say the Laziness Bug bit a few times. Unfortunately we can’t just sink in our beds until spring comes and we need to keep delivering the same good work throughout the year. So in order to remain focused and productive in the cold season, we must understand why it happens and what we can do about it.

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    Friday Sep 25, 2015

    7 Career Tips for a Younger You

    For a second, consider your life since you first started working. Look back at all your experiences and think about the lessons you’ve learned on your own. If you had a time machine and could go in time, what would you say to a younger you? Would you tell yourself to try another career path? Or maybe not to take things too personally? If I could go back in time and tell my younger me something, this would be it:

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    Monday Sep 21, 2015

    How to Be in a Happy Relationship with Your Job

    I’ve always thought that having a job is exactly like having a relationship. At the beginning your passions bring you together, the first months are full of social media PDA, #ilovemyjob becomes your top hashtag… but then something happens. Excitement starts to fade and routine finds a home in your welcoming heart. Waking up becomes harder every morning and calling in sick is so tempting. Those 8 hours feel like 24 and you are on the edge of calling it quits.

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    Thursday Sep 17, 2015

    5 Cartoon Characters You’re Bound to Meet at the Office

    You don’t need a degree in psychology to tell that being aware of your coworkers' personality type makes approaching them a lot easier. You also don’t need an expert’s input to know that such knowledge will be useful when you're dealing with them on a daily basis. If you look closer at them, you’re bound to identify a few stereotypes which you can use to your advantage.

    Here's an easy way to spot 5 different personality types at work, and an even easier way to interact with them, as well as tips on handling the least agreeable traits of their personality.

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    Monday Sep 14, 2015

    How to Overcome the Missing Team-Player Gene

    The heart and soul of any businesses today are fueled by teams. But just as joining a team is one thing, performing as a team member is another. Regardless of the job we choose, being a team player is not exactly an option, but it’s definitely a muscle we can train. This got me thinking of ways in which we can learn how to become a great fit in our group of co-workers.

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