Sunday Mar 14, 2010

DTrace at Yokohama Linux User Group

kato dtrace zfs japanIn my job I meet a lot of interesting engineers. That’s why I like what I do. I don’t really get the technology that deeply, but I do very much find the people fascinating. It’s the people who build communities. It’s the people who create history.

Anyway, one character I know here in Tokyo is Hisayoshi Kato (blog, twitter). He’s a core developer in the Japan OpenSolaris community. He’ll be presenting DTrace at the Yokohama Linux User Group (YLUG) Monday night March 29th (and don’t forget DTrace Day on the 27th at the OpenSolaris User Group). If you know Japanese and you want to know DTrace, you should go to these presentations. Everyone is welcome.

Kato-san presented DTrace at the Tokyo Linux User Group a while back, and he’s done technical talks at many FOSS conferences and user groups meetings throughout Japan. He also knows a bunch about ZFS, too. He’s a co-author of this book on ZFS, which is an original work in Japanese. And finally, if you are are going to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco in April, you may bump into Kato-san there as well. Hopefully, he’ll be able to meet up with some OpenSolaris guys in the Bay Area during the Linux conference.

Saturday Jul 11, 2009

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

A bunch of images from the Tokyo Linux User Group Saturday afternoon and evening. Karamoon on Tokyo Hackerspace, Marty Pauley on security, and Michael Sullivan on ZFS.

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Tokyo Linux User Group 071109 Tokyo Linux User Group 071109

Friday Jul 10, 2009

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 071009

I went over to the OpenSolaris Night Seminar in Jingumae earlier this evening. Really nice turn out. About 90 people came out on a Friday night. And it was great to see Nagahara Niroharu and Hisayoshi Kato, two of the four engineers who wrote the new book on ZFS here in Japan.

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 071009

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 071009 OpenSolaris Night Seminar 071009

Thursday Jul 09, 2009

ZFS: Practical use of virtualized file systems

Here's the cover for the new ZFS book in Japan by Hisayoshi Kato, Michitoshi Sato, Nagahara Niroharu, and Imai Satoshi -- ZFS 仮想化されたファイルシステムの徹底活用 (大型本). I have a copy here in the office. Pretty slick. The cover was just published on Amazon a few minute ago. I think it goes on sale next week. Please note: this is not a translation of a western text. It's an original work from OpenSolaris community engineers in Japan and only appears in Japanese. 

Sunday Jun 28, 2009

New ZFS Book Coming to Japan

Four members of the Japan OpenSolaris Community wrote a book on ZFS recently. It`s coming out in July, and it`s specifically for the Japanese market. The cover has not been selected yet, but here are the early details: ZFS 仮想化されたファイルシステムの徹底活用 (大型本) by Hisayoshi Kato, Michitoshi Sato, Nagahara Niroharu, and Imai Satoshi. This is quite a significant contribution to the community in Japan because it`s important to have technical content written by Japanese engineers for Japanese engineers. Translating English content from the west good, of course, but the generation of original content in Japanese also needs to be part of this community`s growth plans.

Saturday Mar 07, 2009

OpenSolaris, ZFS, and that Orange T-Shirt

Check out David Stewart talking about Intel, OpenSolaris, and ZFS. And check out that orange t-shirt he has on as well. So, cool. That`s the shirt from the Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group we started a few months ago. Shirts get around, you know, and this one made it all the way to the Pacific Northwest. It`s actually a very nice shirt, and if you wear it outside you are guaranteed to get attention. You`d probably stop traffic, too. It`s a tad on the bright side. Which is probably why Dave had to put a black shirt over the top. Makes a nice combination if you are doing serious technical demonstrations on YouTube about OpenSolaris, Intel, and ZFS.

Update: I found another Tokyo OSUG t-shirt video in the Intel Dave OpenSolaris series -- OpenSolaris & Intel: PowerTOP.  How could I have missed that one?

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

ZFS on FLOSS Weekly

Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte chat with Aaron Newcomb and David Brittle on ZFS -- FLOSS Weekly 58: ZFS. Very interesting show (for you technical types). Also interesting to see ZFS clearly really engage an overall discussion of OpenSolaris. Give it a listen.

Sunday Feb 08, 2009

ZFS Saving Your Butt

Saving Big Money with Open Source Storage: "Since ZFS came out, it has saved our behind more than once. The combo of OpenSolaris and ZFS is such that I would now be quite willing to pay for what it offers." -- Jason Williams, COO and CTO of Digitar, quoted in Enterprise Storage Forum

An interesting read about how OpenSolaris was evaluated and implemented in this storage environment.

Friday Dec 19, 2008

Michitoshi Sato on ZFS

If you are in Japan, if you can read Japanese, and if you know the technical details about ZFS (how`s that for a set of qualifiers?), pick up a copy of the January 2009 issue of Unix Magazine. There is a comprehensive article in there on ZFS from Michitoshi Sato: 特別企画 次世代ファイルシステムの内部に迫る 詳説ZFS. I see Sato-san all the time. He`s been been contributing to the community in Japan for years, and he now participates in the Japan OpenSolaris User Group.

More on OpenSolaris in Japan here at the Japan portal. Oh, and by the way, that Japan portal generates the most traffic to the site among all of the language portals. Very interesting. And the Japanese were supposed to be quiet?

Sunday Dec 07, 2008

OpenSolaris Compared to Windows

It's really interesting to see OpenSolaris being compared to Windows -- Sun shows Microsoft how it's done. This is still pretty rare out there, but I bet it becomes more common over time. And as I've said before, I think it may happen sooner than we think.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Well, what did you expect?

