Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

New OSUG Channel on IRC

There is now a new channel on for the OpenSolaris User Groups: #opensolaris-ugs. Thanks to Steven Acres for the setup. More OpenSolaris channels are listed here: I updated that page with a few new links, but if there are more channels that are active, let me know and I'll grow the list.

Monday Aug 03, 2009

Going to COSCUP 2009 Taiwan

I'm looking forward to participating at the Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters (COSCUP) in Taiwan in mid-August. I'll be talking about OpenSolaris, of course, and how developers and users can contribute to the project, how we are organizing communities around the world, and how we are rebuilding It will be my first time in Taiwan and my first time hanging out with the Taiwan OpenSolaris User Group (TWOSUG) as well. Should be fun.

Thursday Jul 09, 2009

An OpenSolaris Monsoon in India

A little OpenSolaris (at scale) in India. "Indians are celebrating a monsoon with OpenSolaris this month." -- Abhishek Kumar. This booklet on OpenSolaris is going out to a couple of hundred thousand people throughout the country.

Monday Jul 06, 2009

Community Responsibility and Opportunity

Last month there was an interesting thread developing on ogb-discuss about the lessons learned from the Townhall session at CommunityOne. The conversation died pretty quickly, though, which was a shame. I think it could have led to some good issues being explored.

In a couple of posts in the discussion, I talked about Jono Bacon`s Ubuntu session I attended at C1 and what OpenSolaris could learn from the Linux community in general (actually, we are already learning even if many people don`t realize it yet). I was trying to promote the notion that the OpenSolaris community ought to take on more community building responsibilities and not depend on Sun so much. That was in response to an observation that the "community" was somewhat lacking at CommunityOne. That may be true to a certain degree. C1 was a large event run by a company, for the most part, but it was intended to benefit the community. Let`s take it. It was a gift. I think that too may people are too quick to look to Sun for everything, which is not realistic and only leads to disappointment because expectations are simply too high.

Sun is doing its part (opening code, funding development operations and global community building programs, running conferences, hosting infrastructure, moving engineers outside, etc), but the community shouldn`t expect Sun to build the entire community at all levels, and that`s the impression I get sometimes from some of our list conversations. I have said that the community needs to assert more of its own community building role for four years now, but it never really resonates on list. I`m not sure why. Maybe I`m just wrong, but I think it`s painfully obvious. Just hang out a bit with the Linux community and you see many layers of communities with no single company in the center responsible for building everything. There are many companies and organizations and universities and individuals, and the attitude is very different. And there is no reason why OpenSolaris can`t grow in that direction as well. In fact, it`s already happening. Companies and large organizations are getting involved, and there are elements in the community that are asserting their role as builders beyond Sun -- the user groups. The OSUGs are helping to diversify community building functions because many of them are now running their own events (in addition to their normal meetings, I mean), and they are growing in their own ways without Sun necessarily being directly involved. This is a model on which we should expand.

Building the OpenSolaris community needs to be everyone`s responsibility and everyone`s opportunity, and it needs to be distributed as widely as possible. This is what we are doing in Tokyo, by the way.

Sunday Jun 28, 2009

Japan OpenSolaris Community Meeting 062709

The Japan OpenSolaris Community together on Saturday. Nice day (and night). About 60 people came by for the three sessions, two of which were in Japanese and the third in English. Then all three groups came together for a nomikai. I think the model works well to start integrating the Japanese and international OpenSolaris communities.

I used a new lens for this event. My f/1.4 lens is getting fixed, so I borrowed Jon`s 50mm f/1.2, which is one scary smart lens. It`s a tad expensive, too, so I was more than a little nervous shooting with it. Anyway, at f/1.2 the focus is just razor thin. Focus on someone`s glasses and their entire face is out. I messed up a few images that way, but by the end of the night I was getting used to it. Amazing piece of glass. By the way, you can see Jon`s stuff here. He`s one of the best photographers around.

Saturday Jun 27, 2009

OpenSolaris in Brazil: Right at the Top!

