Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

XWiki Content Migrations: Week Two

The migration of content from opensolaris.org to the new XWiki system is continuing this week. It's still pretty early. There will be migrations of content multiple times a week for a month as the community preps content for the final move to XWiki in Sept. Get involved via the instructions here. I pinged all 150 OpenSolaris User Groups about this today as well, hoping to get more people involved. I wasn't around last week when we stared this Phase 2 of the website transition, so I have to jump back in this week. More info in the Website Community.


A simple "thank you" goes a long way, you know? Ever have that experience? Someone recognizes your work in some way and just, well, says thanks. And they mean it. It`s genuine. You know these things when you see them, don't you? It's obvious.

That's the impression I am getting these last few of weeks. Since we deployed the new authentication system at auth.opensolaris.org, we have been getting a steady flow of questions and thank you comments on the website-admin mailing list as people ask us to reset passwords and/or user names and such.

This is a normal part of the transition process as people revalidate their account details, provide two security questions/answers, and just generally check their user information. Everyone has to do it, so out of 100K or so people registered on the site there will inevitably be a certain number who forgot passwords or have other issues from the data migration. So, a few of us are fixing these guys -- all minor issues thus far -- and the reaction has been most hearting. Just normal discussion, the fixing of a problem, and a nice "thanks" to wrap it up. We've also gotten some private complements from highly technical people who understand the complexities involved in moving to the new system, which Alan and the website development team implemented recently. Very cool.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Website Transition: Features and Content Prep

Some important documents were posted recently about the website transition: Site Feature Mappings and Content Prep for XWiki. Check them out if you edit pages on opensolaris.org. We are well on our way to Phase 2 of the website transition now. Things will emerge here on hub.opensolaris.org over the next five weeks or so. Still lots to do. All feedback discussion to website-discuss. All plans on the Website Community.

Friday Aug 07, 2009

RSS Feeds for OpenSolaris Lists

Elaine working on providing RSS feeds for the opensolaris.org Mailman lists. This is nice because if I don't want to subscribe to a bunch of lists I can just quickly scan them without having look at Jive (which is broken a lot of the time) or the Mailman archives (which is awkward to browse). This is also important because were have about 400 mailing lists now but only about 150 Jive forums linked to those lists via gateways. We stopped creating Jive gateways a while ago because the gateways break all the time, and we intend to replace Jive in the fall as part of the website transition. So, because the vast majority of conversations taking place on opensolaris.org are taking place on mailing lists only, a quick scan via rss reader is convenient until we get a new list/forum solution in place.

Website Transition: Site Feature Mappings

Derek posted a new document yesterday outlining the website feature mappings for the transition to the new system.

I updated the between the current opensolaris.org and the new infrastructure we are moving to. In some cases, features are now in place with the authentication system, some features will be removed or combined with similar features in XWiki, and there are new feature on XWiki that we don't have at all on the current site. Lots of moving parts here. Fortunately, XWiki is really easy to get used to. It's just that's complex because we are doing all this while still running the current site. Website Community with this latest announcement and also the features mappings document. More to come on content migration preparation instructions and also the schedule for the content migrations in August.

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Website Transition Update: Phase 2: Sept 14

Now that Phase 1 of the website transition is complete with the move to the new authentication system (which went into place very smoothly), we scheduled a target date for Phase 2 to move the site's content to XWiki -- Monday September 14th. That's about 6 weeks from now. Should be an interesting month and a half, I'd say. I think implementing Phase 2 of this project will have a vastly different feel from the Phase 1 implementation. I also think the communication will have to escalate substantially.

Before the final move, though, we will conduct a series of content migrations to the XWiki beta site in August, and then we'll ask the community to check their pages there. We built translation/migration tools to help with this move, but people should expect some amount of manual editing after the migration as well. So, I hope everyone actively engages in the migrations and prepares their content beforehand. Documentation will be sent out outlining the weekly migration schedule and explaining how the community can prepare their content so pages move as smoothly as possible. Also, Derek will send mail this week explaining how the features map between the current site and XWiki. Note that the XWiki beta site will be down later this week as we rebuild it to get ready for the migrations.

