Friday Dec 14, 2007

How I installed the Mercurial Forest extension on my windows test machine.

The source code for OpenJDK is now available in Mercurial repositories. These repositories are organized into mercurial forests. If you are eager to work on the OpenJDK code, you will want to install the forest extension for Mercurial. Here is how I did it on my windows test machine.

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Monday Dec 10, 2007

Ingo Rockel's Thread Dump Plugin For JConsole

In his blog, Ingo Rockel posted about a nice Thread Dump plugin for JConsole. Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try.

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Monday Nov 12, 2007

Proxying a JMX Connection: Adapting To Another Protocol

This article exposes a proxying technique that can be used to adapt between two different protocols: one that is used on the server side, and one that we want to use on the client side. More to the point, this technique can be used to work around an annoying interoperation problem that can show up when exposing Model MBeans through an IIOP connector.

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Monday Oct 22, 2007

JMX: Connecting Through Firewalls Using RMI Over SSL And a Single Port (Part III)

This post explains how you can configure your Java application to export a single port using JMX RMI Connector Server over SSL. This is particularly useful when your application is located behind a firewall, because you will only need to let through a single port. However, using a single port when SSL is enabled requires a little care, because it can only work if the same RMI Socket Factories are used everywhere: indeed the same port cannot be shared by two different RMI Socket Factories. So at the risk of boring you, here is my third post on the subject.

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Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Dmitri Maximovich: Monitoring JVM memory with MRTG

Dmitri Maximovich has written an excellent article about how to monitor JVM memory using MRTG.

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Friday Oct 05, 2007

Using Project OpenDMK APIs To Send Traps From Multiple Threads

I recently received a question from a member of the Java community asking for advises on how to implement a trap sending service for a highly multi-threaded application.

Here is an example/test which shows that the SnmpAdaptorServer from Project OpenDMK can be used. The example also allowed me to find a bug.

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Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Project OpenDMK now includes the SNMP Runtime

I am very pleased to announce that we have now a new release of Project OpenDMK which includes the Java DMK SNMP Runtime.

The SNMP Runtime are those API classes in Project OpenDMK that will let you send SNMP requests and implement SNMP agents.

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Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

More on premain and JMX Connectors

In my previous blog entry, I have talked about how to take advantage of java agents in order to start a custom JMX Connector in a Java application, without modifying the application. This is particularly useful when you need to monitor Java applications which are located behind a firewall. In that case, it makes it possible to write a java agent that will start a RMI connector configured in a firewall-friendly manner. However, there's a catch. This is what this entry is about.

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Wednesday Jul 25, 2007

Connecting Through Firewall Using JMX - Without modifying the server application

In a recent comment on my blog about Troubleshooting Connection Problems in JConsole I was asked the following question:

Can you simply explain how run jconsole on a client machine to connect to an unmodifiable applicaton that run on a server. One and only one port on the server is open though firewall for managing the application.

Here is how.

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Monday Jun 25, 2007

Java Real Time video (french) from Sun Tech Days Paris is online

As advertised by Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine the video of Bertrand Delsart, presenting Java Real Time is available online, among many others.

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Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

A java program that reads the manifest of a jar file

Today, a colleague asked me if I had an example of a Java program that would read the manifest of a jar file. Since I hadn't any, I created one. Here it is. It's very simple, just a few lines of code...

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Friday Jun 15, 2007

JMX in Javalobby Newsletter

It's always nice to read praise about a technology you've been working on, but especially so when it comes from some prominent member of the java community.

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Friday Jun 01, 2007

Using Mercurial With SSH - hg: not found

Today I have started experimenting using Mercurial (hg) with ssh. Here are the two first pitfalls in which I have fallen.

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Tuesday May 29, 2007

Federating MBeanServers with OpenDMK

Project OpenDMK includes a cascading API that makes it possible to federate MBeanServers. When several applications are running in the same JVM, this example shows how the OpenDMK cascading API can be used to keep applications MBeans isolated by using one MBeanServer per application instance, but still presenting a single point of access to remote clients by federating all MBeanServers in a single global MBeanServer.

Federation of MBeanServers is also discussed for JMX 2.0. Although it does share some concepts with the cascading feature of OpenDMK, it will also have some noticeable differences.

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Monday May 21, 2007

OpenJDK and NetBeans: A Tutorial to build JConsole and JMX Sources

The OpenJDK and NetBeans IDE WebSite has now a tutorial that shows how to build various part of the JDK, and the JDK itself: in particular, there's a chapter dedicated to building the JMX API sources, and another one dedicated to building the JConsole graphical tool sources.

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