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Break free from monotony at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

"You can advance your career in the area that interests you, as you're learning about it!" -Safia Rahmat

Safia is nearly six months into her new role as a Network Development Engineer. Before she joined Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, she was a research professional in the field of cybersecurity and data analytics. What spurred her to change up her career and make the move to cloud engineering? How is she settling into her new role? And most importantly, is she happy with her decision?

New horizons in the cloud

“I’ve always been fascinated by cloud computing and I wanted to be a part of it,” she begins. “Cloud gives businesses the ability to deploy their services and applications without worrying about the infrastructure, and at minimal cost. As I did my research on OCI, I realized its role in the future of modern business. Oracle Cloud is building on the trust that customers have had in Oracle for more than four decades.”

Safia says she knew the time was right to make the move for several reasons. “OCI is growing, and it’s growing quickly,” she emphasizes. “I saw this as an opportunity to grow with it: to work on the latest technologies with talented, inquisitive, and experienced engineers. We’re focused on building a next-generation IaaS cloud, and what comes with that is a very unique learning environment. It sets you free of any monotonous work.”

Building technology for a new world

As part of the Network Scaling and Growth team, Safia builds large-scale distributed networking solutions for our multi-tenant cloud. “My team works on tasks focused on development and support of network fabric and systems,” she explains. “I contribute to the projects that automate circuit augmentation, and the capacity expansion and validations of network racks, storage racks, and blocks to enhance the efficiency of our team and provide on-time delivery to customers.”

 She finds the work extremely rewarding. “I’m involved in projects for scaling network across regions in production and automating the workflow,” she describes. “I work at the crux of the technology that is helping customers through this new world of COVID-19. I feel like an integral part of a community that is working hard to make people’s lives easier.”

A research mindset reaps rewards

Although Safia’s new focus on cloud development is a departure from her research role, she notes that there are some distinct transferable skills between the two which are benefiting her.

“To solve any problem, you need to get to the root cause. In depth research of the workflow, as well as automation, helps a lot with this troubleshooting process,” she explains. “At OCI, I work on things that have a quick customer impact; so my analytical way of thinking helps me to be responsive, alert, and accurate,” she lists. “On top of that my research mindset enables me to do my homework and be ready to backtrack an issue that comes along. The excitement of working in a production environment gives me a sense of responsibility towards customers which I never had before.”

As is so often the case with a job you love, Safia says the best part about hers is the people. Add to that Oracle’s unique engineering culture and you have the ultimate recipe for career contentment.

“I’ve experienced such a supportive environment,” she shares. “There is continuous learning and sharing, be it on the new tech that a team works on, or the sharing of mistakes and their resolutions. There’s also lots of recognition for good work which I believe is very important for motivating employees.”

Work smarter, not harder

One of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s key engineering values is embracing change, and using it as an opportunity for growth. “We’re using the newest technologies out there to accomplish our tasks. Our leadership really encourages continuous learning and training on new things,” she says. “Plus all of our teams continuously aim to make their colleagues’ lives easier and more efficient. It’s very easy to approach another team for collaboration when you get blocked. The methodologies and workflows are well-defined and our leaders are just as aware of our needs as they are our customers.”

By continually striving towards optimizing their workflow, Safia’s team has more time to explore new areas and learn new skills. “You have the ability to advance your career in the area that interests you, as you learn about it. I’ve only been here for a few months and I’ve had the chance to work in a production environment and collaborate on automation projects that involved two other teams. Working with such highly skilled and responsive teams makes the work environment even more diverse and exciting!”

Why engineers should join Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

So to answer one of our earlier questions; Safia is very contented in her new role—so much so that she urges others to follow in her footsteps. “It really is the best place to work and grow,” she enthuses. “Your ideas are valued, and your work is appreciated. If you join us you’ll get be part of building the world’s most advanced cloud infrastructure, while getting exposure to the very latest technologies, and working with sharp individuals who have your back.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hiring engineers of all levels! Explore our exciting range of career opportunities and create the future with us.

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