Follow up on website-discuss. Links: XWiki Beta | Roadmap | Transition

Monday Aug 03, 2009


The website development team updated opensolaris.org with a new authentication system this morning. See Alan Burlison`s announcement here. This is Phase 1 of the website transition we have been talking about all over the place for the last year or so. It was a team effort, of course, but special congrats to Alan for driving the development and implementation effort. http://auth.opensolaris.org/

Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Website Transition Update: Phase 1 Starts Monday

opensolaris.org will be down for about 4 hours on Monday August 3 from 5 a.m. PDT as we implement Phase 1 of the website transition to make Auth live. All web-facing services on opensolaris.org will be unavailable at various times during the 4 hour period. We will send an announcement around when the work is complete. If you want to hear more about this, we will be holding a conference call briefing on Thurs July 30 at 9 a.m. PDT. Phone numbers, slides, FAQs, and updated transition documents can be found here. And, of course, everything about the website transition can be found in the Website Community as well.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Translating Auth: An OpenSolaris Community Project

There are several active conversations taking place on website-discuss and i18n-discuss regarding the localization of the Auth application. This is very good news. The activity demonstrates the community's direct involvement.

On our team, Alan Burlison in the U.K. wrote the application over the last couple of years, and when I got involved in the project last year I casually mentioned it would be cool if we could localize the app since the current site's registration page is in Japanese, Chinese, and English (although it was difficult to implement those languages on the current site). Alan responded with something like, "Oh, that's easy. Auth was designed with internationalization and localization in mind from the very beginning. No problem." Music to my ears.

I figured we'd get a half dozen or so languages, but I never dreamed about the response we've had thus far from the Internationalization and Localization Community. When Auth goes out next week, it will be in 17 languages and those translations were contributed by about 50 people around the world. Absolutely. Fantastic. I've been working with Alan and Sun globalization engineers Fuyuki Hasegawa in Tokyo and Ales Cernosek in Prague as they have been leading the Auth localization effort and walking me through their processes to engage the community via the Community Translation Interface (CTI). I've learned a lot. But it was the community that really came through here, no question about it. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed.

For many years on this project, we've been wanting to get opensolaris.org properly localized. We now have the tools to begin that process. Next up will be getting more languages for Auth, getting the icons and other user interface features localized, and then it's on to XWiki in the fall. XWiki already has content localization features built in, so that application should move along nicely after deployment.

To get involved in OpenSolaris localization projects, subscribe to i18n-discuss and check out how to get involved in translating the website.

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Website Transition: Updated Announcements

I updated the announcements section on the Website Community today. I've been collecting these links for a while now since the website development and implementation projects are complex and they are being built and deployed over a long period of time. It's easy to lose track of what's going on if you are not directly involved, so we have been posting things in the Website Community for convenience for some time now. So, since we are only a few weeks away from Phase 1 of the transition, I figured I'd update the list. We are at 31 announcements at the moment. I may have missed a few here and there, but I think I got the major ones. I'm still fixing links and such, so I'll continue to update.

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Website Transition Update: Phase 1 Set for August 3

Phase 1 of the website transition is scheduled for Monday, August 3rd. On that date, there will be a brief downtime as Auth becomes the lead user database on opensolaris.org. An updated version of the application will be available next week, and we will be posting more communications about the final switch as we get closer. See the opensolaris-announce and website-discuss lists for announcements as usual. Further details here: Website Community | Auth | OpenSolaris Website Roadmap

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

A Clean Queue

I finally got my queue of 40 hidden projects and communities cleaned out from opensolaris.org. It took about three weeks and over 100 emails of communications. All of those guys are now open or deleted (about half and half, actually). There will be no concept of "hidden" projects or communities on the new opensolaris.org in a couple of months, so that`s why we had to do this clean up. We didn`t want to miss viable projects in the move to the new site since the hidden stuff would not be moved. The hidden feature of the current site is sort of a fallacy, anyway. Any user logged in can see the so-called hidden pages if they know the URL, so the entire concept is silly. It was really intended to give project owners a little space to populate pages and such before "opening" their projects. Again, it`s silly since the entire project proposal process is public. Ah, anyway. No big deal. It`s done.

