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At Oracle, passion for business takes you places

"Even though I’ve only been here for two years, it feels like a seven-year career, just because of the number of places I’ve visited and the incredible people I’ve worked with at Oracle.” -Hannah W., Senior Cloud Analyst, North America Applications Consulting

When it came to finding her passion, Hannah W., Senior Cloud Analyst for Oracle’s North America Applications Consulting (NAAC) team, found hers in college. “I actually started out as a Microbiology major in school; I had such a passion for the healthcare industry,” she shares. “But when it came down to actually choosing a major and a career, it felt like there was a disconnect between the opportunities available in microbiology and my personality, so when I started thinking about what I really wanted to do long-term, business just felt so natural.”

The impact of business

However, it wasn’t only that microbiology’s opportunities and Hannah’s personality weren’t compatible: The far-reaching impact of business around the world convinced her to make the switch. “If you look around, business is everywhere,” she says. “Because of this, businesses make such a large impact on people, the planet, and the environment. I wanted to go into business because of the opportunity to make an impact across the board. It’s so exciting to see how businesses can empower cultures and the world for good.”

Did someone say, “Consulting”?

For Hannah, joining a consulting firm seemed like the logical step to take towards fulfilling her career goals. “As part of a consulting firm, you impact businesses, which impact hundreds of thousands of people,” she explains. “When I found out that Oracle had a consulting branch, I was really excited to be part of a larger organization where I could use technology to empower businesses in an extremely dynamic and exciting environment—it was my dream job to have right out of college!”

Implementing around the world

So what exactly does Hannah do in her dream job? “My current role is implementing for one of our large telecommunications clients,” she says. “This project is so exciting because it’s the largest Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation we’ve ever done—58 different countries for six different products under HCM! I get to work with all of our functional and technical consultants, as well as the client, to understand their business processes and hold together a seamless solution for the entire program.”

Going places for business

As part of her globetrotting project, Hannah has had the opportunity to visit exotic destinations and meet new people. “I’ve had the opportunity to go to India and Europe for my projects, where I’ve gone to several conferences with our clients,” she mentions. “Even though I’ve only been here for two years, it feels like a seven-year career, just because of the number of places I’ve visited and the passionate, smart, and dedicated people I’ve worked with at Oracle, from consultants and managers to vice presidents and directors.”

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