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Become an innovator in the financial services industry

Amiya Nayak, Principal Product Manager, joined the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team to become an Oracle innovator in the financial services industry. Read our Q&A session below to learn more about his experience and the difference he makes in the world as part of this successful group.

Why did you join the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team?

Oracle builds some of the best, globally recognized financial services software products. I wanted to join the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team to be a part of that success story by contributing in building innovative solutions that change how the financial services industry views and adopts technology in its digital journey.

How’s a day in the life of a Product Manager in your team?

Anything but dull! Product Managers are responsible for the entire product lifecycle, right from ideation to design, prototyping, construction, and delivery. They also play a major role in helping with promotions, sales, and product demos, validations, and implementations. For the Product Manager, it’s truly amazing and exciting to interact with so many passionate individuals from such diverse domains. Every day is a learning experience, and you get to see many different perspectives to a single subject while interacting with people who are experts in their respective fields.

What inspires you in your role?

Our product offerings are comprehensive and the best of their breed, appreciated by financial institutions globally. We invest continually in building next-generation products, aiming to help our clients on their digital journey. As a Product Manager, I’m inspired to be at the forefront of these initiatives and to see ideas shape a product and generate value for some of the biggest financial services companies across the globe. Interacting with great leaders within Oracle, and how they’ve helped the company achieve such a great feat, is sure to inspire anyone.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do.

We continuously build applications that enable our clients to become truly digital and offer cost-effective solutions and services to their customers. One such example is our banking solution geared towards financial inclusion, which enables banks to offer basic banking services to the ‘unbanked’ population across less-developed countries.

How’s the culture and work environment in your team?

Oracle has a very open and dynamic work culture, which essentially comes with a more collaborative and self-motivated environment, autonomy, openness of communication, and flexibility. At the same time, we respect every individual for the unique abilities they bring to the team. We believe work-life balance is a very essential part of life that affects employee productivity. The flexible work environment allows you to focus on your job, without sidelining your time with loved ones and pursuing personal interests and hobbies.

What career opportunities are available in your team?

We’re growing in terms of strengthening our existing product offerings, as well as bringing in new product offerings across the retail and corporate banking spectrums. We’re looking for Product Leaders/Managers who can bring in domain expertise in the financial services industry, and who are great at ideation, solutions, and designing excellent software applications that can create value for our customers.

Why should people join the FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team?

We’ve been building industry-leading financial services applications for the last three decades. Multiple independent research organizations have put us in the Leaders’ quadrant year after year when it comes to the applications that we build. We continue to explore and adopt technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, chatbots, and cloud, to name a few, to innovate and strengthen our offerings.

Are you ready to join our FSGBU – FLEXCUBE Development team? If so, click here  to email your CV to our dedicated Talent Advisor, for us to consider you —or connect with Amiya Nayak on LinkedIn for a friendly chat about life at Oracle. You can also explore our complete list of open positions on our dedicated careers page. Create the future with us.

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