Friday Sep 23, 2011

Life at Oracle by Sakshi Bhatnagar

Life is never predictable…no one can ever understand how life works its own course and even though a lot of us try to direct it, rarely does it ever turn out the way that we plan.

When I was in college, most of the students in my class were under a lot of pressure to just get a job in one of the well-known companies. I am pretty much sure, they did not really realize back then what it really meant to be a part of an organization that would not only provide them employment but also be like a nurturing and caring friend.

Hi, I am an ORACLE employee and I have been here for three months now. If you would have asked me what my expectations are from any company that gives me employment back in my college days, I would have simply said none….and that would have been because I was not sure what to expect. Now however, three months into life at ORACLE the past three months have been the best months of my life. It has been a great and a very fond journey, from the innocence of college life to the more mature and sensible corporate life.

By being a part of ORACLE, I have not just found an employer but also a nurturing and caring friend. A lot of people would say that fun ends with the end of student life and there is no fun in being in a corporate environment. To those I ask how can corporate life not be fun when we are still learning something new each day?! At ORACLE, every day brings a new learning experience. It is not just about doing our work but also about understanding what we do, why we do what we do and in contributing to make lives of those we serve, i.e. society better.

The very first day of my induction, I remember feeling awestruck by the very infrastructure and people in ORACLE, each person I met was so humble and so open to helping the new people. It never felt as if I was new to the organization. The people make an organization what it is …and here I found people who were ready to explain and mentor young minds without any false pretentions.

The boot-camp I attended which is conducted specifically for all the new employees is one of the best ways of teaching employees learn ORACLE values and also to encourage employees to communicate and build a human network across the organization.

The "SELF SERVICE" motto of ORACLE actually helps employees to be independent and learn things on their own and in that way being wiser and better humans. The humility and helping nature of the employees does not just limit to the campuses. It is amazing how various charity and good-will events are conducted by ORACLE to help those who need it the most. The fun never stopped with the end of college for me. With ORACLE, I have learnt to have fun and be responsible at the same time. My mentors, my team, my colleagues and a lot more of friends that I have made here in three months have added a lot of value and essence to my life. I have learnt a lot, and it’s not just about work or work ethics but also about life and human values. I can never thank ORACLE enough for providing such a great experience and so many timeless memories to me. THANKS A LOT ORACLE!

Monday Sep 19, 2011

Monash University SICC (Society for International Commerce and Computing) Corporate Dinner by Michael Kamar

 A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Monash University Study for International Commerce and Computing (SICC) ( Corporate Dinner out at the lovely Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn, Melbourne. The evening was organised by a group of students at Monash University in Melbourne, and was aimed at providing networking opportunities to students on the cusp of entering the corporate environment, and also to socialize with representatives from a range of corporate companies over dinner.

 The evening kicked off with registration, nibbles and chatting between company representatives and students. There were approximately 100 people there, a wide mix of students, from those just starting out at University, those who were just about to complete University, and those who had recently graduated. Dinner started off with presentations from several key sponsors who spoke about life in the corporate world in general, as well as a quick rundown in regards to their own graduate intakes.

The night wasn’t all about presentations though, as the tables were split into groups of students based on their relevant interests, and where they wanted to enter into the corporate world. Representing Oracle, I was placed on an IT centric table with around 8 students who were interested in the IT industry. It was great to engage with the students and speak about day to day life at Oracle, how it all functions, what the process was to get into the Graduate Program, what my role was, etc. But the questions weren’t all work related, and it was great to see interest in out of work activities, and social interaction within the workplace.

Another thing that worked really well, and which ran at several intervals throughout the evening, was the “Corporate Trivia” that had been organized by SICC. Teams were based on tables (14 in total), and questions had a corporate twist to them, this meant students and representatives alike had to work together in coming up with answers. Everything from ‘name the partial company logo’ to ‘what do these acronyms stand for’ were asked.

This wasn’t as easy as it sounds! Not only was the trivia a great way to get everyone involved, but I found that it also helped students come up with additional questions or queries that they wanted to know about corporate life.
 After dinner had concluded, people started to move around between tables again, giving students an opportunity to ask further questions to representatives they hadn’t been sitting with. I found that even students who weren’t directly interested in a career in IT, still wanted to know about Oracle, and what it was like working for such a large organization.

