Friday Mar 18, 2016

From Career Fair to Employee Award: How Andras Karoly Kiss Found His Path at Oracle

Academic background is just the start of your career – what matters is how you set your mind and efforts on learning in the actual job. Determination, constantly challenging yourself to do more and learning from the people around you is what makes a difference. As András Károly Kiss says, it’s all about the things making it worth waking up in the morning: “real projects, real tasks, real responsibilities”.

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Monday Jul 30, 2012

Oracle Campus Recruitment Attend BITS Hyderabad HR Confluence Event

Oracle Campus Recruitment Attend BITS Hyderabad HR Confluence Event by Manognya Reddy

It was a pleasant morning and my thoughts were focused on meeting with the graduating batch of students from BITS Hyderabad Campus. Having reached the campus at 10:00 am, I was given a warm welcome by the Placement Officer and the Student Placement Representatives The students graduating in 2013 were all ready for the interactive session with HR representatives.

The HR representatives were from companies of diverse areas such as IT Development, Services Companies, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Instrumentation Companies*.

Mr Maria Sundaram from GE Energy, Chief Guest addressed the students and gave insights into his own career and tips about what to look out for while applying for the first job out of college.

This was followed by an interactive panel discussion between the HR representatives from the companies and the students. A number of the panel members gave insights on focus areas before the students came up with the questions.

Some of the interesting questions that students came up with include:

  • What do companies expect from Master’s students as opposed to undergraduate students?
  • Would companies hire a passionate employee or a sincere employee?
  • Do students applying for OFSS need any special skills or qualifications to apply?
  • How important are the HR interviews and what is assessed during the same?
  • Student is interested in a certain company, but other companies are visiting the college before the preferred one, what should he/she do?
  • Students from Non IT background want to apply for IT jobs. What should they do to prepare?

This session went on for 2 hours and it was lunch time!

 It was a great event and it is always good to interact with the students to help them on their journey into their career.

*Cognizant Technology Services, Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle, Kony Labs IT Service, Imagination Technologies, One Convergence (IT Companies); Polmon Instruments (Instrumentation and Process Automation Solution provider); Dr Reddy’s Labs (Pharma) Dupont (Chemical) 

Wednesday May 02, 2012

A Student's Interviewing Experience From Australia

I have been blogging for 4-5 years now and Social Media has allowed me the chance to meet and talk to some really interesting people with some really interesting and varied perspectives. I was excited to come across this blog post below today from a student who had recently been through Oracle's interview process in Australia.

I have pasted the original blog post below and the link to the original blog is:

I love that this candidate has taken the time to share the experience they had with Oracle. It was good to see a students perspective on our interviewing approach as it allows us to look at ways that we can continue to improve our overall service. To the student who wrote this, thank you for sharing your experience and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Oracle Graduate Program 2012/2013

G'day innovcloud dwellers. With this blog project I not only want to give you inspiration through your day to day woes but throw 'practical utility' your way. One way I believe I can help is to give you insight into numerous graduate recruitment processes myself or my friends have experienced. Without disclosing too much, it will be simply impressions of company culture, the nature of the recruitment process and the area of focus regarding the position. Below is the Oracle Graduate Program 2012/2013 from a fellow who had gone through the whole process. I will also put a 'Process Rating' and an 'Environment Rating' at the end with a comment!

Recruitment Process
For the 2013 Oracle Graduate Program, the stages were as follows. It was held at their North Ryde, Sydney office with recruitment additionally in Melbourne (to my knowledge).

Crunching the Numbers (according to HR)
1000+ Applications submitted
40 through to Sydney Assessment Centres
13 positions available across all streams (8 in Sydney, 5 in Melbourne)

1. Application Submission
This involved not only submission through their Australian graduates website (no free text questions- one of the quickest online submission applications) but also submission of your resume to a designated email address. Was a bit odd and confusing in whether the application was submitted. Confirmation is later received. 

2. Telephone Interview
There was a 1-2 month wait but a recruiter will contact you eventually! It comprises an informal telephone interview with questions involving, motivation for choosing Oracle, experience regarding IT based roles etc. Leave a good impression and you get a straight invite to the Assessment Centre (no waiting!)

3. Assessment Centre
The Assessment Centre comprises of 2 parts. The first part is a group collaboration session where assessors watch you from a distance, rating your ability to socialise with other human beings in a commercial environment (yes there is a tone to that sentence). This involves a hypothetical situation which demands creative solutions (put your imagination hat on!). You have 40mins before you must present with your group your solutions TO THE WHOLE ASSESSMENT CENTRE! (approx 40 people including assessors). Developing your presentation skills makes you stand out here.

The second part is a panel interview (3 to 1). The panel can comprise of the HR manager, a recent graduate to the head of sales. Behavioural questions a plenty, really be sure of the traits which make you stand out as a grad. Really know yourself before going in, know your selling points, know what you do, know how you can throw down and smash any task! YOU CAN DO IT! That said, the panelists make you feel at ease and comfortable so relax into it. 

4. Final Interview
This is an almost duplicate of the panel interview in the Assessment Centre but involves the manager in your preferred stream. See above! You get a glass of water in this one. 

