Sunday Dec 07, 2008

OpenSolaris Compared to Windows

It's really interesting to see OpenSolaris being compared to Windows -- Sun shows Microsoft how it's done. This is still pretty rare out there, but I bet it becomes more common over time. And as I've said before, I think it may happen sooner than we think.

Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

OpenSolaris vs Windows

Handicapping the Windows 7 Alternatives: "OpenSolaris has the pedigree to be a real challenger to Windows." -- Randall Kennedy

Nice to see our shinny new distro being compared to Windows in these early stages. Who knows, maybe after a couple of revs this year we'll start gabbing some share from Microsoft. Imagine that. And they said we'd be dead by now.

Thursday Dec 27, 2007

A Cooperative Competitive Environment

Sun's Game: Friends Close, Microsoft Closer: "Sun Microsystems has been making great headway in the OSS community lately: nearly every piece of software it distributes is open source, everything is free, and OpenSolaris is really building a large community."  -- Charlie Schluting, Enterprise Networking Planet

The piece then goes on to explore why Sun and Microsoft cut their deal earlier this year. To me, it's simple: good business. Charlie then ends with this: "Sun is increasingly moving toward a more cooperative competitive environment." I agree. 

Sunday Oct 28, 2007

Predicting Death

I guess Unix isn't dead after all -- Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server and Linux losing to Windows.  It's difficult predicting the death of products and technologies, isn't it? I can't even count the number of times people told us that we were dead on OpenSolaris. Yet we keep growing. The market is more than big enough for a diversity of products and projects and communities.

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007


CBR Online suggests that Microsoft open source Windows -- Is it time to open source Microsoft Windows? That would be interesting, don't you think? Can you imagine the source analysis you'd have to do on that thing? My goodness. Although the article speculates about the benefits of an open source Windows, it doesn't offer a perspective license. GPL is probably out given past statements from the company. But CDDL might work just fine, especially since I'm sure there are probably more than a few licenses already tangled up in Windows source. Hey, you never know. Did you ever think you'd see OpenSPARC, OpenJDK, and OpenSolaris?

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

"It's Too Late! CIOs Don't Care Anymore"

The future of Unix Part 1: IBRS' view: Here's Kevin McIsaac of IBRS responding to a question about Sun's port of Solaris to x86/x64: "But too late! Linux has come along, Windows has come along and it runs really well on Intel. CIOs don't care anymore. There is a lot of great stuff about Solaris but guess what? The mainframes had a lot of that for twenty five years and I left the main frame to go to Solaris back in the eighties. I think organisations like Sun are kidding themselves. They should know from their historical roots that good enough trumps best and Linux and Windows are for most people, good enough!"

Again with the "it's too late" bit. I haven't seen this one crop up in a long time, though. And this time it comes with an exclamation point for extra special emphasis! My goodness. When people say it's too late for what we are doing (Solaris 10, OpenSolaris, new x86/x64 systems, new SPARC systems, etc) that only demonstrates that they are ripe for being disrupted. They are not paying attention. It's not too late. The timing is perfect.

Friday Sep 14, 2007

Sun and Microsoft

Microsoft and Sun Expand Strategic Alliance: Sun to Become Windows Server OEM and Companies to Collaborate on Cross-platform Virtualization: "Sun is now a single source for today's leading operating systems -- Solaris and Windows -- on the industry's most innovative x64 systems and storage products. Customers can now take advantage of the virtualization benefits of Windows and Solaris on Sun's energy efficient x64 systems," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "Microsoft's recognition of our x64 systems and storage systems is a testament to the superior system design at the heart of our product portfolio."

Cool. Love the focus on collaborating to solve customer problems.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Japanese Public Sector Opportunities

Seems there's a huge opportunity for OpenSolaris in the Japanese public sector. There are a lot of Windows out there that need replacing ...

Saturday Nov 13, 2004


Now this has to hurt, eh? I hope I'm ok. I upgraded my XP laptop at work with SP2. I have no clue why I did it. I think I was bored that day and did it for kicks. It did do some weird things, but nothing major. I don't use Windows much, actually ... only when I need to use PhotoShop. But, I just found out that the Sun Java Desktop System on the Solaris platform has GIMP tucked in there somewhere. Very nice. So there's no need for me to even have Windows taking up space on my laptop anymore. I'll have Alan wipe it clean with one of the later builds of Solaris in a couple of weeks. I have an old version of Solaris 10 on there now ... time to upgrade as Solaris gets ready to ship. No more dual boot for me.



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