Overall, it was a great night, and was a great opportunity to mix with students who were looking at getting into the corporate world. For anyone looking to get into a corporate job after University, it would be highly recommended to find a similar club or group that runs evenings like this at your University. Having an opportunity to speak to people who went through the same process as you’re about to go through, is invaluable. Thanks again to SICC for organising the event, and inviting myself and other industry representatives along.

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Oracle's Trivandrum Development Center Inauguration

It was a day of pride for the IT fraternity in Kerala, India when Oracle’s new Development Centre was inaugurated in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President Applications Development and Joe Gumina, Vice President, APAC/LAD Real Estate & Facilities cut the ribbon to the doors of the facility. The facility has come up in Technopark, which is the first and largest of the IT parks in India. The formal inauguration was done by the State Minister for IT and Industries Mr.Kunnjali Kutty and attended by Mr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament and senior dignitaries from Oracle.

The facility has come up in the Leela Infopark building within Technopark and has a capacity to house 300 people in a floor with expansion capacity for two more floors. The centre has started up with a set of handpicked engineering graduates from the best campuses in Kerala to support the Fusion and PeopleSoft development.

Thursday Sep 15, 2011

That College Feeling at Oracle by Swapnil Jadhav

As a fresh graduate I was proud to join Oracle as my first company. I reached Hyderabad with my father 3 days prior to the date of joining at Oracle. I came to visit the campus the next day of my reaching here. I literally fell in love with those three Oracle buildings with blue glass facades.

It feels very different for a person who has never seen how an organization works to come and join work in a big organization. There were so many fears- will I be able to meet the organizations expectations, what if I fail to do my work on time, or what if my work is not up to the mark. Fears akin to what a student gets before important exams during his academic life. Even if you were a brilliant academic performer in college, you still feel fearful when you are about to join work.

At Oracle, the campus to corporate training program makes you feel very comfortable. The games, the open discussions and doubt clearing sessions that we had with the HR team make you get ready for your corporate life. Then you start feeling lucky that you have got Oracle as your first company in your professional life. You learn that it’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s not different from your academic life. You get to learn cool stuff and meet some of the most intelligent people here. They inspire you.

Oracle has this protocol of calling everybody by their first names. It was something new to me as we are used to calling people as sir or ma'am. Calling my manager by his first name feels as if he is my classmate from college.

At work place time flies by, it’s not even 40 days that I joined Oracle and I’m loving it! You get to meet so many people in the campus. The gym is well equipped and well maintained. Oracle wants to us to be fit and healthy. Even after I am tired after work I got to gym and feel the energy surging after 30 minutes of run on a treadmill.

When I need to get some fresh air, I can just get out of my cubicle and walk around. There are well maintained gardens which makes me wonder how come they keep the plants so green in the heat of Hyderabad, it looks like my IIT Bombay gardens with well -kept green shrubs around the buildings.

Oracle is a warm company and there is no dress code here, I used to come wearing formals to office in the first few days and was surprised to see most of the seniors here in jeans and T-Shirts.

I must add that while coming to work every morning I feel as if I am going to my college, to learn, to live, to chill, and to enjoy life at Oracle.

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Yesterday Was Teacher's Day in India: A Celebration by Manognya Reddy

 In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5 September every year. This day is the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great scholar and academician and also the 2nd President of Independent India.

While he was serving as President, he was urged to celebrate his birthday. However, he suggested that this day be celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

On this day, students express their gratitude to their teachers through celebrations on schools and colleges. They present cultural programs, dress as teachers and sometimes the senior students act as teachers.

On this special day, I was happy and surprised when I received a message this morning from one of our interns who finally joined as a full-time hire. “Best of me reminds me of you. Happy Teacher’s Day! Thanks for being my life-long inspiration. Krupala.”

Teachers have touched us throughout our life and each one of us has our set of “favorite teachers”. Some for their knowledge and presentation, others for their loving nature and dedication to their profession and some for their patience. I have mine too! It seems Krupala looks up to me a teacher is some way.

As part of my work at Oracle – involved in Campus Hiring – it is my good fortune to meet and interact with hundreds of students. Some of them are selected and some are not, but moments spent on Campus are treasured forever. It is a great joy that my profession provides me to meet so many young graduates and it wonderful to connect back to them - even through a small message – like the one Krupala sent! It’s even greater to bump into someone who tells me – You hired me!