All day today while the West Coast of the U.S. has been sleeping, I've been reading articles in the media about Sun's new open storage appliances -- the Sun Storage 7110, 7210, and 7410. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the tech media all had articles on these new systems. But the Forbes piece grabbed me right in the first paragraph: "Give Sun Microsystems credit: The roof may be on fire, but the beleaguered server vendor seems just as focused on putting out innovative products as putting out the flames." Nice bit. But my first reaction was, "well, what did you expect?" Ok, times are tough, but we sure as hell aren't curling up in a little ball and going away, right? I like the focus on innovation and the determination to build something new. I like the buzz in the blogs. That's what you should expect.

Anyway, Bryan has the entire story with links to the whole team, so I'll just point there so you can start with Fishworks engineering. I know this project has been going for some time, and the entire team deserves a massive congratulations. Enjoy the day!

Sunday Sep 28, 2008

OpenSolaris Flying with the FAA

How the FAA Is Bringing Its Air Traffic Systems into the 21st Century: "Sun's open-source OpenSolaris/ZFS/SunFire server/Thumper storage infrastructure -- which features built-in, state-of-the-art virtualization capability -- was a key building block on which the FAA IT evaluation group settled. Some of the new software is already being used in the air traffic system; ZFS (Sun's open-source Zettabyte File System) is being used in the FAA's air traffic data center. 'The FAA uses a large quantity of Sun Solaris servers in a variety of configurations to support some of our noncritical business applications,' Andy Isaksen, manager of the Communications Infrastructure Engineering Team for NADIN and architect of the original mainframe system, said. 'ZFS is being used on at least one service within the Air Traffic Organization Enterprise Data Center.'" -- eWeek, September 24, 2008

Cool. The article also points out that Sun is teaming up with Cisco on this new system. Seems like a pretty important deployment for OpenSolaris that will potentially help support all air travelers in the United States.

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Faster, Cheaper, More Reliable

Sun’s ZFS/Flash initiative: "One of the core developers, Adam Leventhal, has  an interesting article in the July ACM on how this going to work -- the technology is non obvious, but the bottom line is simple: much faster, cheaper, and more reliable storage for big installations." -- Paul Murphy, ZDNet

Sunday May 18, 2008

ZFS Pics

Really cool pics here from Jeff Bonwick with Linus Torvalds

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

ZFS Survives the Sledgehammer

Cool demo of Jim Hughes pounding on some drives at Tech Days in Russia -- [zfs-discuss] "ZFS, Smashing Baby" demo is on YouTube

Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

Japanese OpenSolaris Articles

One of the things that the Sun engineering team in Japan does is write technical articles as part of their community-building efforts here. The guys work in Sun's Tokyo Software Center, which is where I sit as well. In fact, I have a very cool view of Tokyo from up here on the 21st floor. Anyway, there is a growing source of Japanese technical articles about the very latest technology and projects that make up OpenSolaris. Here are some links:

Building an Enterprise Class Server System Based on OpenSolaris (2008 Series)
  1. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3: Akira Ohsone. An introduction to OpenSolaris and the Apache Roller server, including a discussion on Project Indiana, ZFS, and Zones, and issues around installing OpenSolaris on servers (such as mirroring your disk and preparing for live upgrade, etc). 
  2. To come.
  3. To come.
  4. Etc ...
Building an Enterprise System with OpenSolaris (2007 Series)
  1. Introduction to OpenSolaris: Akira Ohsone
  2. Installing OpenSolaris: Akira Ohsone
  3. Effective use of open source software: Daisuke Tsukada
  4. Getting started enterprise middle ware: Katsuya Tanaka
All these articles (and more) are being posted to the Japan OpenSolaris Portal.

Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

Solaris Awards

2008 Technology of the Year Awards: Platforms: "Sun Solaris 10: It's simply the most innovative version of a server operating system this decade."

2008 Technology of the Year Awards: Storage: "ZFS breaks all the rules here, and it arrives in an amazingly well-thought-out and nicely implemented solution."

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Apple and ZFS

Seems ZFS may get some support in an update to Mac OS -- Apple confirms ZFS for Leopard.

Saturday Oct 06, 2007

OpenSolaris at Tokyo OSC

Here are some OpenSolaris images from the Tokyo Open Source Conference. Takanobu Masuzuki talked about Project Indiana and about a half dozen key development projects on -- What’s Happening with OpenSolaris? ホットな話題のプロジェクト. He also did a ZFS demo with four USB memory sticks that I couldn't explain for my life, but he somehow ended up playing an audio clip of his own guitar riffs, which was very cool. The guy can play! Also, Reiko Saito presented the latest in the Japanese language translation community. I just took pictures. It all sounded pretty good, though. :)  Hey, I'm lucky I found the damn place. Took four trains to get there! Photos on Flickr.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

ZFS Rules

Best of open source in storage: "Our first storage Bossie goes to ZFS, or Zettabyte File System , introduced with Solaris 10 and made available to the open source community in OpenSolaris. NFS is not quite dead or obsolete yet (in fact it’s still improving with Version 4 in the make), but eventually NFS has to give way to ZFS. ZFS has so many innovative features that it may take some time before storage admins can wrap their arms around it. Imagine never having to check your systems for data integrity because it’s guaranteed by the file system. Add built-in logical volume management and RAID management, then stretch capacity to a galactic dimension, a one followed by 21 zeroes. In short, ZFS hides many dirty details of storage administration, and it can scale as far as it is physically possible to go. As we noted in our review, ZFS is the best file system we've ever seen, and it belongs to the open source community. Just don’t expect to find it in your favorite Linux distro quite yet." -- InfoWorld

Update: Huge apologies for not picking up the obvious inaccuracies in this InfoWorld quote. Please check the comments below for some important details. And thank you for the comments and corrections.


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