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A place for Pride: Why Anna feels like she belongs at Oracle

Anna Hoffman
Lead, People and Culture Transformation

Anna recently celebrated 28 years with her partner Amy. They have two very “entertaining” teenagers, so family time is incredibly important to them. Working at Oracle has given Anna the flexibility to manage her career, while still being present for the moments that matter.

 “Being a parent is key to who I am. Oracle gives me the freedom to be fully involved in my family while still working full-time. I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now. I’ve been able to show up for the events that happen during the day, while still delivering value to our customers,” she shares. “The trust that Oracle places in us is returned ten-fold with loyalty and engagement.”

Anna’s career journey with us officially began when Oracle acquired Siebel Systems in 2006, a company she’d been working for since the late ‘90s (if you ask her about this time, she will fondly recall shipping out products on CDs which were labelled in her own handwriting!)

Since then, Anna’s passion and diverse talents have helped her add value to a variety of teams at Oracle, ranging from IT to HR. “I’ve moved my career through a myriad of experiences and departments, managing people, program managing major projects, and leading transformation. Oracle has helped me develop my career with amazing resources and opportunities.”

Has there been a common thread throughout her career journey? Anna says there has: unwavering support from the Oracle community. “I came out during my interview. I hadn’t really planned to—I just felt 100% comfortable to be my whole, authentic self. I’ve never regretted the decision or felt any differently,” she adds. “I feel very supported and happy here.  We have a wonderful LGBTQ+ and allies community at Oracle. It means so much to me and my family as a whole, knowing that I am valued and protected, and that my company takes a stand on the issues that matter.”

When asked what about the times when Oracle made her proud in this way, she mentions how moved she was when her employer wrote a brief in favor of marriage equality, publicly supported the Human Rights Campaign, and founded the Oracle Pride Employee Network.

“I appreciate seeing the rainbows on employee profiles, and I love that we hang so many flags from our buildings during Pride. I’ve attended The Lesbians Who Tech conference since it started, and it makes me so proud that Oracle has a booth and sends a big group of us to recruit there!”

Anna recognizes that it hasn’t always been so easy for the LGBTQ+ community. “To be safe from harm, to be celebrated, these are not everyone’s experiences. I remember when I first came to San Francisco, the freedom to be yourself without apology or worry was an amazing gift. It wasn’t the norm everywhere, and it still isn’t,” she explains. “Having raised my children here as rainbow California babies, this is their normal. What a blessing!” 

How does her family usually celebrate Pride? “Over the years we have celebrated Pride in many ways: We have marched, we have brunched, and we have hosted celebrations, but one of the most important ways we mark Pride is by remembering the equality we are still fighting for across the world.”
Anna concludes by giving kudos to Oracle’s open and accepting culture. “I deeply appreciate our company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and most importantly belonging,” she emphasizes. “I’ve had wonderful managers; people who have been really invested in my well-being, growth, and success. My colleagues are the real heroes—they deliver on the promise of making Oracle a great place to work.”

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Oracle. 

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  • Roz potischnan Tuesday, June 2, 2020
    Beautifully said and beautifully lived. Oracle sounds almost as special as you are.
  • Katie Wednesday, June 17, 2020
    So glad to hear of the fabulous work environment worthy of your talents and supportive of your priorities, Anna!
  • Rugvedita Shelar Monday, June 22, 2020
    Love this ☺️
  • Rugvedita Shelar Monday, June 22, 2020
    Love this 👍🏻
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