On this day, I would like wish all students all the best in their studies and career planning and look forward to more Campus Hiring!

Manognya Reddy

Campus Relations

Oracle India

Monday Sep 05, 2011

A Graduate's Experience in Oracle by Gao Xing

As a graduating student, I am very proud to join the Oracle family. By now I have worked here for about 4 months, and I enjoyed my time with Oracle immensely. Here are some feelings I would like to share with everybody.

Oracle is a big family composed by people from different countries with different cultures. The more time I worked with the co-workers, the more I like the big family. Every one of them is very friendly and professional, and I learned lots of useful skills from them to enhance my abilities.

Oracle is a warm family. To ensure a smooth immersion into the new workplace, Oracle provides a work partner and a mentor for new hires. With their help, I adapted to the new work environment quickly and was familiar with new assignment efficiently.

Oracle is also a university which offers various training opportunities and further education chances for employees. The professional education benefits, our personal development and technical and soft abilities. The training of seven habits which I participated in improved my working efficiency and communication skills.

Oracle is a club with colorful social activities. The volunteer projects of Oracle global volunteer days are the traditional activities which encourage us to do much more to benefit our community. Besides, every one of us can join in different social club, such as badminton, football and basketball, which can make us more friends and more vibrant.

In general, I feel Oracle is a diversified, technical-driven and forward thinking company where employees can gain more challenges and chances. As an Oracle employee, I think I need to be flexible, adaptable, performance driven and have a willingness to learn. I believe I can be self-motivated to develop a long-term career at Oracle.

Thursday Aug 25, 2011

Oracle Campus Recruitment is Hiring in India

Last week I attended the ATC Source Conference here in Melbourne. I had the chance to talk to and listen to Jim Stroud. As you can see from my previous post - Jim spoke about Recruiting and Sourcing via YouTube. Fast forward to this week and here I am looking to find another Campus Recruiter to join our Team in India. I am working with one of my colleagues in India and she is helping me source for candidates, but I thought what a great time to put into practice some of the things I listened to Jim talk about last week about using video for recruiting.

I think the recruitment landscape is going to change in the next 5 years and I think candidates will be searching for jobs in a different way than what they do today. So with this position that I am looking to hire I think someone who shares this thought with me and who wants to look at different ways to find great people for Oracle would be great in our team, so I figured rather than posting a standard Job Description, why not try something different to try to get a different result.

So this afternoon I took my iPhone and rather than provide candidates with a written Job Description I thought I would do a video Job Description outlining a little bit about the role and what I am looking for. It is not complete but I think from a candidate perspective it gives a better feel for me and what I am looking for more than a written Job Description on its own would.

Note: I quickly realised that either I need to learn video editing or I really need to find somebody who can help me with video editing.

I am not sure if I will find our next Campus Recruiter via this video or not. I hope I do but if I don't that is ok as this video is just one means I am using to find the next member of our team. Bill Boorman was also at the ATC Sourcing Conference and one of the things he mentioned that stuck in my head is - "don't be afraid to fail - Fail often, Move on and Fail Cheap". It was good motivation and Bill reinvigorated me to try something that no one else is doing to recruit (ok maybe saying no one is a bit of an overstatement). You only fail at something if you don't try - I know it sounds a bit corny but I think it is a good saying and a good outlook to have.

Here's the plug: If after watching this video and reading a bit about my thoughts, if you think this is the right opportunity for you please get in touch and let's discuss.

Thursday Aug 18, 2011

ATC Source Conference in Melbourne (Jim Stroud Presentation)

Jim Stroud talks about how to recruit on YouTube

Jim started his presentation at the #ATCSource Conference and started talking about the 7 Reasons why you should recruit on YouTube (this feels eerily like a David Letterman Top 10 List – but it works). Anyway in no particular order here are the Top 7 Reasons to recruit on YouTube

1) The people are there – YouTube has a huge audience and with the uptake in people using mobile devices the thinking is that people will use YouTube to get information more and more.

