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At Oracle NetSuite, “customer love” equals career growth

Oracle NetSuite - Liv

For Liv Cepe, Customer Success Manager in Oracle NetSuite’s Advanced Customer Support (ACS) team, bridging the gap between her team and its customers results in growth, both for herself and for the company’s customers. Dive into Liv’s world as we discuss in our Q&A session what it’s like to work at Oracle, as well as point out the opportunities for you to join her team!

Why did you join the Oracle NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) team?

I joined the Oracle NetSuite ACS team to feed my interest in how we can help customers, and realize what more I can do outside of Customer Support.

How is a day in the life of a Customer Success Manager in your team?

We expect the unexpected every day; we learn constantly to keep up with, and adapt to, constant change.

Our normal routine looks like this: we check every email that comes in, meet with our customers to discuss ongoing and incoming concerns, and catch up with consultants on updates to solutions.

Almost every day, I meet new personalities and find fun in talking to them, because it helps expand my vocabulary with technical and business jargon. When I’m not in meetings or customer calls, I find myself plotting solutions with consultants on the drawing board.

Why do you enjoy working in Oracle NetSuite?

I enjoy working here because of the sense of community and the diversity of talent that I encounter every day.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do in Oracle NetSuite that changes or impacts lives.

As a Customer Success Manager, I advocate our customers to Oracle NetSuite, as well as advocate Oracle NetSuite and our ACS team to our customers. I help our ACS team understand the needs and challenges of our customers, and connect with proper resources who can help resolve gaps in customers’ business, while they maximize the use of our services.

I also ensure that our customers are comfortable to take risks, and are willing to work with alternative solutions if we realize that we won’t be able to meet their requirements in full because of certain constraints, such as system limitations, or because of time, cost, and/or resources. My role is to build and grow “customer love” for Oracle NetSuite.

Tell us more about the culture and work environment in Oracle NetSuite.

We have an open, honest, and respectful communication between members and management team, resulting in effective teamwork, especially when resolving differences or strategizing on hard-to-handle edge cases. Members appreciate disagreement; we use that to understand potential opportunities to improve. Our support system encourages collaboration and challenges innovation to grow as a group and as individuals.

What are the career opportunities available in your team?

Our team is looking for individuals with consulting experience who can understand solutions, industry best practices, and multiple business processes or technology designs within a product/technology family.

We’re also looking for great personalities with high-level customer service skills, and strategic and analytical thinking skills, who can communicate with business stakeholders and effectively collaborate with our consultants.

What career advice can you share with our readers?

Growth isn’t always immediate. You must spread your wings before you can fly. You may fail, but you can’t quit.

Why should people join Oracle NetSuite?

Members of our team make quality decisions together. We understand our goals and are committed to achieving them. Most importantly, we promote growth and we innovate.

How does working in Oracle NetSuite’s ACS team sound to you? If it’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for, send your résumé to our dedicated Oracle Talent Advisor, Lawrence Elmer Ibale today to consider you for one of our open positions—or connect with Liv Cepe on LinkedIn for a friendly, Oracle-related chat.

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