One more thing: if you have hidden pages in your projects or communities, they will not be moved to the new site. Open them or they will be left behind and eventually deleted.

More about the website transition and current schedules here.

Translating Auth

It's very cool to see the OpenSolaris community translating the new authentication application for the new opensolaris.org. Right now, you can see the current opensolaris.org sign in and registration pages in three languages: English, Chinese, Japanese. But new system will come out in about 15 languages. And the translations are being done by the community via the Community Translation Interface (CTI) tool in the Internationalization & Localization Community Group. More info on the auth application and the entire website transition in the Website Community Group and the opensolaris.org roadmap.

Thursday Jun 18, 2009

2 Deadlines to Create New Website Collectives

As part of the new schedule for the website transition, there are two important deadlines to get collective infrastructure (Communities, Projects, User Groups) on opensolaris.org:

June 30th: Hidden Collectives: All collectives in a hidden state on opensolaris.org must be opened by June 30th or they will be deleted. Mail has been sent to these collective owners who will be affected. A few weeks ago there were about 40 hidden collectives, but that list is down to about a dozen now. On June 30th it will be zero. Also, on the new site, there will be no feature for "hidden" collectives. The current site's feature of hiding projects is a badly implemented bug. Any user logged into the site can find a hidden project if they know the URL (or are good at guessing), and repos from hidden projects show up in searchers as well. The new site will not put up with this.

July 20th: New Collectives: There will be a moratorium on setting up new collectives starting July 20th as we prepare to implement Phase 1 of the transition (Auth database goes live) at the end of July. If you have outstanding proposals for new Communities, Projects, or User Groups, you must send your approval threads to the project-setup list by July 20th. Please refer to the new Website Infrastructure: Collective Life Cycle Instructions document for implementation details when requesting new infrastructure.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

Website Infrastructure: Collective Life Cycle Instructions

At the request of the OGB (see inital thread here and follow up threads here and here), I drafted a new document to answer questions about collective life cycle issues on opensolaris.org -- Website Infrastructure: Collective Life Cycle Instructions. The document lives in the Website Community Group and attempts to explain the infrastructure implementation procedures I go through on project-setup for Community Groups, Projects, and User Groups. It also points to all the other documents that are involved in various stages. We can`t unify all those documents at the moment, so I thought that a doc outlining basic procedures and putting the other docs in context would be helpful and would simplify some things. I think I got everything in there for this first cut, but I am sure it will all evolve over time. Glynn Foster drafted a group life cycle document as part of the proposed constitution in March, but that entire effort wasn`t successful so I`ll work it this way and see where we go. At the very least, it helps clarify the implementation part of the process.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

Website: Direct User Mailings Start

If you have an account on opensolairs.org (and there should be over 100k of you), then you should have received the email below sometime over the last couple of days. This mailing starts a series of direct communications we have planned to walk users of opensolaris.org through the transition to the new website this summer. More coming.


You are receiving this email because you have an account on the http://opensolaris.org website.

Changes are being made to this website this summer to enable the implementation of a more complete open development platform and provide wiki functionality. Changes will occur in phases, with Phase 1 targeted for late July 2009.

In Phase 1, the site will begin using a new membership management application and associated database.

The transition to this new system will involve updates to:

- site registration,
- some roles, rights and functionality on the site,
- the notice regarding how your personal information provided
  during registration will be used.

As we get closer to the transition date, you will receive more detailed information and instructions about actions you will have to take when this transition occurs.

Information about the transition and coming changes is available here: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/web/

A beta version of the membership management application is available here: http://auth.opensolaris.org/

Subscribe to the website-discuss mailing list to receive announcements and other information about the coming changes.

Thank you.

Bonnie Corwin

Senior Software Engineering Manager
OpenSolaris Developer Collaboration Team
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Friday Jun 12, 2009

Website Transition: Two Phase 1 Documents Posted

This morning Bonnie posted two documents supporting the Phase 1 website transition plans:
  1. The plan to implement the governance and website roles and collectives, and
  2. The data migration strategy outlining how data will be migrated from existing databases into the new Auth database. NOTE: This is an updated version of the data migration strategy. The original was published on 3/27/09.

