Friday Feb 23, 2007

JVM Monitoring: JMX or SNMP?

Since JavaTM SE 5.0, the JRE provides a means to manage and monitor the Java Virtual Machine. It comes in two flavors: one is based on the Java Management Extension (JMXTM), the other is a small SNMP agent that builds upon the Management and Monitoring API of the Java SE platform and exposes the same information through SNMP.

A legitimate question that often arises to newcomers to the JMX and SNMP technologies is:

Which technology should I use to monitor my JVM? JMX, or SNMP?

In this blog I will try to provide some guidance on this subject.

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Thursday Jan 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

When I created this blog, just one year ago, I was a bit reluctant.
I was afraid that I would rapidly fall short of ideas for articles: instead they keep on piling up... Some of the articles I've been wishing to write may even become obsolete before I find the time to write them ;-).
But most of all, I had absolutely no idea of how much I would enjoy blogging.

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Tuesday Jan 09, 2007 When and Why.

Q: When is a Standard MBean not a Standard MBean?
A: When it's a StandardMBean.

In this article I will give a few tips concerning the StandardMBean class, and in particular, when and why it becomes interesting to use it.

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Monday Dec 11, 2006

Welcome to the SNMP Table!

... or the Hitchhiker's Guide to SNMP Part IV. In this article, I will try to provide a brief overview of multi-indexed SNMP tables.

This article comes as a follow-up on a series of articles I have written about SNMP. The series starts with [Simple Is Not Easy] and [What is the JVM SNMP Agent?] and continues with [The Hitchhiker's Guide to SNMP - part I], [II], and [III]. Readers who are not familiar with SNMP are invited to browse these articles first.

In Understanding The Structure Of Management Information (SMI), I have already explained how SNMP tables are defined in SMI and introduced the concepts of Scalar Objects and Columnar Objects, Conceptual Rows and Indexes. I have also shown in an example based on the JVM-MANAGEMENT-MIB how to get a columnar object on a simple SNMP table indexed by a single integer.

In this article, I want to explain how all of this works with multi-indexed tables.

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Thursday Dec 07, 2006

New Aquarelle... [New personal story]

I am sick - and forced to stay at home... I can't stay too long in front of my computer because it doesn't really improve my headache, but if I rotate from book to couch to computer I can still manage to stay in touch with what's going out outside while recovering, resting, and focusing on getting better. Last week, while I was still happily walking around in good health, I attended my third watercolor lesson.[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 22, 2006

DynamicMBeans, ModelMBeans, and Pojos...

The JMX forum on SDN is a lively place. Recently, Athahar was trying to expose a POJO resource through JMX - and quite naturally, decided to try out doing this with a ModelMBean. However, ModelMBeans are not the only way to this - and here are a few thoughts, which borrow heavily on some of Eamonn's most recent blog entries.

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Wednesday Nov 15, 2006

The new JMX Tutorial trail for JDK 6 has been released!

The Trail: Java Management Extensions (JMX) will walk you through the basics and also show you Where To Go From There.

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Monday Nov 13, 2006

JMX used in an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

You may not have seen this piece of news, but there's a feature story about S.O.N.I.A on - a Java-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

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Monday Nov 06, 2006

Easy Is Not Always Simple

... In a comment to one of my recent blogs, Matthias Ernst asked what's so special about management... Well, as an eager reader of Scott Adams' Dilbert, I could certainly find a few amusing answers. However I doubt they would be found quite apropos... Instead, I'm going to replace the Java Management Extensions into some of their historical perspective.

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Monday Oct 23, 2006

Aquarelle [personal story]

... There seems to be some kind of polemic about using f-words while blogging. Well, I hope you'll pardon my french, because aquarelle is french for watercolour, and I hope I won't get flamed for using it ;-)...

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Tuesday Oct 03, 2006

Gnome Hell

Due to some misguided configuration experimentations of mine, I've been logged out of my workstation for a good part of the afternoon. Somehow the feeling is not that far from being locked out of your house (or out of your car) while your keys are inside.

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Thursday Sep 28, 2006

What is JMX?

... recently I had to answer to this question on the SDN JMX forum. Since it is quite a recurrent question I decided to turn this into a blog. And to spice it a little more, I'm even going to allude to some of what JMX(tm) - Java Management Extensions - is not ...

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Friday Sep 08, 2006

JMX: Nick Stephen blogs on SnapshotProxies and SynchronizedStandardMBean

... Today Nick Stephen posted an article explaining how to access several attributes of one MBean in a synchronized way. This is a nice trick which can be quite useful.

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Friday Aug 25, 2006

Blogs, Java, Roller, And A Nice Flower For Testing...

... I hate those Test Please Ignore things that show up from time to time... Actually, I don't as much hate the actual things themselves than I hate writing them myself ...

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Thursday Aug 24, 2006

An Advanced JMX Example for JDK 6

... You may not have noticed this, but the latest bits of Your Favorite Galloping Animal JDK 6 now include an advanced JMX example in their sample directory...

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