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A Mecca for Millennials: Why Oracle NetSuite Is the Perfect Transition for College Graduates

"It's amazing to know that I work somewhere where the leadership not only knows me personally but actually believes in me and my ability to add real value to our organization. -Ariana N., Business Development Representative, Oracle NetSuite Sales

If there’s one thing you can say about Ariana, it’s that she’s a go-getter. She oozes entrepreneurial spirit and possesses a die-hard dedication to her achieving her goals. A founding member of the National Millennial Community, she’s part of a group of millennial thinkers who consult for Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and Disney.

“I’m used to meeting organizations across North America who are struggling to understand millennials and what they want from their careers,” she explains. So naturally, when Ariana finished business school and launched her career, she knew that she was looking for a very particular type of employer who could meet her needs. What attracted her to Oracle NetSuite?

“When I met with NetSuite, it felt like they were doing things differently. I can confidently say that they do a phenomenal job of cultivating a millennial-friendly work environment. They’ve managed to create a really strong sense of work-life balance for their employees, which in my experience, is very rare. That’s one of the major reasons that I chose to accept a position here.”

On the topic of people, Ariana says they are probably her favourite thing about working at NetSuite. “This may sound cliché, but I’m excited to come to work every day. I know that, even though I may face challenges, I have a group of supportive friends who will be there for me.”

The Denver native truly feels like she’s found her tribe. “I feel so lucky to have been introduced to people who share my same passion for women’s rights. They’ve helped me get involved with Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL)—we organize activities to advance gender equality in the tech industry.”

But it’s not just her peers that Ariana is grateful for. “I really value the open door policy that our leadership team has. They constantly remind me of my potential and make sure that I get the opportunities I need to make a difference,” she shares. “It’s amazing to know that I work somewhere where the leadership not only knows me personally but actually believes in me and my ability to add real value to our organization.”

When asked about her role as a Business Development Representative, that’s when Ariana really gets animated. It allows her to combine her passion for social change with her business background. “I work on the Oracle NetSuite Nonprofit team. I’m the first point of contact in the sales process—so I liaise between nonprofit customers and our sales team, finding out as much as I can about their organizational needs.”

Ariana feels like she plays an important role in affecting change. “It’s down to me to decide whether or not our solution could be the right fit for that nonprofit organization. It’s a lot of responsibility.”

“Do it,” she enthuses. “The best thing about joining us as a BDR is that it’s a development program. You’ll have time to learn the ropes and mature into your role—nobody expects you to be perfect. Plus, everyone is here to support you and help you grow,” she adds. “That’s why I always say NetSuite is the perfect place for college graduates to transition into the business world.”

“My advice for someone joining the Oracle NetSuite’s BDR program? Be tenacious and stay curious. As long as you push yourself and keep learning, you’ll go far.”

Are you interested in launching your career as a Business Development Representative? Learn more about starting your career with Oracle NetSuite here.

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