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Become an expert with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

“There are a few key areas in the technology space which are drawing great attention right now, because they’re fundamentally changing the way the entire industry functions and approaches business problems. Cloud is chief among them, as are machine learning and big data. Naturally, these are the areas that attract the most curious and passionate software engineers.”

Ayush is a Senior Member of Technical Staff in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and he’s describing the backdrop against which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is experiencing exponential growth. “We’re growing and gaining ground among competitors because we’re earning the trust of our customers. Our rich set of cloud services is complimented by strong support that they appreciate.”

In response to this increased demand, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is investing in new talent. “We’re working on a lot of new services and we’re in the process of expanding our footprint and adding more data centers around the globe,” Ayush reveals. “This is an excellent time to join OCI because you’ll be able to directly contribute to our growth and success.”

Data is the ultimate differentiator

Ayush’s team is specifically focused on Data Integration—a cloud-native service for integrating, transforming, and moving data within our cloud eco-system. It provides an intuitive graphical interface that can easily shape and load data, at scale, into data lakes and warehouses for data science and analytics purposes.

“Our team is working on solutions to support seamless logging, metrics, and tracing. We’re using a variety of technologies to achieve this—Docker, Java, Spring, Elastic Search, Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos, Lumberjack, JFR, Open Tracing, Jaeger—you name it,” Ayush lists. “We’re at an exciting stage in our journey where we are evolving quickly and adapting our solution in response to changing business requirements. This means our team has to move fast and we pick things up quickly,” he enthuses. “Good times!”

Non-stop learning

How does his team stay agile? “Oracle provides us with the right kind of environment, resources, and support. We get requirements that encourage us to think innovatively and develop optimized solutions that can scale in a cloud environment, “ he shares. “This involves learning new technical skills, creating proof of concepts, reviewing with architects, implementing solutions, supporting release, and collaborating with other teams to make our service better.”

When he’s not upskilling on the job, Ayush takes full advantage of Oracle’s many learning resources. “There are so many ways to learn through Oracle’s online platforms and tailored classroom content. We have several technical “brown bag” sessions throughout the week where we get a chance to discover what other teams are doing and learn from their experiences.”

Personal lives take priority

Lets talk culture. What’s life like for an engineer in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? “It’s very informal,” Ayush reveals. “We interact with senior management like friendly peers. We like sharing our accomplishments with them. We all really enjoy what we do and it shows.”

While this group of engineers may love their work, Ayush says it never gets in the way of their lives. “We have the flexibility to work from home or take time off when we need it. Especially in times of personal need. When I first started, I had my wedding scheduled in a few weeks. Even though I was new to my role my team encouraged me to focus on getting ready for that new chapter in my life.”

Ayush says work-life balance is ingrained into life at Oracle. “I love having time to myself to pursue my own hobbies and interests. I like to chill out playing lawn tennis, badminton, and pool. My team and I get up to a lot of fun activities together too.”

Future-proof your skillset

Any final words of advice? “Yes,” Ayush confirms, “The software industry is currently going through a paradigm shift where the need for skills like cloud computing and machine learning are gaining more momentum than ever before. Join us and we’ll help you become an expert.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hiring engineers of all levels in India! Learn about the range of opportunities in Ayush’s team.

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  • Anil G Wednesday, September 23, 2020
    Ayush, I am sure we all love to learn these new technologies like you mentioned in this blog. Would you mind sharing some of the resources where we can go and get the information and practice if you are not part of Oracle organization...anil
  • Rakesh Roshan Wednesday, October 28, 2020
    Thanks Ayush for insight of OCI. Could you please provide more details of learning links
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