Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Jerome has written a nice article on integrating SceneBuilder with several IDEs

My colleague Jerome Cambon has written a very nice article about how to get SceneBuilder working with several IDEs.

The JavaFX SceneBuilder is at the root a stand-alone tool - but there are various tweaks and tricks that you can use to make its use in conjunction with your favorite IDE a more enjoyable experience. In his article - Jerome shows how this can be done with NetBeans (7.3), Eclipse, with Tom's excellent e(fx)clipse plugin, and IntelliJ IDEA.

Good work Jerome!

Friday Jul 27, 2012

A nice article on NetBeans 7.2 and JavaFX SceneBuilder

The Java Jungle has a nice article on how to get started (fast) with JavaFX 2 and SceneBuilder. Indeed although SceneBuilder is a standalone tool which is IDE agnostic (see my post on connection to code) - using it in conjunction with NetBeans 7.2 is a sure way to get started fast with JavaFX 2.2!

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Monday Jun 25, 2012

Connecting SceneBuilder edited FXML to Java code

Recently I had to answer several questions regarding how to connect an UI built with the JavaFX SceneBuilder 1.0 Developer Preview to Java Code. So I figured out that a short overview might be helpful.

In this post I will give a very brief overview of what is FXML, what is SceneBuilder, and how to connect an UI built with SceneBuilder to your own application code.

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Sunday Feb 20, 2011

Project OpenDMK has moved to the new infrastructure.

Project OpenDMK has moved to the new infrastructure. The new URL is The structure and content of the project are unchanged.

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Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

The Mystery Of Multiple MBeanServers

JConsole and VisualVM have made it very simple to access MBeans in a remote target VM. There's also a lot of blogs and documents that explain how to access remote MBeans programmatically.

But how do you access local MBeans registered in your own JVM?

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Mercurial: listing files modified in incoming changesets, and guessing conflicts...

Yesterday my colleague Shanliang asked me whether there was a way to see which files had been modified in the changesets that would be pulled in by 'hg pull', and whether they would conflicts with the files currently being edited in his workspace.

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Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Java 5, premain, RMI Connectors, Single Port, SSL, and Firewall.

... So many words I couldn't even put them all in the title...

I've been asked several times how to make my example of javaagent which starts a firewall friendly JMX RMI Connector work on JDK 5. Well, here is how. However, beware of the catch: if you use SSL and want to connect with JConsole then you need to use Java 6 JConsole on the client side.

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Friday Jul 11, 2008

OpenDS 1.0 is Released: A Java Open Source LDAP Server with JMX and SNMP monitoring

The first stable release of OpenDS is out! This LDAP Server written in Java can be monitored both through JMX and SNMP.

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Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

JavaScript and JMX 2.0 Namespaces

No, rest assured - I have not conjured up some kind of new unfathomable hybrid beast from Dante's Seventh Hell... More prosaically, I have simply put together a small JavaScript slide show from some JMX 2.0 Namespace slides presented by Eamonn at JavaOne 2008.

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Tuesday May 06, 2008

Mapping to OpenTypes: MXBean Complex Attribute Types

Although it might not be a very good idea to define your management model based on how it will be displayed by a given GUI, such as that provided by JConsole or VisualVM, I believe it is nonetheless interesting to explore the various ways in which a complex type such as a Map<String,Integer> could be modeled and exposed through an MXBean attribute.

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Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Updating Your Mercurial Repository

... while working on uncommitted changes.

Sometimes when you are working on a fix - or an RFE, you'd like to sync-up with your parent's repository and pull any changes it contains without having to commit your own work in progress. Here is my own recipe - direct from my mercurial cookbook.

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Friday Mar 07, 2008

Don't Do This! But Here Is a Way.

Recently I was asked how to do "registerMBean" in a remote JVM, from a remote JMX client. The MBeanServerConnection doesn't expose any registerMBean method, and for good reasons.

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Thursday Feb 14, 2008

Long time no blog...

... so I thought I'd drop a line. I have just uploaded a small set of slides of a high level presentation of project OpenDMK on the project's home page.

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Wednesday Jan 09, 2008

Building a Remotely Stoppable Connector Server

JMX is a wonderful tool to monitor and troubleshoot running applications. The new JDK 6 Attach API makes it very easy to attach to a running Java process, and start a JMX agent that will expose monitoring and configuration data to JMX consoles - like JConsole. However, there are some situations where you wish to start a JMX agent on demand, explore the monitoring data or diagnose the probable cause of an observed problem, and then close your JMX agent, leaving the application just how you found it.

In this post, I will discuss a means by which you can upload and start such a remotely stoppable JMX agent. Here is how.

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