Bonnie and Alan drafted the documents and all three of us iterated for a couple of weeks as they went through multiple drafts. It`s amazing experiencing the distinction between writing a document that articulates some issue in theory and writing a document that articulates a specific implementation that has to actually work. It`s the distinction between night and day. Ideas are fine, but if you don`t build them they are not real. That lesson is learned.

Also, I appreciate more than ever the process I went through in the recent past attempting to re-write the OpenSolaris Constitution. Building and describing the new site would have been so much easier had that Constitution been approved in March. But it wasn`t. That`s life I suppose. So, now we have to implement the old Constitution while also accounting for things that document doesn`t even mention because it came about after the original site was designed. Not to mention all the odd stuff that evolved (and broke) on the current site -- all of which has to be migrated to the new site. As a result, in August we will have some things covered under Governance and some things covered under generally accepted practice -- and that last bit was really the basis of the concept we were trying to move toward with the proposed Constitution. Hopefully, the OGB will at some point this year take up that proposed Constitution again, get it updated, and get it approved so our Governance documents reflect the reality of how the community operates in real life.

Anyway, until that happens we will continue building what we have to build, and it will be good to finally break with the past of the old site. So, it`s important for anyone with an account on opensolaris.org to review these new documents and the other information we have posted in the Website community recently to be prepared for the changes coming in July and August. All users on the site will be affected by this multi-phase transition (hopefully in a good way, of course). More documents will be posted in the coming weeks on website feature mappings, Auth transition instructions, and content migration plans. And that`s just Phase 1 and Phase 2. There will be a Phase 3 that will take us well into the fall.

Website Transition Documentation | Auth System Beta | XWiki Website Beta | Program Roadmap

Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

Website Transition Schedule: Update

We had to update Phase 1 of the website transition plan earlier this week. Phase 1 is being rescheduled to account for some community infrastructure requirements needed after CommunityOne and the OpenSolaris 2009.06 product release. The next available transition window is the end of July, so the week of July 27 is the new target date for Phase 1.

As a result of this change, there will be no moratorium for new project creation in June as I had previously announced. Note that there will still be a moratorium between Phase 1 and Phase 2, but the window will be later and hopefully shorter. We'll know more as we get closer to the end of July.

I updated the roadmap and other transition documents in the Website community to reflect these changes, and there will be a series of email communications from Bonnie to all users on the site starting this week as well. Also, as we move from phase to phase there will be list conversations and announcements from the team since we all own parts of this transition now. And finally, we are planning some community conference calls to answer questions live.

Website Transition Documentation | Auth System Beta | XWiki Website Beta | Program Roadmap

Friday May 22, 2009

A Temporary Moratorium

As everyone knows, we are rapidly approaching Phase 1 of the website transition: making the new authentication and authorization application live. We call this new application "Auth" and it`s basically our new user management system. The current target for this Phase 1 move is late June. Then we plan to roll into Phase 2 with the migration of the site's content to XWiki in late August. Hopefully, that part is starting to resonate at this point. If not, that`s ok. We have some substantial communications planned to keep driving the schedule forward.

Also, during the period between the two initial phases, the existing site will be adapted to use the new Auth system. Leaders of communities, projects, and user groups will be able to add and delete users, create new repositories, and provide access to repositories and web pages just as before. Some of these actions will be performed using the new Auth system, so we will provide documentation outlining the new system shortly.

However, during the interim period, we will not be able to support the creation of new communities, projects, and user groups on the site. The technical difficulties involved will preclude us from being able to support this activity during this critical period, so we will have to put in a temporary moratorium on creating new groups. Fortunately, very few new groups are being created on the site at present, so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for the majority of the community. For those community members who might be inconvenienced, though, we certainly apologize up front and we ask for your patience as we enter this complicated transition period. We have been planning and building this website replacement for well over a year now, and we are getting close to the final implementation. Once we are running on the new site, we will be able to offer everyone a much more flexible environment to grow well into the future.

So, if you were thinking of opening a new project, community, or user group this summer, please get your proposal approved and a request to the project-setup list now. The deadline for new group requests to the project-setup list is June 15th, and the moratorium on creating new groups will run until the end of August when we move to XWiki. Note that this moratorium will not affect the creation of new Mailman lists.

