Wednesday Jun 01, 2016

Impacting the Future: An Overview of Oracle Academy in Latin America

Cars were invented in 1885, and while that might seem like a monumental accomplishment, which it was, this was just the beginning. Motor vehicles didn’t change our lives until people started learning how to drive and finding new ways to implement this new and amazing technology that rocked the late XIXth century to its core. 

Tech has changed a lot, but this principle remains: real innovation will not occur until people learn how to integrate it into their daily lives, and that’s where Oracle Academy comes in.

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Wednesday Sep 23, 2015

10 Tips to Building an Unstoppable Employer Brand

In an effort to create a brand that truly stands out from the crowd, the pressure is on to uncover the secret formula that skyrockets audience engagement. Much like you and I decide upon the brands we want to buy from or work for, your audience makes the same decisions based on what you showcase about your brand. The bad news about this is that, unfortunately, you won’t find an “A to B” roadmap to the perfect brand, but the good news is you can constantly improve it and make the process of reaching your strategic goals a lot easier.

Having a solid foundation to build your own framework upon is great help, so from the Oracle brand experience, here are 10 lessons that will help you both shape and improve your tailor-made brand approach.

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Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Life at Oracle: Win Chang—Committed, Passionate, and Proud

When you ask Oracle employees what they like most about working at Oracle, they often say it’s the people. Oracle is filled with smart, passionate, caring people doing challenging work and leading interesting lives. We set out to capture employee stories in a series of videos to recognize and celebrate the amazing people working at Oracle.[Read More]

Monday Oct 10, 2011

Oracle Global Volunteer Day @ the Children First foundation in Kilmore by Amin Abbas

In what has become an annual event, more than twenty volunteers from the Oracle team volunteered in a working bee at Moira Kelly's Children First Foundation farm in Kilmore. For the 3rd year running, the red team contributed to a great foundation that helps the disadvantaged children from all around the world. Children First is an Australian foundation that facilities advanced medical treatment to children in Australia where such operations are inaccessible in their home countries. Such operations are often life changing to these young kids.

The Oracle team work involved gardening and maintenance activities at the farm. The energetic red team replanted the veggie patches it has built couple of years ago, an activity that has been reserved for Oracle every spring.

The team also painted 2 bedrooms, cleaned all windows and cleaned and sanitised the children’s play area. The work also involved weeding, clothes sorting and tidying up of some of the children’s rooms.

As per every year, we also presented the resident children with some gifts and books, Thanks to Kate Ogilvie who arranges for the gifts every year.

The foundation's resident volunteers enjoyed lunch with the Oracle volunteers, and thanked the team for their contribution and ongoing support.

Many Thanks to all our volunteers for the hard work and the great team work spirit the demonstrated. Almost everyone last line to the farm kids and volunteers was, “see you next year!”.



Tuesday Apr 19, 2011

Oracle and Gild Present: Clash of The Titans

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Oracle Graduate Hiring : A Manager's Perspective

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Friday Apr 15, 2011

The Oracle Australia Teams Grows: Introducing Prinz Mandap

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Thursday Apr 14, 2011

Working @Oracle: What Our New Campus Hires Have to Say

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Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

The Taste of Humble Pie with a Side Order of Facebook

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Friday Mar 25, 2011

BITS Graduate Internship: An Intern and a Recruiter Reminisce

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Tuesday Mar 15, 2011

Graduate Life in Oracle by Ramakrishna Nalabothula

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Friday Mar 11, 2011

My Graduate Experience at Oracle by Mayuri Khinvasara

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