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A Career in Oracle SaaS Sales Delivers Value

Oracle Women - Payal Bedi

For Payal Bedi, Senior Sales Manager, value is paramount. As a part of the Oracle SaaS Applications team, she receives the innovative technologies and rich work environment to identify and deliver value. Read our interview with Payal and discover what a sales career at Oracle can do for you.

Why did you join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

Having spent 2 years with Oracle’s Marketing Cloud team, the transition to CX was an obvious path. It’s exciting as well as challenging to be a marketer now.

It’s highly satisfying for me, personally, to help my customers stay on top of the latest marketing trends, to uncover the best modern marketing techniques they can deploy, to use the power of data and insights to improve customer experience, to improve the bottom line, and to generate higher customer lifetime value.

With the latest technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, and IoT already making way through Oracle’s different offerings, there’s no better place to be.

How is it like to work in your team?

The Oracle SaaS Applications team is a diverse and passionate bunch of people who are always on the lookout for excellence. We work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where every day is a new day, and every customer has an interesting story. A typical day includes multiple things on which I spend my time, from meeting a new customer, to helping some other customer with understanding how they can grow faster and better with Oracle CX, to planning for the days and weeks ahead of me. I also attend cross-LOB meet-ups that help me gain insights on what else is happening around me, prepare winning strategies, attend trainings or listen to the latest trends that challenge existing CX strategies and how Oracle is paving it’s way to help organizations master change.

Why do you enjoy working in the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

I am a staunch salesperson; hence, customers and their challenges inspire me. Seeing myself add value to customers through Oracle’s class-apart SaaS products makes me sleep at peace. If I am part of a customer’s brainstorming session for their future digital roadmap, then I’m winning! Oracle is future-ready, focused, and dedicated. It’s thrilling to be part of a company that is innovating day-in and day-out to make this world a better place. It’s inspiring to be a part of that big journey.

Tell us more about the meaningful work that you do.

On one side, I have an internal impact on lives at Oracle by being a patient listener, a friend. This exudes positivity in and around me, making my workplace a great place. We talk about technology, AI, and robotics, but we also talk about the ketogenic and vegan diets of the world, the gyms and the marathons, the lifestyle changes people make to adapt to the ever-changing environment, and so on. This is typical of most people at Oracle; hence, one does not end up run down by the end of the day, but still has energy and ideas left to manage post-work life better.

On the other side, the teamwork and collaboration that Oracle offers helps me make my customer successful. As part of a diverse and inclusive work environment, I am able to think more creatively and strategically. We carry along the positive energy that we draw from each other to our customers, so we can have more meaningful and rich talks, thereby helping them add value to the larger ecosystem of which they are a part.

What can you tell us about your team’s culture and work environment?

To sum up my feelings: it’s FANTASTIC to be here.

Oracle is a diverse ocean and the different shades add so much value to you that you tend to become better with each passing day. Your manager and skip-level have time for you and value you being a part of their work life. People are warm and friendly. Personally, as a mother of a toddler, life could have been difficult elsewhere. I am my daughter’s best friend and spend quality time with her, despite my work schedule, travel, and other work-related commitments and deadlines.

What are the career opportunities available in the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

There are many diverse career opportunities available in the Oracle SaaS Applications team. We’re currently hiring Sales Representatives for CX, ERP, and HCM across a variety of roles and levels.

What career advice can you share with our readers?

For me, work has to be a place where I can be my true self, where I can speak my mind freely, where I am heard, where I can reach out to anyone without any inhibitions and where I am not differentiated by my gender, but by my thoughts and deliverables. If you echo a similar thought process, come join a wonderful place where you can learn and grow.

Why should people join the Oracle SaaS Applications team?

The most important thing for you as a professional is the organization with which you are associated. Oracle offers you a balanced life, a strong brand that innovates and invests on technology, and an inclusive and diverse culture. Briefly, if you are looking for a great place to work, with some great people around, this is where you should be.

Do you want to join the Oracle SaaS Applications team? Explore Oracle’s SaaS sales opportunities, or connect with Payal Bedi on LinkedIn for a friendly chat to learn more about a career at Oracle.

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