Solaris Desktop Summit - Day 2

Well as Glynn mentioned I've been just a little stressed out over the last few days "Gman": I wonder why? Well trying to heard a bunch of 50 very talented and creative folks through the summit agenda may have something to do with it :) Thank goodness for Frank Ludolph's steady hand on the tiller and Jeff Cheeney's many talents, of which the wolf whistle is certainly the most impressive ;) Kudos to all my bosses and bosses bosses for letting me pull this together. It is just fantastic to get all these folks together, to see them chatting, to hear plenty of "ahh I didn't know that's been sorted, great..." So first disaster was no network in Central Park. I thought we all where going to have withdrawal symptoms, as Bart said a disconnected laptop just ain't no fun at all. But once we all got used to the idea of bing disconnected things moved along well. I know plenty of folks had been disappointed that day 1 was more of a lecture format and less interaction/ discussion. Always a problem when you have to frame the discussions in anytype of workshop scenario. On reflection we could have had a Desktop Gripe session in the first day to let folks vent a little, but I am learning (slowly it's true). I'll hesitate before making any further suggestions over a pint to my VP, it's scary when they actually take you seriously ;) \*Glenn\* Kicked off with a preso from Glenn Weinberg, who managed to make it despite having a really bad dose of the some cold/ flu thing. Many thanks to Glenn for dragging himself in. Talked about change on the street, we are back in the spotlight, which is great. Not where we need to be at the minute, but can get there by moving faster, taking more risks. Keep the core Solaris solid, but inovate and experiment with other parts of the stack such as the desktop where our customers want and expect a higher rate of change. In targeting the developer want to give them a superb integrated develoepr apps experience on Solaris for Java and native app development. Solaris 10 adoption rates still cranking along over 3.5 million and no sign of slowing down. The street thinks we are inovators in the OS space but not in User Space. Up to us to prove them wrong. Need to leverage the OpenSolaris community and really experiment in this space, get the source code management sorted. Experiment with different release models, get the latest bits into customers hands who want to be at the bleeding edge, let them see that we are inovating in this space. Starting to see OpenSolaris coming onto University curriculum which is very cool. Need to drive volume and as I'm fond of saying make the Solaris Desktop rock ! \*Brand\* Had a fun preso on the Sun Brand. Very cool stuff from Bruce Lee how brand is all about soul = values + character + vision. Not just about the looks, but when you interact with Sun's products its gotta be a good experience, so behaviour is crucial and then we need to spread the word within Sun as well as outside. Core strengths doing things differently, never give up, brilliance, passion, trust and FUN. Think with all the changes over the past few years a lot of the Fun has gone and it's great to see it coming back. That's a lot of what the summit is about, getting the teams to together and having fun seeing how we can move forward, helping with our focus and so on. Some pretty cool stuff about the Ted prize that Bono won, how Sun technology enabled the texting system at the U2 concerts. \*Sizzle\* Had a sizzle session looking at all the things that the various OS's are up to and the use of GPU graphics. Use of transperancy, transition effects, animation. All very sexy it has to be said, my favouite was the splash effect when you drop a new deskbar widget onto you dashboard on the Mac, utterly useless but hey made me smile and isn't that what it's all about ;) \*Breakouts\* Finally we get to brainstorm, discuss and have a bit of fun. List of topics which we had to cull down to 8. Broke up into groups to look into the issue, explore what the key parts of the problem where and come up with next steps. Thanks to Jeff, Marny, Frank and Dee for facilitating, not a job for the faint hearted. Turned up some interesting things which are all on the "twiki": or will get up there in the next few days. I was in the Single Sys Admin session, which turned up some surprises when we applied the filter of the two main user types we were looking at Sys Admin for SMB's and Developers. Developer top issues --- How to find, Task oriented, Network and ISV. Sys Admin top issues --- Model, Security, Install/Upgrade/Deploy and Fault Management. Java on the desktop, the good news is after all the brainstorming, no real surprises, many of the concerns around performance, integration in the desktop, better look & feel, native support and so on are being addressed in Mustang. The great thing was to see the Gnome heads and Java folks hooking up, which will be the key to giving our Developers the best dam experience possible on Solaris. \*Wrapup\* Lots of interesting things here, but getting late and I need breakfast, so will keep it short. One session on things we could do with the GPU in the Sun Ray DTU. There are limitations with a remote framebuffer, that you can't get around for some of the sizzle type desktop features, but the cool thing is the one key usability feature I'd really love namely Anti ALiased fonts can be supported directly in the DTU. As long as X can tell the Sun Ray it's sending it down text the AA compositing can happen on the DTU. This is just frigging awesome. I'll leave the splash effects and rotating globes on my workstation, but if can get AA fonts on my Sun Ray at home I'll be a very happy man. \*Beer and Pizza\* Need I say more ... bunch on Irishmen, loads of beer. Gman was seen leaving with a whole rack of beer, Alo has the photos. Scary stories of 6.5 litre trucks tearing down the highway at 120 mph ... So off for Desktop Gripe session today which should be a lot of fun and then a bit of a deep dive on User Types under Frank's very capable direction. Then the weekend and I'll collapse in a puddle somewhere. P.s Boy do I need a good back massage, though I suspect nothing short of dynamite is going to get the knots out of my back muscles ;) P.P.s. Thanks to Donna who got me a No Jet Lag remedy to try out when I'm heading home. Will be very interesting to see if it works - would be truely awesome if it did. P.P.P.s Ron Shipper, who has been an absolute star on the Sun Ray organisation front has some cool photos, but as my mail server in ireland seems to be refusing to talk to me, I wonder why, will have to wait for another blog.

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