Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

Sun's New VirtualBox

Sun just bought innotek and will add VirtualBox to our portfolio of open source software. Here are some links I collected:

Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire innotek, Expanding Sun xVM Reach to the Developer Desktop: "VirtualBox provides Sun with the perfect complement to our recently announced Sun xVM Server product," said Rich Green, executive vice president, Sun Software. "Where Sun xVM Server is designed to enable dynamic IT at the heart of the datacenter, VirtualBox is ideal for any laptop or desktop environment and will align perfectly with Sun's other developer focused assets such as GlassFish, OpenSolaris, OpenJDK and soon MySQL."

Sun virtualizes for developers with Innotek buy: "This is very much part and parcel of what is probably Sun's single greatest thrust -- to reconnect with the development community." --  Gordon Haff

VirtualBox: "We think this tool is incredibly useful for developers because most developers want to target multiple operating systems to maximise their audience and return on the time they've invested in their applications, and tools like VirtualBox let them do that by running everything - test environments, debug environments, etc. - on a single laptop." -- Tim Marsland

This Isn't Your Dad's Desktop Virtualization: "VirtualBox is unique because it's completely free and open source, and supports almost every OS known to man. It's no wonder that it's been downloaded over four million times in just over a year." -- Steve Wilson

Sun Looks to VirtualBox to Attract Developers: eWeek

On Snowglobes, xVM and Freedom: "The grand plan, inclusive of Innotek, and like most everything we do in software at Sun, has a focus on developers." -- Rich Green

Sun to buy VirtualBox maker Innotek: "Having a virtual lab story -- assuming it works and developers and QA like it -- is good for a developer-friendly company like Sun." --  Michael Coté

Sun nabs innotek's 20MB of open source, virtualized goodness: The Register

Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

Kichler on Containers

Sun shop stays loyal with Solaris Containers: "Longtime Sun shop Kichler Lighting was able to keep its production Web and enterprise resource planning environment on Solaris, thanks to the Containers virtualization feature of the Solaris 10 operating system." -- SearchServerVirtualization

Friday Sep 14, 2007

Sun and Microsoft

Microsoft and Sun Expand Strategic Alliance: Sun to Become Windows Server OEM and Companies to Collaborate on Cross-platform Virtualization: "Sun is now a single source for today's leading operating systems -- Solaris and Windows -- on the industry's most innovative x64 systems and storage products. Customers can now take advantage of the virtualization benefits of Windows and Solaris on Sun's energy efficient x64 systems," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun Microsystems. "Microsoft's recognition of our x64 systems and storage systems is a testament to the superior system design at the heart of our product portfolio."

Cool. Love the focus on collaborating to solve customer problems.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

Solaris 10 8/07

Solaris 10 8/07 made the news today. Here are some links I read this morning ...

Sun Updates Solaris 10: "To understand Solaris' growth outside of the enterprise, and onto the desktop, you need to follow the developments in the OpenSolaris community and with Project Indiana. " -- Eric J. Bruno

Virtualization: The emerging hardware vs. OS bundle debate: "This move could pose an interesting conundrum for VMware. VMware works with all operating systems, but these partners will increasingly become competitors." -- ZDNet

Sun Solaris upgrade continues push among Linux users: "Sun has upgraded Solaris to incorporate features from its open source version, including the ability to run Linux apps in Solaris Containers and integrate the latest version of PostgreSQL." -- Mark Fontecchio

Can new Solaris beat Linux in server market?: "The flurry of announcements demonstrate Sun’s commitment to expansion in open source while remaining an enterprise vendor for hardware and software." -- Dana Blankenhorn (Note: my conversations graph used in this blog is a bit old, so I left a comment with updated links (here, here). But even looking at the older graph, the trend is pretty much the same -- up. Very cool that the graph was used, though, eh?)

Sun accommodating Linux in Solaris: "You can now consolidate your Solaris and Linux apps onto one chassis." -- Dan Robers, Director, Solaris Marketing

Sun's Solaris 10 Advances Virtualization and Network Performance, Incorporates Open Source PostgreSQL Database: "Enterprises seeking to reduce data center power, cooling, and floor space needs are increasingly looking to virtualization as a way to accomplish their goals." -- Marc Hamilton, VP, Solaris Marketing

Years into project, Sun releases Linux-on-Solaris software: "In a new update called 8/07, a long-awaited feature of Sun Microsystems' Solaris 10 has finally arrived: the ability to run Linux software on x86 machines." Stephen Shankland, Cnet

Sun Solaris upgrade snuggles with Linux: "Formally dubbed "BrandZ in OpenSolaris", the newly incorporated Solaris Containers for Linux Applications lets users run Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS and Linux applications." -- The Register


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