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A Familiar, yet Better, Environment

For Debra, a member of the outbound go-to-market team for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, hearing what people had to say about working at Oracle sounded quite familiar. “I was really interested in joining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure after talking to a lot of folks that were already in the team. Everyone I spoke with about the culture of the company reminded me of past startups where I’d worked. I liked the opportunity of being part of a larger company that provided more resources, but kept a fast-paced and agile environment,” Debra remembers.

This opportunity to remain in a familiar, yet better, environment drew Debra to join. Having been with the team for 11 months, she remains focused on “engagement activities involving events, whether they’re webinars, digital events, or live events.” She also engages in a lot of cross-functional efforts. “Be it with other product teams or directly with corporate marketing, I try to make sure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is part of their programs in order to drive awareness through all the different channels,” Debra explains.

When her role throws a challenge at her, Debra knows she can count on her teammates for support. “I really enjoy all the folks that I encounter across the different teams. Everybody is really driven and focused. And even within that focus and drive they have for their own job functions, they’re super supportive of making sure that we all work towards making Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the best product and brand possible,” Debra says.

With that kind of support, Debra has no problem taking on ambitious projects that’ll mark her career. As she explains, “Before I came onboard, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure didn’t have its own webinar series. So instead of starting our own webinar series, I’ve been partnering with different corporate teams, as well as user groups, to host webinars that we’ve been doing with customers and partners on a monthly basis. That’s been a really strong program for us and, going into summer it’s getting even stronger.”

Is the environment that Debra describes the one you’re looking for to grow your career? If you’re a driven, talented, and skilled professional, Oracle has a place for you. To discover the opportunities that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers, visit this site today. Do as Debra and come create the future with us.

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