Friday Jan 15, 2016

Learning to Lead

Leadership has become one of those qualities that are crucial to business. However, becoming a leader is not an easy process in my time as Employer Branding Lead for Latin America there a few lessons I’ve learned, that have helped me be successful and set the foundation for bigger and better projects. It’s a tough journey, but it’s definitively worth making. 

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Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

How to Manage Your Time When You're the Only One Working during Christmas Holidays

Ho, ho, holidays are coming and you’re the designated one to come to work during Christmas holidays. It’s a challenge to stay focused in the lead up to the Christmas period, especially when people ask you what you’re doing over the holidays. Here is a glimpse of what it will be like alone at the office: you start of your day by telling yourself that you will get the tasks done today. As determined as you are, you might end up having silly conversation with your friends, replying and sending out e-mails and, of course, get really busy on social outlets, just like most of us here.

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Monday Dec 14, 2015

5 Movie Characters That Relate to Candidates During Interviews

Have you ever gone to an interview and felt like you’re part of some sort of movie? Or at least in a classic scene you relate to when you’re confronted with trick questions or awkward moments. Critics would probably find this analogy a bit far-fetched, but I think each and every one of us has struggled with interviews at some point or at least felt close to certain a stereotype.

If you come to think of it, movies and interviews have a lot in common: there’s a certain script you have to follow in order to engage our audience into listening to your speech, you have to play the role that best fits you as an actor so that you perform at your best during the movie and so on. I researched a few movies and realized some of them speak truly about certain interview situations, so let’s run through them and I’m sure you will see the resemblance too.

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Thursday Oct 15, 2015

How to transform an internship into a full time job at Oracle

If you are a student or a fresh graduate, the easiest way to a full job is to start with an internship. Many companies, including Oracle, offer internship programs at the end of which you have the opportunity to land a permanent job. Starting from scratch and evolving step by step will consolidate your way towards professional success. Fling yourself into an exciting career path and be ready to go the extra mile, it will pay off and your reward will be a blooming career.

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Tuesday Oct 13, 2015

4 Timeless Career Tips Inspired By Fashion

Mesmerizing and in a continuous whirl, the fashion world has always captivated me. It’s not solely the glitz and glam and what goes on in the back stage of runway shows that fascinates me. I see fashion, in general, as a source of never-ending inspiration for my personal lifestyle. I wonder, can fashion teach valuable lessons on career development and motivation? The answer to my question lies below – I’ve chosen 4 famous quotes from top fashion influencers – to prove that inspiration can be found everywhere.

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Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Working From Home? 5 Tips to Manage Your Time & Stay Organized

Working from home can be the best or the worst thing at the same time. If you’re dealing with the same time management issues, here’s my 5 tips to get you back on track.

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Tuesday Sep 15, 2015

Young & Restless? 5 Tips to First -Time Job Seekers

Fresh out of college? Welcome to the real world! It’s time for a reality check because, unfortunately, bills don’t get paid by themselves. Making the transition from college to adulthood might seem confusing or even terrifying, but it’s not impossible. If you plan on looking for a job and don’t know where to start, be sure you are not alone. Trust me, there is ‘life after college' and it isn’t that bad. Here’s 5 tips to start fresh and pave your way to landing your first job.

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Tuesday Sep 08, 2015

To take, or not to take the job: that is the question


How can you tell which job is better when you’ve got more offers to choose from?

Ease your decision-making process with these tips and tricks. 

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Friday Apr 17, 2015

How to get hired at Oracle Direct

Oracle is dominating the tech industry with more than 400,000 customers – including 100 of the Fortune 100 – and deployments across a wide variety of industries in 145 plus countries around the globe. It should come as no surprise that so many people are looking to join our workforce of 120,000 employees globally and wondering “where do I start?”[Read More]

Friday Mar 20, 2015

Life at Oracle: Ryan Pitts—Part of a Winning Team

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle, they often say it’s the people. Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. We set out to capture employee stories in a series of videos to recognize and celebrate the amazing people working at Oracle.[Read More]

Friday Nov 09, 2012

Oracle Cloud Hiring Event at Oracle in Redwood on November 9th

Wow, 24 hours to go until Cloud Hire 2012 at Oracle! Friday is going to be a great day for many looking to make a life and career changing move. In case you haven’t heard, Oracle is hosting Cloud Hire 2012 this Friday, November 9, at the Oracle Conference Center on our World Wide Headquarters campus in Redwood Shores. This is a one-of-a-kind event to be sure and we are still registering online!