Website Transition Documentation | Auth System Beta | XWiki Website Beta | Program Roadmap

The Great opensolaris.org Cleanup

I used to be in the construction business, so I used to build things. But I also did some demolition, too. Taking stuff down. Ripping things out. Breaking things. Cleaning up. Carting away. Very cool. And that`s sort of what we are doing with the opensolaris.org website transition project. We are building a new site, of course, and part of that will involve taking down the current site. The sequence of events is pretty complex because we have to maintain current operations while we do our construction and demolition, but I think we have a handle on it. Mostly, anyway.

The website transition project is split up into a few phases: Phase 1 is the transition to the new membership management application for user authentication and authorization (Auth), Phase 2 is the migration of the current site`s content to the new site using XWiki for content management, and Phase 3 is the integration and migration of the remaining client applications to the new Auth system. There will be a couple of interim periods between phases where we`ll be living in two worlds, no question about it. Should be fun.

After Phase 1 of the website transition to Auth in June, we`ll start finalizing preparations for the Phase 2 content move to XWiki in August. We have already built content migration tools and tested them internally, but we`ll do some external tests as well. More on those tests soon.

But to start getting ready for the content migrations later this summer, I am trying to encourage everyone to dig around your communities, projects, and user groups and clean things up a bit. In other words, if you know you have content that is out of date and will eventually be deleted, there is really no reason to migrate all of that stuff to XWiki. Just delete it. Or archive it off the site on your own system if you want. We have about 10,000 pages on the site, so if we can trim some of the dead content that would be good. And don`t forget to look at your attachments. There are about 5,000 attachments on the site, but only 1,500 are linked to web pages so I would imagine that some of those attachments have been forgotten along the way and can be trimmed. We are doing our own audits of the non-collective common pages on the site and looking at where we can cut and consolidate and move stuff around.

The same goes for any dead projects or mailing lists you have. I have been working with some groups recently to help clean up their unused infrastructure, and we have already deleted 15 lists and a few forums and projects. I have a list of another 20 mailing lists that were opened long ago but are not being used any more, so I`m working my way through those as well to find owners and check status. We are happy to provide website infrastructure, but this is valuable stuff and we ask that it be owned and properly maintained. Use it or lose it, basically.

And finally, there are 33 unopened projects and 6 unopened communities on the site. If you proposed any of these groups and got them approved but have them in a hidden state, ping me on project-setup so we can get these things opened or deleted. We are not going to migrate unopened groups. Some of these groups have been in this dormant state for years now, so I`ll be working my way through that list in the next week contacting people to check status.

So, let`s all help clean up before we move to our new home. Should make the moving a bit easier.

Website Transition Documentation | Auth System Beta | XWiki Website Beta | Program Roadmap

Friday May 08, 2009

XWiki 1.8.2

Chris Phelan just announced the update of hub.opensolaris.org to XWiki v1.8.2. Nice work, Chris. hub.opensolaris.org is our preview beta site that will evolve into the new opensolaris.org in a few months. If you have a user name on opensolaris.org you will be able to log in to hub to test XWiki. There is not much there at the moment (it`s still a tad early), but in this version the XWiki WYSIWYG editor is much more stable and Chris is building in some site navigation elements to help people get around and organize things in preparation for when we actually migrate the thousands and thousands of pages in August. And, of course, the XWiki front end is fully integrated with Alan Burlison`s new Authentication and Authorization database (Auth). Everything will integrate with Auth in due time, and all the client applications that will make up the new opensolaris.org will be skinned to look pretty much like the current site (see the last graph of this mail for a description of the skinning app). Go here for background on the opensolaris.org website transition.

Wednesday May 06, 2009

Updated Website Community Pages

As part of the upcoming transition to the new opensolaris.org website infrastructure, we updated the content in the Website Community significantly.

There is an overview of the current site's services with pointers to sources of information, an initial collection of background documents, and a section for details [to come] about the three phases of the transition. Watch for FAQs and schedules and other materials to help guide everyone through the process. From now on, the Website Community will hold all of the implementation plans for the transition. There is a great deal of information there now, but things will start evolving faster so check back often.

