Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

26th Content Migration: 2 Weeks Left

This is our 26th content migration leading up to the final move to XWiki on hub.opensolaris.org in 2 weeks. Next week I'll announce any final details involved in this Phase 2 of the Website Transition. In the meantime, content owners should consult these documents (some have been updated recently) if they have questions or are updating content:

General questions can go to website-discuss at opensolaris dot org. Subscribe here. Also, everyone should be subscribed to opensolaris-announce at opensolaris dot org. Subscribe here.

Friday Oct 09, 2009

50 Announcements on Website Transition Project

For the last few months I have been keeping track of all the Website Transition Project announcements. We just hit 50. I had to pull the list out from the front page of the Website Community (where we post our project management documentation) because it was just getting too long. In the announcements archive we link to suff like plan development, source and binary releases, testing, open evaluation/requirements processes, conference calls, implementation details, and various updates to systems. There have been more website announcements and discussions on a variety of lists, of course, but these are the key guys since since 2007. If links do not appear on that list then that means documents have been updated or replaced or the communication took place on a venue that does not offer links -- either direct email to users or to a private list. In those cases, I just document that the communication took place for transparency reasons. Nothing confidential was discussed in those communications. After we finish the move to XWiki on the 10/26, then we'll move into Phase 3 of the transition. I'll keep tracking.

Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

3 Weeks to Go

We have 3 more weeks before we do our last content migration and wrap up Phase 2 of the website transition. Yesterday, we did our 23rd content migration from the current site to the XWiki site (we do these moves 3 days a week now). The purpose of these migrations is to give community members the opportunity to clean up source content for the final move and to get used to the new system and also for us to refine the content migration/translation tools so the final move is as smooth as possible. There will most certainly be bits to clean up after the move, but I think we`ll be in pretty good shape a few weeks from now. Yesterday, we also updated the auth system with changes to the Community Group roles and Electorates. So, still making progress on multiple fronts. Website transition documentation and FAQs here. Announcements here.

Sunday Oct 04, 2009

Some Website Updates for 10/5

auth.opensolaris.org will be down for a couple of hours early Monday morning so the guys can update the systems. The changes will include making the roles in Community Groups the same as User Groups, and also providing access to the CG Electorates for the OGB Secretary to manage governance grants. We still have to get the new information pages out there -- Community/Project sponsorship relationships as well as the Contributor and Core Contributor lists -- but that work is largely done and should be released shortly. Once those bits are done, we`ll update the poll application for elections. And then I can`t think of any more governance-oriented work we`ll have to do on the website.

I also updated a bunch of pages on the site over the last week. I consolidated 45 newsletter pages into 5. I just archived them into years, basically. There is no real need to have each month be an individual page with a corresponding link gumming up the left nav bar. The amount of content is simply too small to justify all the sprawl. I also rewrote the Website Guidelines entirely and updated the road maps, Website Community Group front page, announcements page, and the Collective Life Cycle Guidelines. Links here along with new pages Bonnie is working. I moved a pile of pages around and put in redirects as well. This is all in an effort to prepare content (delete, merge, fix, move) for the migration to XWiki. I`ll be deleting a bunch of dead pages this week, too. It is amazing how quickly information grows old and how fast you can get fat with pages just repeating information from other pages. Over the weekend, I also renamed all the OpenSolaris User Groups on opensolaris.org, so their titles are shorter and will make the left navigation bar much cleaner on XWiki on hub.opensolaris.org. That change will come over on Monday with the content migration process.

See update announcement from Alan on Auth. 10/5/09

Monday Sep 28, 2009

Date for Final Transition to XWiki

The target date for Phase 2 of the Website Transition -- the move to XWiki on hub.opensolaris.org -- is scheduled for Monday, October 26th. The content migrations will continue three days a week for another few weeks. If you have problems with your pages, first refer to the content preparation instructions for information about updating your source, and then send questions to website-discuss and/or file bugs in defect.opensolaris.org under Development | Website component 'site-xwiki'. The known issues are documented here. As we get closer to the 26th, we`ll post more details about the final move process.