Position Focus
With a mid 2012 start, the Graduate Program is fundamentally a sales based role with streams comprising Sales, Presales, Customer Care and Business Development. That said, Oracle at its core is a sales based organisation and all these roles incorporate sales. Telesales does comprise a portion of the streams, so if you aren't a confident tele-man, look elsewhere or practice!

Company Culture
The feedback regarding the culture at Oracle is that it is supportive, friendly and welcoming. Being a sales-centric organisation within ANZ, Oracle needs its staff to feel empowered and motivated to achieve results. It does this through breeding a culture conducive to letting personality shine. With upper management (and a few big wigs) being present at the Assessment Centre it really does show their commitment to bringing in talent to the organisation. 

Process Rating
3.5/5 - The Assessment Centre and Final Interview were fun and engaging, however the 1-2 month wait on the telephone interview does make you look at other options.

Environment Rating
3/5 - A slightly dated building but has enough glass to make you feel you are in a corporate environment and doing business-y things. Has a cafe on the bottom level but other amenities are not within walking distance (Macquarie Centre etc). Close to Macquarie Park train station. 

I believe at the moment they are waiting for offers after the Final Interview. Would add more detail, but I have an assignment to do (this is procrastination!). I might add more later for your viewing pleasure. Anyways cloud dwellers, hope that may be assistance to yourself or your friends for next year. 

Always Remember,


Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Bright Minds in Singapore: Oracle Graduate Hiring

 Last week I was in Singapore and had the opportunity to take part in our graduate interviewing that we are currently undertaking as part of our ASEAN hiring.

I always feel fortunate to get the chance to meet and talk with students in the APAC region and taking time to meet some of the students we interviewed in Singapore last week is no exception. The excitement and enthusiasm of many of the students that I spoke to last week really stands out but what really brought some of them to the forefront for me was their creative ways of thinking and the level of professionalism that I saw in the students. Some of the presentation and communication skills that I saw displayed would rival experienced IT Consultants in the industry. 

We still have more interviews to follow up from last week, but I am confident that of the students we had the chance to meet last week some of them will go on to have bright and successful careers here at Oracle.

 To all the students that came in and spent the day with us, I want to thank you for giving us your time and for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. From a business perspective I think you all will go on and do great things and from a personal stand point I enjoyed many of the conversations I had and feel lucky to meet with you. Best of luck with the remainder of your interviews and I hope to see some of you in the halls on my next visit to Singapore.

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Oracle India Campus Koffee Konnect Program Part 1

Koffee Konnect is a candidate engagement program that has been designed to help maintain contact with selected candidates at various Campuses across India.

The primary objective of Koffee Konnect is to keep the candidates connected with Oracle during the long span from selection till on boarding.

A special initiative was taken by Oracle’s Campus Relations team and the program at 23 campuses. The representatives from Oracle who visited all the campuses were our Senior Managers and Directors. They are the brains behind our success in the Product Development space and their long tenure with Oracle has been the facilitator for them to understand our Culture and Values.

They are the people who would be mentoring and grooming the young minds to reach heights in their career. The Senior Executives who went to the campuses were from our Server Technology, Application Development and Communications Global Business Units. 

The program was well organized and meticulous planning by our Campus Representatives went into it. There were huge posters designed and displayed in all the Campuses mentioning the key details of the program to spread the fire and buzz Oracle was all set for. Our Senior Representatives interacted with the students and definitely relived those unforgettable moments of their college life again.

They spent time over “Koffee” and shared light moments with our new members in the Oracle family over snacks. For memories to be cherished they distributed goodies to our placed students and also to their placement staff. And whenever time permitted at couple of places they also took our new mates for dinner. 

The benefits from this initiative can be listed as:

• Koffee Konnect ensures that candidates remain engaged. The meeting is informal and helps the candidate to have a warm connection with the organization through the visiting member.

• Koffee Konnect is a platform which makes the candidates believe that they are already a part of Oracle Corporation and is a gesture to appreciate and value their decision to join it.

• Goodies are distributed to the students as part of the event which also brings in a feel good factor .

This program was conducted in the time span from 24th March to 15th April; visits to 23 Campuses with our 21 panel members.

Megha Chaturvedi

Recruiting Research Analyst

Some questions taken from the Q & A session at NITK Surathkal:

1) How Sun acquisition helped in Oracle business strategy?

Oracle was using Java technology extensively in our products. Acquiring Sun technology has further strengthened the Oracle products and its development. Also, with Sun acquisition, we are now into high end hardware business. We now call this campaign as "Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together". This enhances the value proposition of Oracle - both in software and hardware side of business.

2) What is the career path for India based employees?

We do all the development functions carried in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) at India

Development Center. Our job grades and career enhancement policies are same across all

regions. We have one global job grade system and is followed across teams.

3) Do we have any training for new hires?

For all newly joined campus hires, we will have structured class room training sessions. Once these trainings are done, they will get 'on the job training / guidance' from their managers / leads or mentors. Apart from this, we will have soft skills class room training courses.

Finally, all Oracle employees can access vast collection of hosted online courses which covers both technical, functional and soft skill training needs.

Thursday Aug 20, 2009

The IT Industry is in Good Hands

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Thursday Sep 04, 2008

Oracle APAC Graduate Recruitment Program

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