2) Universal Search – ah ha – just like Glen mentioned previously – do a keyword search in YouTube for the skill set you are searching for and you can see who is looking for those type of videos for example: Java Programmer. You can also do a google search with the string3) Free Statistics

4) Low Cost using a Flip Camera (well now it would be an iPhone) – it’s real and its a powerful message. The more real your videos are the more believable they are. Nobody believes an actor reading a script

5) It evens out the competition – Corporations do not use video to recruit – Why not get a competitive advantage!!!! It is a big opportunity, nobody else is doing it – why not get on board now

6) All the cool tools that are available: You get a mailbox, you can send video email. Statistics – I have had a YouTube account for a little while and while I have not used it much – I had no idea it had this capability. The depth of the statistics is great and I love that you can send a video email via your webcam to people you want to talk to.

7) Return on Investment – YouTube delivers results – how many views were generated, how many hires did we make from those views. I have not looked in-depth at the statistics on YouTube but from what I have seen today you can really drill down information. It will also increase your search engine ranking.

I am believer in using video for recruitment myself. I think it is going to get more relevant in the coming years, especially with the uptake of mobile devices. This presentation today has been a real eye opener for me – I have always had video on my mind but this presentation from Jim has really given me the motivation to get more involved in this space.

This blog post was originally written on David Talamelli's Blog.

ATC Source Conference in Melbourne (Glen Cathey Presentation)

Glen Cathey - forget boolean and think information retrieval

I am at the #ATCSource Conference in Melbourne today and have written a quick blog post reflecting on some of the things that Glen Cathey has spoken about. He is the 1st speaker of the day - I hope I have the writing energy to write other blog posts for the other speakers who are scheduled later in the day.

Glen Cathey spoke about control and how much control Recruiters have when they are mining information and reaching out to candidates. This got me thinking that most of the good Recruiters I know who always hit their target and who always seem to get the right person for an open role tend to by nature be control freaks. This is not necessarily a reflection on Glen's talk about data mining - but more so about work ethic. Good Recruiters know what they are looking for and when they find it they tend to control the process from beginning to end. They close the loop and make sure there are no surprises for either the candidate or manager. That is they ensure candidates are interested in the job, they ensure managers are available to interview, they ensure feedback is given after a meeting, they ensure candidate and manager know salary expectations and pay scales - the more that a good Recruiter controls the recruitment process the fewer surprises you get at the end of the road when you make an offer and the higher your hit rate is going to be.

Back to Glen's presentation:

There are 5 Levels of Talent Mining:

1) Keyword/Title Search - pretty much what is says you are keyword searching - it works but it's not a big deal. Example: "Java Developer" AND Melbourne. These can be automated

2) Conceptual -  Using related terms and concepts to find people: for example: Ruby on Rails OR ROR OR rails OR "Ruby on rails"

3) Implicit - searching for and identifying what isn't explicitly mentioned

4) Natural Language - Searching for responsibilities and keywords, not just keywords and titles. For example "responsibilities" = verbs and nouns - things such as "I close" or "I sell" - this targets what people do not what they write about themselves

5) Indirect - searching for the wrong people to find the right people. Talk to someone under/over qualified and ask for referrals.

Recruiters: when you are looking for your ideal candidate - don't just stop at a simple LinkedIn search (the 1st step of talent mining), your competitors who are listening to @glencathey are digging much deeper into the same talent pool and finding the people are not by just doing a 1st level search. Yes this takes more time commitment but to find the right person isn't it worth the investment? This blog post was originally posted on David Talamelli's Blog: David's Journal on Tap

Monday Aug 08, 2011

Oracle Recruitment Introduces Our Sina Weibo Sites

 Our Oracle Recruitment Team here in APAC has continued to grow our online presence. While sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have received most of the Social Media fanfare and media attention over the past number of years these sites are not necessarily used everywhere as much as they are in some regions or communities.

Our Oracle China Recruitment Team has created two new Sina Weibo pages to communicate and share stories with our online communities in China. For information on what is happening in our China Offices you can now connect with us:

To keep in touch with our Campus Recruitment Team in China and to find out about Graduate opportunities in Oracle China:

To keep in touch with our Oracle Recruitment Team in China about roles for experienced candidates you can connect with us at:

I think that it is great that here in our larger Oracle Recruitment Team we do not necessarily view the world with a one size fits all Social Media solution. I think that this is a good example of getting back to the heart of what Social Media is all about (or what it is not about): I do not believe Social Media is necessarily about the platform or channel (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo) but I think at the heart of the matter it is about the communication and the content. I remember speaking at a conference a few years back on Social Media and I believe the same message that I mentioned back then which was that it is more important to have meaningful discussions and relationships with your online networks than to be on the latest and greatest SM platform that has come out. The channel will always change and evolve but without the people there to share and talk and liaise with each other these SM networks would not be very relevant.