Sunday Sep 27, 2009

Fixing Bugs, Cleaning Content, Making Progress

Bill and Bonnie sent some update emails (here, here) on Friday to website-discuss about the migration. We continue to migrate content three days a week from the tonic database on opensolaris.org/os/ to XWiki on hub.opensolaris.org, and things are starting to shape up nicely. Chris has fixed a pile of bugs (see Bill`s mail for the list), and Bonnie has updated the content migration document so people can better understand how to fix pages at the source if the content does not migrate cleanly. Chris will continue fixing bugs each week, and we`ll document those fixes in the content migration emails Bill sends. A few of us are also working on cleaning the common pages on the site -- that`s the content not owned by Community Groups, Projects, and User Groups. There are well over 100 pages in that category. We are deleting, updating, fixing, merging, and documenting. We got fat with common pages over the last few years, so I am trying to delete as much as possible. XWiki community here. Why we chose XWiki here. I`ll update Phase 2 of the website transition schedule tomorrow night.

In one of my own areas, I have been continuing to poke through the Advocacy pages and have been making pretty good progress. There are still a lot of broken pages that have no owners, so I`ll have to delete that stuff at some point. When we move to XWiki we`ll be giving more than 100 people edit privileges to the Advocacy pages, so I want to make some room for those guys to post new content. Today I updated the front page and some of the OSUG background and process pages and cut the content substantially. Hopefully, it`s getting easier to just get a quick idea of what`s going on, where to go for help, and how to do the basics. Most stuff happens on list via conversation anyway, and most activity at this point is based around OpenSolaris User Group so things are quite distributed.

I also cut the text around governance. Very few people are interested in governance, and it`s really not necessary for how we run Advocacy and build community globally at the grass roots. In fact, it generally gets in the way. I have pitched governance issues hard in Advocacy and in my presentations for years now, but I don`t think we have made any progress at all. So, if people are interested in governance, that`s great. We encourage them to read the OpenSolaris Constitution and interact with the OpenSolaris Governing Board on ogb-discuss (subscribe, forum). There are plenty of opportunities to write, reform, and implement processes there. I no longer have the time or inclination myself, nor do we have the space or interest level in Advocacy to dedicate to issues that are not working. Also, I now think that governance on the one hand and direct community building & project management on the other really ought to be separate. It`s just a cleaner way to think about both. And, actually, many others have suggested the same thing along the way. I`m slow. Anyway, for me, there are simply too many other really interesting development projects to manage and user communities to build around the world.

Making progress.

Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Website Transition Conference Call: #5

We are holding our 5th website transition conference call tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be our final call before we move the site to XWiki on hub.opensolaris.org in October.

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

XWiki Schedule Update

I updated Phase 2 of the website transition schedule pushing back by a few weeks the date for the move to XWiki at hub.opensolaris.org. It's not a big change given the length of the project, but we'll need to do more testing since we have to do some additional work to update the roles in Community Groups to remove any link to the governance roles in the Constitution -- a change specifically to accommodate the OGB. There have been long threads on this issue on ogb-discuss and website-discuss, but only a small number of community members are involved. The latest is here. We made this implementation decision after Derek, Bonnie, and I participated on an OGB conference call last week. Initially, I disagreed with the decision but then came to accept it because I think it will actually make it easier for community members to get work done faster, reduce some of our bureaucracy, and choose to not be involved in governance (which I'd certainly support). We have not set a new date for the final move yet. That will come in a week or two.

Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Website Conference Call: August 27

If you are feeling bored today or tonight or this morning (wherever in the world you are), chime in and say hello on our 4th website transition conference call. We will be there for an update conversation on the status of the project, schedule changes, content preparation, content migration, URL redirects, and URL hierarchy (slides here). We've done a few of these calls already and will probably do one more as we move into September. The call in information is here. Also, I updated a bunch of things on the Website Community front page, and that list of announcements on there is getting really long. We have been communicating about the website transition for quite some time now, and it's good that as people start to engage they have a bunch of stuff they can refer to. The FAQs are updated a bit as well (here, here). More as we go. Discussions on website-discuss. That's it.

