Sunday Feb 20, 2011

Project OpenDMK has moved to the new infrastructure.

Project OpenDMK has moved to the new infrastructure. The new URL is The structure and content of the project are unchanged.

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Mercurial: listing files modified in incoming changesets, and guessing conflicts...

Yesterday my colleague Shanliang asked me whether there was a way to see which files had been modified in the changesets that would be pulled in by 'hg pull', and whether they would conflicts with the files currently being edited in his workspace.

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Friday Jul 11, 2008

OpenDS 1.0 is Released: A Java Open Source LDAP Server with JMX and SNMP monitoring

The first stable release of OpenDS is out! This LDAP Server written in Java can be monitored both through JMX and SNMP.

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Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Updating Your Mercurial Repository

... while working on uncommitted changes.

Sometimes when you are working on a fix - or an RFE, you'd like to sync-up with your parent's repository and pull any changes it contains without having to commit your own work in progress. Here is my own recipe - direct from my mercurial cookbook.

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Thursday Feb 14, 2008

Long time no blog...

... so I thought I'd drop a line. I have just uploaded a small set of slides of a high level presentation of project OpenDMK on the project's home page.

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Friday Dec 14, 2007

How I installed the Mercurial Forest extension on my windows test machine.

The source code for OpenJDK is now available in Mercurial repositories. These repositories are organized into mercurial forests. If you are eager to work on the OpenJDK code, you will want to install the forest extension for Mercurial. Here is how I did it on my windows test machine.

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Friday Oct 05, 2007

Using Project OpenDMK APIs To Send Traps From Multiple Threads

I recently received a question from a member of the Java community asking for advises on how to implement a trap sending service for a highly multi-threaded application.

Here is an example/test which shows that the SnmpAdaptorServer from Project OpenDMK can be used. The example also allowed me to find a bug.

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Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Project OpenDMK now includes the SNMP Runtime

I am very pleased to announce that we have now a new release of Project OpenDMK which includes the Java DMK SNMP Runtime.

The SNMP Runtime are those API classes in Project OpenDMK that will let you send SNMP requests and implement SNMP agents.

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Tuesday May 29, 2007

Federating MBeanServers with OpenDMK

Project OpenDMK includes a cascading API that makes it possible to federate MBeanServers. When several applications are running in the same JVM, this example shows how the OpenDMK cascading API can be used to keep applications MBeans isolated by using one MBeanServer per application instance, but still presenting a single point of access to remote clients by federating all MBeanServers in a single global MBeanServer.

Federation of MBeanServers is also discussed for JMX 2.0. Although it does share some concepts with the cascading feature of OpenDMK, it will also have some noticeable differences.

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Monday May 21, 2007

OpenJDK and NetBeans: A Tutorial to build JConsole and JMX Sources

The OpenJDK and NetBeans IDE WebSite has now a tutorial that shows how to build various part of the JDK, and the JDK itself: in particular, there's a chapter dedicated to building the JMX API sources, and another one dedicated to building the JConsole graphical tool sources.

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Tuesday May 15, 2007

We are open sourcing the Java Dynamic Management Kit

You may have seen an OpenDMK project lingering on for a few weeks: Well, I am pleased to announce that we have pushed a first snapshot of the sources just before JavaOne.

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Thursday May 10, 2007

OpenJDK is out, with a JMX and JConsole NetBeans project!

As you were already informed by many prominent bloggers from the Java Community, the OpenJDK Project is finally out!

And of course, the JMX technology and JConsole graphical tool are part of it. Cherry on the cake: we are even providing NetBeans IDE `projects' that will let you work easily on JMX and JConsole without having to compile the whole OpenJDK!

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