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Aligning Values Make a Difference

"Oracle's commitment to sustainability helped me decide between the company and its competitors." -Caroline F., Associate Account Manager, NetSuite Sales

When Caroline F. was looking to join a program after college that not only immersed her in sales, but also set her up for success in her career, she came across Oracle’s 2018 sustainability report on LinkedIn. “I saw there was a huge commitment to sustainability from the company,” Caroline says. “When I went in and did the onsite interview, I saw solar panels installed, which made me realize that our values aligned, that sustainability was something that this organization also held in high importance. This helped me decide between Oracle and other companies.”

Upon joining Oracle NetSuite’s Business Development Representative (BDR) Program, Caroline became a Social Impact Representative, tasked to start conversations around NetSuite with non-profit organizations. Recently promoted to Wholesale Distribution Account Manager, she now works with current customers to “not only make sure that they’re having a positive experience, but also to make sure that NetSuite is running as effectively as possible, so that they take advantage of our full suite of solutions.”

Despite ascending the corporate ladder, Caroline continues to back sustainability initiatives as part of the Burlington campus’ Green Team. “I always promote recycling and reusable straws in our office, turning into a stickler when I see people use paper cups and plastic silverware,” she shares. “I’m a huge advocate for helping meet our sustainability goals,” Caroline adds. “I’m very involved in environmentally friendly practices; I’m a big fan of making sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.”

When asked how her work makes a difference in the world, Caroline mentions her volunteering activities for the Larry Ellison Foundation. “NetSuite has an initiative, created by Oracle founder Larry Ellison, to support non-profits of all sizes. We actually donate software to mom-and-pop non-profits,” she explains. “I’ve been part of the team that volunteers to help those organizations; I’ve also prospected corporate non-profits, which has been an eye-opening experience. This is a space we want to support and on which we want to continue to make an impact.”

For those who feel inspired to join Oracle NetSuite through its BDR Program, Caroline has a few words of advice: “Be ready and open to change. One thing I’ve noticed in this role is that change is constant, which has led me to adopt the mindset of making the best out of any situation with the cards I’m dealt. Embrace that and put your full heart into your work. No matter with whom or what you interact, give your 110% to leave things better than they were when you arrived. Treat people the way you want to be treated and have a positive outlook on your future.”

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