Friday Aug 21, 2009


I am spending a bunch of time cleaning up and organizing the content I maintain in various places across opensolaris.org to get ready for the website transition to XWiki in the fall. On most pages I am just fixing my badly formatted HTML or TML so our migration scrips don`t choke on my stuff, but in some cases I am just deleting the page entirely. Much more efficient that way, don`t you think? I am actually deleting a significant minority of content, though. Unfortunately. I had hoped to toast more of it. Must work harder on that part. Now, I am deleting a lot of content within files, but relatively few files themselves. Anyway, the last time I suggested this concept of cleaning up -- which may involve pressing the delete button if content serves no useful purpose anymore -- I was accused by some in the community of "deleting history" in the process, which is, of course, silly. I`m not. I have actually written about and preserved a great deal of history over the last five or six years on this project. I`m just deleting dead content, that`s all. So, go clean your stuff. There`s no reason to drag garbage into

Some links that should help with the website transition: the new house, right?


Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

XWiki Content Migrations: Week Two

The migration of content from opensolaris.org to the new XWiki system is continuing this week. It's still pretty early. There will be migrations of content multiple times a week for a month as the community preps content for the final move to XWiki in Sept. Get involved via the instructions here. I pinged all 150 OpenSolaris User Groups about this today as well, hoping to get more people involved. I wasn't around last week when we stared this Phase 2 of the website transition, so I have to jump back in this week. More info in the Website Community.


A simple "thank you" goes a long way, you know? Ever have that experience? Someone recognizes your work in some way and just, well, says thanks. And they mean it. It`s genuine. You know these things when you see them, don't you? It's obvious.

That's the impression I am getting these last few of weeks. Since we deployed the new authentication system at auth.opensolaris.org, we have been getting a steady flow of questions and thank you comments on the website-admin mailing list as people ask us to reset passwords and/or user names and such.

This is a normal part of the transition process as people revalidate their account details, provide two security questions/answers, and just generally check their user information. Everyone has to do it, so out of 100K or so people registered on the site there will inevitably be a certain number who forgot passwords or have other issues from the data migration. So, a few of us are fixing these guys -- all minor issues thus far -- and the reaction has been most hearting. Just normal discussion, the fixing of a problem, and a nice "thanks" to wrap it up. We've also gotten some private complements from highly technical people who understand the complexities involved in moving to the new system, which Alan and the website development team implemented recently. Very cool.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Website Transition: Features and Content Prep

Some important documents were posted recently about the website transition: Site Feature Mappings and Content Prep for XWiki. Check them out if you edit pages on opensolaris.org. We are well on our way to Phase 2 of the website transition now. Things will emerge here on hub.opensolaris.org over the next five weeks or so. Still lots to do. All feedback discussion to website-discuss. All plans on the Website Community.

Friday Aug 07, 2009

RSS Feeds for OpenSolaris Lists

Elaine working on providing RSS feeds for the opensolaris.org Mailman lists. This is nice because if I don't want to subscribe to a bunch of lists I can just quickly scan them without having look at Jive (which is broken a lot of the time) or the Mailman archives (which is awkward to browse). This is also important because were have about 400 mailing lists now but only about 150 Jive forums linked to those lists via gateways. We stopped creating Jive gateways a while ago because the gateways break all the time, and we intend to replace Jive in the fall as part of the website transition. So, because the vast majority of conversations taking place on opensolaris.org are taking place on mailing lists only, a quick scan via rss reader is convenient until we get a new list/forum solution in place.

Website Transition: Site Feature Mappings

Derek posted a new document yesterday outlining the website feature mappings for the transition to the new system.

I updated the between the current opensolaris.org and the new infrastructure we are moving to. In some cases, features are now in place with the authentication system, some features will be removed or combined with similar features in XWiki, and there are new feature on XWiki that we don't have at all on the current site. Lots of moving parts here. Fortunately, XWiki is really easy to get used to. It's just that's complex because we are doing all this while still running the current site. Website Community with this latest announcement and also the features mappings document. More to come on content migration preparation instructions and also the schedule for the content migrations in August.

