Thursday May 22, 2008

ITWire interviewed a mate of mine

I met a bloke called Arjen Lentz years ago. And I do mean years ago. Via HUMBUG, a user group I joined at its inception. He was with MySQL at the time, either their only or perhaps one of 2 employees that the company had in Australia.

He really drove home to me that it really was possible to work remotely from your boss, and from any other colleague, and develop software, and do so effectively.

Last year he moved on from MySQL to found his own consulting company, Open Query. Training, design, tuning... anything you want to do with MySQL (and PostgreSQL for that matter) he'll be able to help you do it. As far as I know, he's doing really well. I'm not sure that I'd like the startup-on-my-own thing - makes me just a little bit nervous right now - so I've got a lot of respect for those who do. (My best mate Leighton does this as well with Bare Metal Software).

Anyway.... Arjen was interviewed by one of Australia's well-known OpenSource commentators, Sam Varghese, and that interview is now live on ITWire.

If there's truly anybody out there who still wonders how you can make money from Open Source Software, Arjen is a great example - and he only lives about 10km from me :-)

Wednesday Oct 31, 2007

Today is a very good day



Today I'm ecstatic to be able to announce that the S10 patches for our backport are finally available on We've delivered PSARC 2006/703 MPxIO extension for Serial Attached SCSI, and (my personal favourite) PSARC 2007/046 stmsboot(1M) extension for mpt(7D).

The patches that you need to install are

sparc:: 125081-10
(We recommend that on sparc you also install 127747-01 as well, due to 6466248)


x86/x64:: 125082-10


The full list of rfes and bugs is as follows:

6443044 add mpxio support to SAS mpt driver
6502231 stmsboot needs to support SAS devices
6544226 mpt needs mdb module

6242789 primary path comes up as standby instead online even if auto-failback is enabled
6442215 mpt.conf maybe overwritten because filetype within SUNWckr package is 'f'
6449836 stmsboot -d failed to boot if several LUNs or targets map to same partition
6510425 properties "flow_control" and "queue" in mpt.conf are useless
6525558 untagged command unlikely to be sent to HBA during heavy I/O
6541750 CAM5.1.1b2: 2530, MPT2: Vdbench bailed out after I pull ctlr-A out
6545198 build should allow architecture-dependent class action scripts
6546164 stmsboot does not remove sun4u SMF service, erroneously lists parallel SCSI HBAs
6548867 mpxio-upgrade script has fatally mis-defined variable
6550585 mpt driver has a memory leak in mpt_send_tur
6550591 mpt should not print unnecessary messages
6550849 WARNING: mpt TEST_UNIT_READY failure
6554029 mpt should get maxdevice from portfacts, not IOCfacts
6554556 stmsboot's privilege message is not quite correct
6556832 after ctlr brought online, some paths failed to come back
6560371 mpt hangs during ST2530 firmware upgrade
6566097 mpt: sd targets under mpt are not power-manageable
6566815 changes for 6502231 broke g11n in stmsboot
6531069 SCSI2 (tc_mhioctkown test cases) testing are showing UNRESOLVED results for ST2530
6546465 mpt: kernel panic due to NULL pointer reference in an error code path
6556852 mpt needs to support Sun Fire x4540 platform
6588204 mpt_check_scsi_io_error() incorrectly tests IOCStatus register
6588278 mpt driver doesn't check GUID of LUN when the path online
6591973 panic in mdi_pi_free() when remapping devices
6613189 T125082-09 and T125081-09 don't work - missing misc/scsi module from deliverables

As an interesting side note, during the development process we stumbled across

6566270 Seagate Savvio 10k1 disks do not enumerate under scsi_vhci

You'll probably see this if you have a Galaxy or T2000/T1000 system. (Unfortunately you need a service contract to view the bug report due to its category).


And on a personal note, I'd like to thank the other members of our team for working so well together - with Greg in Melbourne, Javen and Dolpher up in Beijing, test teams in Beijing, Menlo Park, Broomfield and San Diego and yours truly in Sydney (and now Brisbane) - we have truly been a virtual team. I reckon we've demonstrated that physical distance does not get in the way of designing, developing, testing and (most importantly) delivering good software that provides solutions for our customers.


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