Monday Nov 13, 2006

JMX used in an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

You may not have seen this piece of news, but there's a feature story about S.O.N.I.A on - a Java-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

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Monday Nov 06, 2006

Easy Is Not Always Simple

... In a comment to one of my recent blogs, Matthias Ernst asked what's so special about management... Well, as an eager reader of Scott Adams' Dilbert, I could certainly find a few amusing answers. However I doubt they would be found quite apropos... Instead, I'm going to replace the Java Management Extensions into some of their historical perspective.

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Thursday Sep 28, 2006

What is JMX?

... recently I had to answer to this question on the SDN JMX forum. Since it is quite a recurrent question I decided to turn this into a blog. And to spice it a little more, I'm even going to allude to some of what JMX(tm) - Java Management Extensions - is not ...

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Thursday Aug 24, 2006

An Advanced JMX Example for JDK 6

... You may not have noticed this, but the latest bits of Your Favorite Galloping Animal JDK 6 now include an advanced JMX example in their sample directory...

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Friday Aug 11, 2006

A BeanShell Plugin for JConsole

... A few weeks back A. Sundararajan was blogging about a script shell plugin for jconsole - which made it possible to use JavaScript to get at the remote JMX instrumentation. Well, what about using BeanShell?...

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Thursday Jun 01, 2006

Troubleshooting connection problems in JConsole

... I've seen a few posts in the Java and JMX forums from developers who were wondering how to find out why JConsole wouldn't connect to their application. So I have decided to write this short blog entry in order to outline a few diagnosing tips ...

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Friday May 19, 2006

Feeling trapped?

... In this entry I'm going to outline how you could use the Java DMK 5.1 to send an SNMP trap from within an application deployed in Sun's AppServer. So if you're feeling trapped, come and learn with me how you can send them from within a deployed Web Application ...

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Friday May 12, 2006

What will you be doing next week?

Éamonn and Jean-François will be at JavaOne next week.

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Tuesday May 02, 2006

Building JMX in Mustang

...If you already participate to the Mustang project, or if you are working on the JDK sources under the Java Research License, Joël Féraud just wrote a blog entry that shows how to easily work with the JMX source code without having to rebuild the whole JDK...

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Tuesday Mar 28, 2006

Looking for JMX Overview, Examples, Tutorial, and more?

...If you are a newcomer to the JMX Technology, I would like to point you once again to some of the existing resources. This is not really new information and I apologize for those of you who are already familiar with the JMX Technology - but here is where the JMX newcomers should begin...

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Friday Mar 24, 2006

A new blogger in the JMX Sphere

... Luis-Miguel Alventosa has just returned from the Sun Tech Days in Madrid (Spain), where he was presenting Monitoring and Management in Java SE 5.0...

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Monday Mar 20, 2006

Traces in the JVM SNMP Agent

...In previous entries I have talked about how to enable JMX traces - and also just any kind of traces which are produced through the java.util.logging APIs. Here is a very short complement to emphasize that the JVM SNMP Agent traces can be enabled likewise...

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Wednesday Mar 15, 2006

More on Troubleshooting with JMX

...Danny Coward recently wrote an excellent blog about the various Java SE 5.0 and Java SE 6 tools that will help you diagnose problems in your Java application. As an exercise, I have written a little Java application that will let you dynamically activate your own traces in a running Java application ...

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Thursday Mar 09, 2006

JMX presentation at Java Expo 06 @ Sun Tech Days in Madrid, Spain

... Luis-Miguel Alventosa, from the JMX team, will be presenting Monitoring and Management in Java SE 5.0 at Java Expo '06 in Madrid.

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Tuesday Mar 07, 2006

Tracing JMX - What's going on in my MBeanServer?

... ever wondered how to debug your JMX application? Here are a few tricks...

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