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A Platform for Success – Q&A with Go K.

The Oracle NetSuite Solution Consultant Academy (SCA) Program prepares business professionals for an exciting and rewarding career, as part of the Pre-Sales Solution Consulting organization at NetSuite. We took some time to talk with Go about his experience in the program, and why people should join. Check out his answers below and find out how you can apply.

How would you describe your experience in the SCA Program?

Go K.: Joining the SCA Program has been, by far, the best career decision I’ve ever made. The program contains a rigorous but organized 7–9 month curriculum that builds your soft skills and product knowledge. It has provided me the platform to grow and have a successful career as a Solution Consultant.

What made you want to join the program?

GK: I spent a number of years as a technology consultant, implementing SAP, Oracle, and SFDC.com, but was hitting a roadblock, realizing that consulting wasn’t a career for me. I loved learning and implementing the product, but weekly travel and repetitive projects left me in a place where I was getting burnt out and not learning anymore. I was always interested in moving into Sales, but I didn’t have enough experience. Luckily, NetSuite began its new SCA Program, and I haven’t looked back since. It combined everything that I was searching for; I got to use my soft skills to work with prospective clients, while leveraging my product knowledge to sell the value of our Cloud offering.

What doors did your participation in the program open for you?

GK: There are many doors that the program has opened for me, but I would have to say that visibility and accessibility to leadership have been crucial to me. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented leaders across the board that have guided and mentored us to be successful at our jobs. Visibility and accessibility always translate to opportunities, and upon graduation I was given the occasion to join and lead Pre-Sales for a brand-new micro-vertical (apparel, footwear, and accessories). This opportunity has allowed me to grow as an individual contributor, while expanding the team to 5 Solution Consultants. Now I have the honor to lead the team as a Manager.

How was the transition from your previous career to the SCA Program?

GK: It was certainly rocky at the beginning. Prior the program, I had zero experience being in sales, and it took me a while to get comfortable presenting and reading the audience. With that said, each checkpoint and assignment built on top of each other, and by the end it became second nature. I constantly laugh at myself for how nervous I felt before passing these checkpoints.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about accepting an offer into the SCA Program?

GK: If you’re interested in moving into a Pre-Sales career, this is the best program for you. It will challenge you, make you uncomfortable, and teach you about yourself more than ever. In the end, it will all be worth it!

Does the Oracle NetSuite SCA Program sound like the kind of opportunity you’re looking for? If so, send your resume to Keri Smith (keri.smith@oracle.com) today. Good luck!

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