Many of the various SM platforms we use are a great way for people to find out a little bit more what it is like to work here and a great way to connect with us about potential opportunities and while the medium will change over the years the communication and availability to connect with each other will not. If you have always wanted to know more about Oracle China and what recruitment activity is taking place with us – I hope these pages on Weibo give you a glimpse into life at Oracle and help you connect with us.

Monday Jul 18, 2011

Metamorphosis Part II- From Academics to the Corporate World by Ranjan Kumar

Phew!! What a week this has been. A popular saying comes to mind “the world is your oyster”  A strong belief in oneself is no doubt paramount, but no man can scale new heights without appropriate assistance. The training provided by Oracle clearly demonstrated that every aspect of work life, the skills and tools required to have a successful entry into a professional career was made available.

The week began with a number of Case studies so that we could gain a deeper understanding of various work situations. A healthy discussion among the new trainees and HR provided clarity on work life situations. The pro’s and con’s of working alone or in a team were spoken about at length and several interesting insights were provided for our benefit.

We were given a deep insight on the various divisions of Oracles and their functions and were shown the differences between product development, the support team, the sales and consultancy departments. It was fascinating to learn how all these departments co-ordinate closely and together to form a first class institution like Oracle.

We thoroughly enjoyed a number of unique games and tasks which showed us how to work together as a team. Team building is vital for any institution’s success and all of us felt fortunate to have the opportunity to play our individual roles in the Oracle team.

A very useful session on formal communication, office manners and dress code followed. As all of us were new to the professional world, we paid particular attention to this session. The timing of this session was also appropriate as we all received our own Oracle email id, and proudly sent off our first official communication!

The highlight of this week’s training was a very inspirational speech given by Mr Murali Subramanian,.He spoke about his own experiences and encouraged us to speak on “hunger for success”. His friendly and approachable manner, vast experience and welcoming words made us all feel proud to be part of Oracle.

The last two days of the week were taken up by what we had all been waiting for, which was the Technical skills, we commenced this with the introduction of Oracle SQL server .We were informed that our induction and soft skills training had been completed and henceforth most of our training would be on the technical side.

In summation, this was an eventful week, many new skills were taught and several new ideas were sown in our minds. As one of the HR personnel said, this is only the beginning………………………..

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

Metamorphosis -From Academics to the Corporate World by Ranjan Kumar

“Expect the unexpected” a cliche often heard by me and aptly justified the million butterflies in my stomach. My fears and apprehensions on my first day proved to be unfounded as I saw the smiling faces and warm welcome extended by the Oracle HR team.

It is normal to feel anxious before embarking on any journey, and as this was perhaps the most crucial transition I was about to make, my heart was beating at a dramatic pace as I entered the gates of Oracle Training center. New faces, unknown challenges and a myriad of thoughts crossed my mind. To my sheer relief the atmosphere created by the Management was casual and friendly. Trained to call every senior as “Sir” in my alma mater I was pleasantly surprised that I could address everyone by their first name!

A series of sessions began, with introductions and vital information on Oracle explained to us in an easy to understand manner. What struck me most was the amount of thought and planning that had gone into making each session imaginative, interesting and informative. We played innovative games to get to know each other better and were given all the information required about the new locality where we would be spending our new work life.

 Most of us were immensely impressed that the Management had arranged for the Bank officials to be around to assist us in opening our accounts on the very first day. For me however, receiving the “Oracle” T shirt was the highlight of the day, we would all be wearing it with an immense sense of pride and belonging !!

A detailed explanation of all the benefits we would receive as employees was given and all doubts and queries were answered. The HR team had created a relaxed environment for everyone so that any questions could be raised without hesitation.

Two vital sessions followed, which included ethics at work and security. These were perhaps the most important for us new recruits. We received a complete understanding of what Oracle expects of us, the dos and don’ts and a clear picture of the work culture at Oracle.