Next, probably as early as next week, we are planning to start a series of communications to all users of the site to begin spinning up Phase 1 of the transition -- and that will involve changes for everyone. The current schedule is to switch the main site`s database to the new Authentication and Authorization application (Auth) by the end of June. Then in August we are planning to move the content from the old site to the new site to use XWiki for content management. So, pending unforeseen circumstances, we should be able to make some good progress now.

Friday Apr 24, 2009

New opensolaris.org Roadmap

Bonnie Corwin updated the opensolaris.org roadmap yesterday. Looks really good. Our team has been keeping a public roadmap of one sort or another on opensolaris.org ever since we opened. The older roadmaps from 2005-2008 are now archived and linked from that new page. In this current version, we are documenting the portal development & website transition, the website content work, and the open development infrastructure projects. Check it out. Feedback to website-discuss.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

Global Conference Call: OpenSolaris Town Hall

Reminder: Vincent Murphy will be hosting an OpenSolaris Town Hall meeting on Friday April 24th at 8 in the morning California time. Dial in and participate. Should be an interesting call. Watch this page for slides and conference call details.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Website Transition Update

As we get closer to our transition to the new opensolaris.org infrastructure, we will be posting documents to the Website community to explain the migration plans. We also want all this information to start growing in one place so it's a convenient reference point for the community. And we'll be posting announcements to opensolaris-announce and website-discuss to engage the community in the implementation process.

There will be content migration tests as well as a period of time when we actually transition to the new infrastructure. So, thousands of people around the world will have to be notified and engaged as we move. Should be an interesting exercise, eh? We'll do the heavy lifting by migrating the content and user data, but there will be some clean up issues along the way and some significant changes that everyone will have to get used to. There will be many cool new features we'll get, of course, and there will be some old features we'll not bring over initially or at all. It all depends on use patterns and the natural opportunities and restrictions of the new system (which is inherent in any system). Most of the user data migration challenges have been worked out, and we are finalizing the content migration and translation tools now. We have the ability to move all of the site's content now and translate it from TML Markup and/or HTML into XWiki Markup. This is cool because it will enable people to use the XWiki WYSIWYG editor instead of messing around with wiki markup tags or HTML. But we still have some formatting issues to work out and a bunch of skinning and information architecture things to do as well. More on all this later.

Development of the new opensolaris.org infrastructure has been going on for some time now, and we`ve been having conversations about it at various points on website-discuss as well. Currently, most of the core engineering work is complete, so we are starting to implement this thing in a series of steps. The immediately goal is to figure out the absolute minimum set of implementation requirements to enable us to transition to the new infrastructure as quickly as possible. This is a critical point. We grew well beyond the capabilities of current opensolaris.org website long ago, and we need to move to the new system to continuing growing (and also to stop crashing as we have been doing lately). But once that initial transition is complete and everyone in the community is working on XWiki, we will not be done. Far from it. That`s just the first step (albeit a big one). There are other applications supporting open development that will interact with the new authentication database under XWiki and they need work and migration, we have to solve the list/forum gateway problems, the site will need to be localized into many languages, there will be user education challenges to overcome, the new site will have to be evolved as any new application would, and the list grows. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Keep in mind we are changing the engines while plane is jetting thorough the sky, so this could be a tad complex from a technical, organizational, and social point of view. Please have patience. :) We will make mistakes. Things will break. But we'll fix them and move on as fast as we can. And in the end, we'll have a much more secure and flexible website. But remember, we are not just building a website here. If that were the case, we'd be done long go. Instead, we are building an entirely new platform to support open development for the OpenSolaris engineering operation -- and that's a distinction with a very big difference. Those open development bits will emerge over time as we move infrastructure outside, but all of this is designed to support the growth of a global engineering community. We are trying to think big and long term but also build things in small pieces over time.

Anyway, below are some documents outlining some of the aspects to this transition. Some of these documents have been around for a while, but the user data migration strategy is new as of this week. Give it a read to understand how we are pulling your user data from multiple locations to centralize it in the new system so it is expressed the same way across multiple applications.

