Opensolaris on Extended Partition

Did anybody happen to see this recent flag day message on OpenSolaris? Solaris now understands Logical Drives in Extended Partitions.  That means, Solaris can now be installed in extended partitions and it can also mount them. Most of the systems comes pre-installed with Windows leaving only extended partitions for multiboot.  Linux supported extended partition for a long time.  This feature should have been...

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Multiboot OpenSolaris on Dell XPS 1530 with MediaDirect

Got a new Dell XPS 1530 laptop.  Looks sleek.  186GB, DVDRW, 4GB RAM, 9 Cell Battery, soft touch keys for eject and volume control.  Pre-installed with Windows Vista 32 bit. It also has a feature called MediaDirect.  This can play music, video, pictures and presentations from the media in the dvd drive or from the user's Document's directory in the Vista partition without booting the Vista Operating System! MediaDirect is actually running a scaled down version of Windows XP. Me...

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Code For Freedom contest closed

Well, the Code For Freedom (CFF) contest is finally over. The results are posted on the CFF site. The grand prize winners will be awarded at Sun Tech Days in Hyderabad on 29th Feb 08 by Ian Murdock. Congratulations to all the winners. Thanx to everyone who contributed. Without all these contributions, this contest would not have been successful. I was tracking the contributions to the OpenSolaris technology. The load in the initial stages of the contest wasnegligible. But...

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More tips for OpenSolaris CFF participants

Always... send mails from email ids registered in SCA. use SCA number in every mail you send to request-sponsor. Before picking up a bug... confirm if a bug is already being sponsored on ensure that 'Responsible Engineer' field of the bug is empty avoid selecting RFEs if you don't want to work on ARC cases. ARC cases are a good learning experience, but it takes time. And we have little time for CFF to end. As soon as you pick up a...

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Important step in Live Upgrading

I read a blog on how to live upgrade. Tried it out. And it did not work :-(. Fortunately, you can always fall back to the pre-upgrade environment, which is still intact. I deleted the new boot environment and followed the steps again. It failed again. I searched for a few more blogs. They also had similar steps. Followed them. Failed again :-( :-(. What was I not doing right??? I took the help of some Live Upgrade experts and they told me I was missing one important step: Install...

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Tips for OpenSolaris CFF participants

Here are some tips for OpenSolaris CFF participants:  Read how to contribute to OpenSolaris at: Install OpenSolaris and download the source \*before\* you submit a request for a mentor.  Look at the source and get familiar with building one command (not the whole source). Its not necessary to build (nightly) OpenSolaris to start with.  First identify the bug/RFE.  Then decide whether a nightly is required or building...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 | Tech | Read More

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