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Build an Extraordinary Career as a Business Development Consultant

Kathleen Sim
JAPAC Employer Branding Lead

The Oracle Digital team is recruiting Business Development Consultants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Read our interview with Biswarup, Sales Enablement Coach – APAC Applications, and discover the exciting and rewarding world that awaits you on this team.

Why did you join the Oracle Digital team?

I joined Oracle in 2015. That was the time when companies were turning towards cloud technology and realising that it was their ticket to the future. Oracle is number one when it comes to technology and infrastructure applications, so really it was obvious where I needed to be! When I was interviewing for the role I was told all about the fulfilling career I could have in sales and marketing. They weren’t wrong! Being on the frontline and opening new business opportunities for a world leader in tech feels pretty amazing. That’s what inspired me to join the Business Development Group (BDG). It’s been an enthralling journey so far.

What’s it like to work on the Oracle Digital team?

It’s been nearly four years since I joined this team and I still feel excited every morning for what the day holds. This is one job that never gets monotonous. Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to talk to new people and uncover the business challenges they’re facing.

A typical day for me involves conducting fascinating primary and secondary research. I look into various companies, industries and the latest technology and business trends. I do this through cold calling, social engagement, campaign management and responding to prospects’ queries. Some people might say that we find leads and opportunities. The way I see it is, we create them—by doing what we do with passion and skill.

Why do you enjoy working in Oracle Digital? What inspires you in your role?

In my role as a Sales Coach for the Business Development Group, I help people to be to be successful. Their success contributes to Oracle Cloud revenue and I find that exciting, to know that I’m making a difference to one of the biggest companies in the world.

I love getting to know customers across all of APAC. I work with so many different languages and sentiments by helping the teams I coach and I gain a wealth of valuable knowledge from the Lines of Business and teams that I partner with. That really boosts my performance. Our job means that we are constantly growing and developing our knowledge. That’s what really inspires me and I know it’s the same for my fellow BDC’s.

As well as interacting with customers every day, we work very closely with Oracle sales teams, geo marketing, solution consultants and product marketing teams. Whenever a product is upgraded with a new technology, we are among the first teams to learn about it. We’re the face of our organisation—out there representing Oracle to thousands of businesses in the marketplace.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do in Oracle Digital that is changing or impacting lives.

Once a friend at work told me that she almost lost hope in that specific quarter because of various market challenges. I coached her for a month, and she was able to turn it all around. She heartily thanked me for the turnaround she could make at the end of quarter. For me, motivating my colleagues is the real success. I make a real impact on people’s lives through 1:1 coaching and encouraging a digital culture.

I feel like I also have a big impact on the businesses we work with. We speak with various IT and business heads every day. Their businesses demand scalability and agility because of the digital boom that’s happening across every industry. They are good at what they do—whether it’s manufacturing a generic drug, or consulting for big firms. But they depend on us to guide them through their digital transformation. They rely on us to help them adopt the right platform or application that will keep their business agile in this fast-paced competitive world. It definitely feels great to know that our work is empowering the biggest and most successful companies to stay at the top of their game.

Tell us more about the culture and work environment in Oracle Digital.

If you’re willing to be tested, to be on your toes every day, and work with that kind of adrenaline rush—this is the place for you. There is change happening constantly in the business world and not only are we embracing those changes, we’re leading them. Upgrades in our cloud offerings with embedded transformational technologies, changes in teams, structure, business strategy—there’s always something new that adds excitement to each and every day.

And the best part is that my team and I still have that element of fun at work. We train hard and we deliver strong—and we enjoy ourselves even more! We support 22 countries from our BDG Hub in Kuala Lumpur. It’s cool to work with colleagues whose first language isn’t ours, who are from different work backgrounds. We have a diverse age group—young graduates right up to experienced professionals, all under one roof. You can’t beat that kind of diversity!

What are the career opportunities available in your team?

I have had so many amazing opportunities over the past four years that have helped me to really grow within the BDG group. From India to Malaysia, from BDC to Team Lead and now to Sales Coach, I am very proud to be where I am today. There are both horizontal and vertical progression opportunities when you’re in a BDC role. Depending on what you’re interested in, there are roles in sales, marketing, consulting, presales, and operations.

My mantra is, the work you do today is the foundation of your next role. Within the BDG group this has been very true for me. Anyone who aspires to grow and has the passion to succeed, will always find career opportunities in this incredible organisation.

What career advice can you share with our readers?

To my mind, the three most important things are patience, integrity and a thirst for knowledge. 

Oracle is an ocean of knowledge. In the technology stack, we have everything a start-up could ever want. And so, we have enormous career opportunities for those who are passionate about learning.

As for integrity, Oracle is a self-service organisation. So it’s very important to be ethical and to do what is right, and not just what is easy.

Lastly, have patience. Sometimes it’s out of our hands, the different circumstances we find ourselves in. We cannot choose what happens to us—but we can choose how we react to it. We can choose to keep our head up and keep moving in the right direction.

Why should people join Oracle Digital?

If you’re looking for challenging work where there are endless opportunities, the BDG group is the perfect starting point. Cold calling, digital sales, social selling and hunting for business opportunities—all of this will lay the foundations of your next career move. On our team it’s not just about knowing one or two applications or technologies. Here in the BDG Hub we support the entire RED STACK covering— SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and DaaS. You have the freedom to learn and practice whatever you’re passionate about. There are so many knowledge hubs, on-the-job trainings, and skill enhancements. When you join the BDG group, the only limit is your desire to grow. As we always say, “This is where the magic happens.”


Does working for the Oracle Digital team sound like the kind of opportunity you’re looking for? If so, click here to send your resume to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, Sheilla to be considered for one of our open positions. Or connect with Biswarup on LinkedIn for a friendly chat.

We’re holding an Oracle APAC Digital Hub Open Day on January 11. It’s the best chance for you to learn about the job opportunities in this dynamic hub. If you’re interested in attending, send your resume to Sheilla. The Open Day will take place in Oracle Malaysia,  Level 23, The Gardens North Tower, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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