Working on this website transition project is where I spend virtually all of my time now. Alan Burlison is the tech lead. I'm serving as the program manager. And the others doing the work include: Chris Phelan, Martin Walsh, Bill Rushmore, Derek Cicero. We are part of Bonnie Corwin's Developer Collaboration Engineering Team, so she'll be involved all along as well.

More info as we go. We're getting close.

Wednesday Dec 17, 2008

Preview Version of Website

A preview version of the new opensolaris.org portal and authentication system is out for some early alpha testing. In stages, we are entirely replacing the current opensolairs.org, which is a brittle monolithic web application we outgrew years ago, with a modular and flexible webapp we can scale with well into the future. What Alan put out the other day is the new authentication system he wrote integrated with xWiki. The auth application will be the center of the new system with client applications accessing its database. In this case, xWiki is a client and there will be many other client apps to come. Also implemented here is the new community roles and groups proposed in the draft OpenSolaris Constitution. The application is not skinned at all, so it's totally raw. We are just testing the wiki, user data migrations, rights management, etc. Give it a kick. Post feedback to website-discuss. Everything "website" tagged in my blog.

Friday Nov 28, 2008

New SCM Console Live on OpenSolaris

Martin Walsh just announced that the new SCM console is now running live at repo.opensolaris.org. This is excellent news. The SCM console is a web application that developers use to interact with and configure various source repositories on opensolaris.org. It's also part of the website upgrade projects we've been working on for a while now. Many more announcements regarding the website to come soon. Here is an older thread on the SCM console as background. Also, see more on source code management issues at the SCM project and in the tools community. Post SCM console questions and suggestions to website-discuss and/or scm-migration-dev. Everything tagged website in my blog is here.

Monday Oct 27, 2008

Posting OpenSolaris Announcements

Many people coming to the community for the first time ask how they can post announcements to opensolairs.org. Amazingly, this actually can be confusing, so I thought I'd do a quick blog on it. I'll make sure this content also makes its way to the Website Community as well. So, why it's confusing. Well, if you are a leader in a project or community you can post announcements to the announcements pages within your project or community. If you do that, the content will stay inside your project space, which is fine if that's what you want. However, the announcement will not make it on to the opensolaris-announce list, which is rapidly becoming the hub to reach the entire community. If you want to reach thousands of people around the world, post to opensolaris-announce. Here's how in three easy steps:

Posting OpenSolaris Announcements
  1. Sign up to opensolaris-announce.

  2. Look at some examples of announcements to get an idea of the generally accepted format. Just write a short note about your event, release, project opening, or whatever and give some links pointing to additional resources. There is no format, really. It's up to you. Don't feel you have to write a lot. Most  are usually pretty short. I suggest writing in English because the goal is to communicate with the community around the world, but if you want to write in English and another language, please feel free. I've seen English/German and English/Spanish on opensolaris-announce. Not a problem.

  3. Post your announcement to opensolaris-announce from the forum or from your email client, and please don't cc other lists on the same mail. Also, opensolaris-announce is a one-way moderated list so after you post you will get a bounce notification that your mail is in a queue. We only make sure the announcement is related to OpenSolaris and that it's not spam, and then we send it through.
That's it. Pretty simple. We encourage all Communities, Projects, and User Groups to take advantage of opensolaris-announce.

Friday Sep 19, 2008

Reminder: 3 Key Lists for Website Upgrade

It's important for all leaders of OpenSolaris communities and projects to be on the following lists:
In the coming months we'll be upgrading the opensolairs.org infrastructure and content and also going through a governance-based community reorganization. So, the Constitution will be updated, the website platform will be updated, and the content and site navigation will continue to be updated. There will be many discussions and testing phases and migrations, and all of these issues will be implemented primarily on these three lists. So please sign up and start monitoring. As things come together, we'll also post schedules or timelines in the Website project with pointers and instructions.

Here are some updates as of now:
Many of these discussions have been taking place for some time now, and there is much more background information in the archives of the three lists above.

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

The Evolution of the Front Page

Nice to see the front page of opensolaris.org evolving with fresh content. We've long talked about doing community and technology profiles on the front page of the site, so now that we are actually doing them I'm sure they will grow in scope and frequency. To see upcoming profiles and suggest ideas for new content features, go to website-discuss.


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