Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

4 Songs that Can Inspire Every Job Seeker

The pressure of finding the right job is tough for anyone who wants to make it in their future career. At least it was for me before I knew what my real passions stood for or how to integrate them in my everyday job. I remember it felt like always waiting for an epiphany, a sign, or an opportunity that would make a difference, and not finding anything while I was deep involved in searching for them. Here are a few things I learned along the way back when I was job-searching and how music helped me find the best job – the one I have been looking for a long time.

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Monday Mar 21, 2016

Bringing Cloud Attitude to Oracle

An ANZ idea to spark cultural change within Oracle using Millennials has also led to the creation of Young Oracle Groups in ASEAN and India. This initiative aims to energize the brand and perhaps encourage similar organizations in coming to China and Korea. Read more to find out about this initiative in Oracle.

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Friday Mar 18, 2016

The Greatest Employee Super Power & How To Use It

Most employees are tempted to believe their influence in the company they work in is only as strong as their job title. Whether it’s in a small start-up of 4 people, or in a large-scale company, there’s no escaping the thought that our voice as employees is sometimes limited by the power we have in the company.

Or is it?

The truth is, we live in a candidate-driven market, and not an employer-driven one – and we have employer branding to thank for that. We’re no longer accepting job offers just for the money, we’re looking for great culture, work-life balance, a fun environment, and other great work perks. Jobs are no longer just a way to fill in the financial void, but a way to improve the quality of our life.

All of this because of one employee super power that changed the business world like nothing else before...

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From Career Fair to Employee Award: How Andras Karoly Kiss Found His Path at Oracle

Academic background is just the start of your career – what matters is how you set your mind and efforts on learning in the actual job. Determination, constantly challenging yourself to do more and learning from the people around you is what makes a difference. As András Károly Kiss says, it’s all about the things making it worth waking up in the morning: “real projects, real tasks, real responsibilities”.

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Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Wow Your Manager - 5 Tips to Going Above & Beyond in Your Job