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At the Intersection of Business and Technology: Find Your Calling with Oracle NetSuite

"Working with so many different clients allows me to apply my field of knowledge in a real and tangible way." -Esteban R., Senior Consultant, Oracle NetSuite

Esteban knew he wanted to embark on a career in consulting for two reasons: 1) He’s a self-proclaimed people person, and 2) He has always loved solving problems.  So, two years ago he made the decision to join Oracle NetSuite as a Professional Services Consultant.

“I wanted to join Oracle because, as a company, I think they’re at the perfect intersection of business and technology. It’s good that I can apply my business skills in a productive way,” he explains.

“I like working with clients who may not be that technologically savvy and who need our help to run their business and grow their profits. And, of course, Oracle is a leader in the cloud—and that’s the direction that the whole industry is headed,” he observes.

Did he have any pre-conceived notions about working for Oracle? “I did wonder how working for such a big company would affect things, at an operational level. But having worked here for two years, it’s only proved to me how much more you can achieve when you have all these resources at your disposal.”

Esteban feels he gets to make a big impact in his role. “I’m basically in charge of delivering NetSuite to our clients. So, I’m highly involved in the implementation process—everything from kick-off with the client, going right through to configuring their system, and eventually walking them through what their business processes will look like with NetSuite,” he continues, “In that sense, it’s actually a bit of enablement too. I make sure they have the right resources in place.”

Helping his customers to achieve long-term success is what motivates Esteban. “The ultimate goal when someone buys NetSuite is that they can grow their business, become more efficient, and earn more profits,” he enthuses. “That’s why NetSuite is the ideal solution for customers—it’s scalable. When they start growing, NetSuite can grow with them.”

What does Esteban enjoy most about working for Oracle? “It’s got to be the people. I have the opportunity to work with people who both incredibly intelligent and incredibly driven. It creates an electric atmosphere. They push me to become a better person and a better version of myself,” he admits.

“Then there’s the challenge. That’s what I really love. Working with all these different clients allows me to apply my field of knowledge in a real and tangible way. Because even though Oracle is a huge company, I can still make a huge impact with the role I’m in.”

Esteban attributes his appetite for challenging work, in part, to his life-long love of tennis. “When you’re on the tennis court you’ve got to think fast and you’ve always got to be one step ahead,” he says seriously. “You’re troubleshooting on the fly, so you’ve got to be focused.”

“I don’t doubt for a second that these skills are indispensable in business. In an industry that moves as quickly as this, you’ve got to be able to adapt.”

Are you ready to find your challenge? Discover how you can launch your graduate consulting career with Oracle NetSuite.

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