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Website Transition Update: Phase 2: Sept 14

Now that Phase 1 of the website transition is complete with the move to the new authentication system (which went into place very smoothly), we scheduled a target date for Phase 2 to move the site's content to XWiki -- Monday September 14th. That's about 6 weeks from now. Should be an interesting month and a half, I'd say. I think implementing Phase 2 of this project will have a vastly different feel from the Phase 1 implementation. I also think the communication will have to escalate substantially.

Before the final move, though, we will conduct a series of content migrations to the XWiki beta site in August, and then we'll ask the community to check their pages there. We built translation/migration tools to help with this move, but people should expect some amount of manual editing after the migration as well. So, I hope everyone actively engages in the migrations and prepares their content beforehand. Documentation will be sent out outlining the weekly migration schedule and explaining how the community can prepare their content so pages move as smoothly as possible. Also, Derek will send mail this week explaining how the features map between the current site and XWiki. Note that the XWiki beta site will be down later this week as we rebuild it to get ready for the migrations.

Follow up on website-discuss. Links: XWiki Beta | Roadmap | Transition

Monday Aug 03, 2009


The website development team updated opensolaris.org with a new authentication system this morning. See Alan Burlison`s announcement here. This is Phase 1 of the website transition we have been talking about all over the place for the last year or so. It was a team effort, of course, but special congrats to Alan for driving the development and implementation effort. http://auth.opensolaris.org/

Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Website Transition Update: Phase 1 Starts Monday

opensolaris.org will be down for about 4 hours on Monday August 3 from 5 a.m. PDT as we implement Phase 1 of the website transition to make Auth live. All web-facing services on opensolaris.org will be unavailable at various times during the 4 hour period. We will send an announcement around when the work is complete. If you want to hear more about this, we will be holding a conference call briefing on Thurs July 30 at 9 a.m. PDT. Phone numbers, slides, FAQs, and updated transition documents can be found here. And, of course, everything about the website transition can be found in the Website Community as well.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Translating Auth: An OpenSolaris Community Project

There are several active conversations taking place on website-discuss and i18n-discuss regarding the localization of the Auth application. This is very good news. The activity demonstrates the community's direct involvement.

On our team, Alan Burlison in the U.K. wrote the application over the last couple of years, and when I got involved in the project last year I casually mentioned it would be cool if we could localize the app since the current site's registration page is in Japanese, Chinese, and English (although it was difficult to implement those languages on the current site). Alan responded with something like, "Oh, that's easy. Auth was designed with internationalization and localization in mind from the very beginning. No problem." Music to my ears.

I figured we'd get a half dozen or so languages, but I never dreamed about the response we've had thus far from the Internationalization and Localization Community. When Auth goes out next week, it will be in 17 languages and those translations were contributed by about 50 people around the world. Absolutely. Fantastic. I've been working with Alan and Sun globalization engineers Fuyuki Hasegawa in Tokyo and Ales Cernosek in Prague as they have been leading the Auth localization effort and walking me through their processes to engage the community via the Community Translation Interface (CTI). I've learned a lot. But it was the community that really came through here, no question about it. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed.

For many years on this project, we've been wanting to get opensolaris.org properly localized. We now have the tools to begin that process. Next up will be getting more languages for Auth, getting the icons and other user interface features localized, and then it's on to XWiki in the fall. XWiki already has content localization features built in, so that application should move along nicely after deployment.

To get involved in OpenSolaris localization projects, subscribe to i18n-discuss and check out how to get involved in translating the website.

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Website Transition: Updated Announcements

I updated the announcements section on the Website Community today. I've been collecting these links for a while now since the website development and implementation projects are complex and they are being built and deployed over a long period of time. It's easy to lose track of what's going on if you are not directly involved, so we have been posting things in the Website Community for convenience for some time now. So, since we are only a few weeks away from Phase 1 of the transition, I figured I'd update the list. We are at 31 announcements at the moment. I may have missed a few here and there, but I think I got the major ones. I'm still fixing links and such, so I'll continue to update.



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