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Career deep dive: What’s it like to work in customer support at Oracle NetSuite?

Did you know that Oracle NetSuite is the world’s number one cloud business software suite? It’s changing the game by allowing customers to run their entire business with a single system. The result is that customers can nail the financials, optimize supply chain, inspire employees, and delight customers like never before. Then there’s NetSuite customer support: the technical experts who ensure customers can harness the full power of NetSuite products. We caught up with one such expert to learn about what he does—and why he loves it.

A multi-faceted role

Jepoy is a technical expert for SuiteCommerce In Store (SCIS), as well as a vertical lead in is team. “I’m the chief technical resource for SCIS. In technical support, we help our customers with the questions or problems they may have while using our product. I help with product consultations, resolution of complex cases, and handling of technical escalations,” Jepoy explains.

“Then as a vertical lead, I help support reps answer questions and troubleshoot problems as efficiently possible. Together, we help our customers maximize the value of their NetSuite product. It’s always a good feeling when you’re able to solve a problem that’s impacting a customer’s business,” he enthuses. “What’s even more gratifying is the fact that my role as a vertical lead allows me to impart the product knowledge and skills that I’ve gained to my colleagues to help better serve our customers. I feel a great sense of fulfillment when I see my team improve their product knowledge and skills over time. I like knowing that I’m helping them grow their careers.”

Revolutionizing retail

So what does SuiteCommerce In Store do for customers? It’s a retail solution that’s transforming the shop floor. It unifies the online and in-store shopping experience by giving retailers a single cloud platform that’s easily accessible by a mobile device. It means sales associates are always armed with complete inventory and customer information, and are ready to engage with customers and perform points of sales transactions anywhere in the store.

Bring your competitive streak

What drew Jepoy to a support role in the first place? “I joined the support team because learning and supporting a comprehensive business management system like Oracle NetSuite appealed to my competitive nature,” he admits. “I love that every day is a learning opportunity. I discover new ways how the product can be used and customized to fit the needs of businesses from different industries. I also get the chance to gain and improve a lot of my skills like communication, influencing, and mentoring. The learning just never stops.”

Collaboration is king

When it comes to culture, Jepoy says collaboration is a hallmark of life at NetSuite. “I really appreciate the teamwork and openness, especially here in support. I remember when I first started as a support rep three years ago I was a computer science graduate with minimal knowledge in accounting and ERP,” he recalls. “While I liked the challenge of going outside my comfort zone, I was nervous and a little scared when we started to get deeper into the accounting topics during training. But I never felt alone,” he reveals. “The people around me were very approachable and always willing to help without hesitation. That’s how we succeed in support. We collaborate when we’re learning the product and we continue to collaborate when resolving our customers’ concerns.”

The camaraderie isn’t just relegated to the office either. “I’ve gained so many friends at Oracle NetSuite,” says Jepoy. “As colleagues, we support and help each other. Outside work, we like to eat out! We travel together and do fun stuff like hiking too. That’s why Oracle NetSuite is such a great place to work—not just because of the prestige of the brand—but because of the fun, smart, and lovely people that you get to work with,” he points out.

Career advice

Jepoy concludes by offering some words of wisdom to his fellow professionals in the tech industry. “My advice is to always look for an opportunity that’s aligned to your passions and interests. I’m very lucky to be part of Oracle NetSuite because I’m motivated to do my best at work, but also because I’m given so many opportunities to improve my skills, whether it’s related to work or my own self-development.”

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