Thus ended my very first day at work, of course we had tea and coffee breaks too as well as a rather short lunch break!!! (HR team please note) Jokes apart, all in all a rather inspiring day for me as I came back with feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation to begin my career at Oracle with energy and determination.

Thursday Jun 23, 2011

An Oracle's Interns Story by Samarth Varshney

I have written a short write-up about my experience at Oracle and am attaching some pics along:

 I joined Oracle on 5th January 2011 as part of my internship program in BITS Pilani Goa Campus. In the short period of six months, I had the most beautiful and interesting time of my life. It was fun to work in Oracle, thanks to the whole team. I had an excellent manager, simple and sophisticated, who gave me the utmost enthusiasm to work.

I gained a lot of knowledge during my internship, thanks to my colleagues. They were very helpful and motivated us (interns) in every possible way. In the initial stages of work, in which you know almost nothing, they helped me gain knowledge at a rapid speed. Thanks to the vast database of study material at the Oracle site, that I could start on with my project in a very short time. 

For me, the time flew like anything and made the 6 months look like a few days. It was probably due to the team, that the work was so much fun. We had our deadlines but had full freedom as to how to work and when to work. I don't remember a single instance, in which I was working and not listening to songs. I mean it will always be a time to remember. I hope to join this company and make this time last forever.


Friday Jun 03, 2011

A World of Opportunities for Graduates at Oracle: Yes Absolutely!

Over the past few months there has been an increase in blog posts that have been written about our Graduate Program here at Oracle. We have had blog contributions from Graduates, Recruiters and Managers from places such as India and Australia and we are looking forward to more contributions coming from other countries as well.

So why all the excitement about Graduate Recruitment? A better question I think is why wouldn’t people get excited about our Graduate opportunities.

We have a number of Graduates joining Oracle over the next few months and those Graduates are going to be working in a whole range of different types of roles and activities. We offer a range of Career Paths for our Graduates, everything from Product Development to Consulting to Sales. Some Graduates will move into hands on technical roles in QA or as Developers or Programmers while others may exceed in our Sales or Business Management streams.

I have seen previous Oracle Graduates get the opportunity to work internationally, or work with new technology or break sales records. After 5+ years working in Oracle I can safely say this is the type of company where your career is only limited only by your imagination and desire to succeed.

What about the Technology? Working at Oracle gives people a great opportunity to work across so many different technology products. Where else can you get exposure to Databases, Middleware, Applications and Server/Storage systems. With the number of projects and the range of technical solutions that we offer, Oracle really does allow a person to get exposure to the full Technology Stack. As we say Hardware and Software: Engineered to Work Together.

Yes I am a little bit biased in my thoughts (I am one of the Recruiters for Oracle), but one of the great things about working here is the chance to work with so many great individuals. Not only is everyone friendly and enjoyable to work with but I find a common trait in many employees is that we are all driven to succeed. I have had the chance to work with some great business leaders here and learn from them and the enthusiasm and excitement from everyone is contagious.

To all the Graduates who are set to join us: Congratulations again on your success, we are looking forward to having you join our team!

Friday May 27, 2011

Oracle NSW Supports Australia’s “Biggest Morning Tea”

On Thursday May 26th our colleagues in the Oracle North Ryde offices participated in “The Biggest Morning Tea”. This is a great cause to help raise money towards one of Australia’s most well-loved fundraising events helping raise money to support the Cancer Council’s work. Organised by 3 of our Graduates (and thanks Daniella, Angelie and Brendan on organising such a great event), we had a fantastic turn out and some fun as well.

We raised more than double the amount of money we were hoping to, which speak volumes about the generosity of our employees and management. In fact to help raise money some members of our management team raised the stakes and agreed to “complete certain tasks” if we reached various donation targets.

While sometimes corporate culture can be perceived as stringent and reserved, yesterdays efforts proved the contrary. How many managers would eat a raw onion for charity or allow themselves to be target practice for employees holding cream pies? This may not be a typical Thursday but it was a fantastic afternoon, and thanks to the help of our brave managers that stood on the front line and had cream pies thrown at them, or the managers with the iron stomachs.

We managed to raise a lot of money for the Cancer research and had so much fun in the process. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a great initiative by the Cancer Council and the support we received from the Oracle team was incredible.


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