We are aggressively expanding our Cloud Development and Product Management organizations to meet to ever-growing demand for Oracle Cloud. And, from this event alone, we are hoping to hire 25+ Developers, Inbound and Outbound Product Managers, Technical Leaders and QA Engineers across several Oracle Cloud groups, including... [Read More]

Monday Nov 05, 2012

Oracle Transportation Management (Lead) Functional Consultant in Germany

My name is Giovanni and I lead the practice of OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) consultants in Western Europe.

I currently have a role open for an OTM Lead Consultant to join my international team in Germany. Oracle Transportation Management is the leading TMS application software in the market, as confirmed by Gartner’s classification as LEADER of its TMS Magic Quadrant with the highest rating among vendors.

The OTM Consulting practice is a team of OTM functional and technical specialists located across Europe whose broad objective is to assist companies in the implementation of their TMS solution based on OTM. These companies are leading Shippers of various industries and Logistic Service Providers.

Key requirements for this role are: relevant experience with Supply Chain or Transportation Management in other consulting organizations or large enterprises, the drive to learn the leading TMS application software in today’s market and the interest to join a truly international team...

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Thursday Sep 20, 2012

Oracle 2012 Pre-Placement Talk Schedule

As we get closer to October, we are working to prepare for our upcoming Pre-Placements Talks at the IIT's across India.We now have confirmation from each IIT on our Pre-Placement Talk dates. For IIT students who are interested in graduate opportunities with Oracle and want to attend our Information Sessions please find the dates we will be visiting your respective colleges below.

IIT  Date
 IIT Kanpur October 5th 2012 
 IIT Mumbai October 13th 2012
 IIT Delhi October 14th 2012
 IIT Roorkee  October 19th 2012
 IIT Guwahati  October 29th 2012
 IIT Madras  October 30th 2012
 IIT Kharagpur  October 30th 2012

 We will make our presentations publicly available online after October 30th, however if you have any questions at all please feel free to email us at and we will help where we can.

We are looking forward to seeing you in October. 

Friday Aug 31, 2012

Why it may be good to be confused: Mary Lo Verde’s Motivational Discussion at Oracle

Why it may be good to be confused: Mary Lo Verde’s Motivational Discussion at Oracle by Olivia O'Connell

Last week, we were treated to a call with Mary LoVerde, a renowned Life-Balance and Motivational Speaker. This was one of many events organized by Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL). Mary made some major changes to her life when she decided to free herself of material positions and take each day as it came. Her life balance strategies have led her from working with NASA to appearing on Oprah.

Mary’s MO is “cold turkey is better than dead duck!”, in other words, knowing when to quit. It is a surprising concept that flies in the face of the “winners don’t quit” notion and focuses on how we limit our capabilities and satisfaction levels by doing something that we don’t feel passionately about.

Her arguments about quitting were based on the conception that ‘“it” is in the way of you getting what you really want’ and that ‘quitting makes things easier in the long run’. Of course, it is often difficult to quit, and though we know that things would be better if we did quit certain negative things in our lives, we are often ashamed to do so... [Read More]

Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

A View from the Top – Jan Ackerman (VP APAC Recruiting)

This week, Headhunt Magazine in Singapore, took the opportunity to publish an interview with Jan Ackerman who is Vice President for Recruitment for Asia Pacific here at Oracle. The link to the online interview can be found here. Below is the interview in full that was published in Headhunt Magazine. 

A View from the Top – Jan Ackerman

By Susheela Menon

Jan Ackerman is the Vice President for Recruiting in Asia Pacific and Japan at Oracle.

Which particular personal trait do you attribute your professional success to?

Perseverance has been the most important trait that has attributed to my professional success...[Read More]

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