Nothing like going right to the very top, eh? My goodness. Here's the OpenSolaris community in Brazil at FISL hanging out with Brazil's President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva. I think this sets a new standard in government relations for the entire OpenSolaris community, don't you think? So, each one of us around the world now has to go out and shoot some images (video is fine, too) of our country's leader standing with our respective communities all dressed up in OpenSolaris stuff. Ok. Should be easy enough. Just send your images to osug-leaders or advocacy-discuss, and we'll collect them there.

Absolutely. Outrageous.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

Japan OSUG and Tokyo OSUG: Joint Meeting 6/27

The OpenSolaris community in Japan is planning its second multi-session user group meeting -- combining the Japan OSUG and the Tokyo OSUG. The meeting will be in Sun`s Yoga office (directions with photos here) on Saturday June 27th. It`s a killer line up, too. Stop by if you are new to OpenSolaris or if you are an experienced developer. All are welcome. I have OpenSolaris t-shirts to give out, too.

148 OpenSolaris User Groups

We added some new OpenSolaris User Groups lately, so we are up to 148 now. Check the leaders grid for an OSUG near you. And if you are starting an OSUG in your area and want us to link to your website and/or discussion forum on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, then please do and ping us on advocacy-discuss and osug-leaders and we'll get connected. Or if you'd like to propose a new OSUG using infrastructure on, then the process is outlined here. Stop by.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Some Thunder and Lightning at CommunityOne

The OpenSolaris community is being encouraged to submit some lightning talks at CommunityOne in San Francisco on June 1st. Cool. See Aaron Houston's mail and link for details. At conferences I heavily favor the lightning talks. I find the rapid-fire format promotes more direct community involvement at the event, and it also generates a great deal of humor as well. Most hour long sessions are just too quiet. I prefer quick talks full of noise. Some thunder and lightning. See you at CommunityOne.

Saturday Apr 25, 2009

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group 042509

I stopped by the Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group meeting Saturday afternoon. Nice day.

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Meeting 4/25

The Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group will meet this Saturday to talk about the OpenSolaris distribution constructor and how to build ON. Stop by. Study. This group, by the way, is a spin-off from the Japan OpenSolaris User Group. Discussions take place on ug-jposug.

OSUG Leaders Gathering at C1 in SF

Interesting mail the other day from Teresa Giacomini. Sun has some travel sponsorships to bring together some of the OpenSolaris User Group leaders at CommunityOne in San Francisco. Check it out. Deadline to apply is Friday, April 24th.

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Jaris at OpenSolaris Hot Topics Seminar

I stopped by the OpenSolaris Hot Topics Seminar last nite in Jingumae. The guys from the Japan OpenSolaris User Group (JPOSUG: portal, forum) were talking about Jaris and other OpenSolaris technologies. About a 100 or so people were there.  Kotaro-san, the Jaris technical leader, was there in the early evening, but I missed him because I was busy in the other room on a call with some guys in the U.K. Damn. Oh, well. Next time. Jaris made its way in front of 300 people in the last two days, and I`m hearing that developers in Tokyo, and even around the world, are taking notice. Cool. This could get interesting.

OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris

OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris

OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris

OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris OpenSolaris Seminar 021309 Jaris

Friday Feb 06, 2009

Welcome Project Jaris to the OpenSolaris Community

"We hope we can contribute to growth of OpenSolaris in Japan and to the continued evolution of OpenSolaris around the world." -- Kotaro-san, Leader, Project Jaris

And with that, Kotaro-san announced (in English and Japanese) Project Jaris to the OpenSolaris community. Welcome, guys! It's excellent to have a new distribution based on OpenSolaris technology right here in Japan. This project will absolutely help us build a developer and user community in Japan, there's no question about that. It's also very interesting that the Jaris guys are reaching out to Windows users with this distro. If we are to build a large user community here, those are the people we have to talk to. Very smart.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Requesting New OpenSolaris Projects

I've been setting up OpenSolaris User Group projects and mailing lists on the site forever (100+ now). Starting this week I'm also setting up development projects and communities. The process is 100% manual, but it's not too bad at this point. As long as you don't have to mess around with Jive, setting up project spaces and lists can go pretty quickly. And that brings up another point. I am no longer setting up Jive gateways to Mailman lists. Jive doesn't scale well to the number of lists we have, and the gateways break too frequently. Plus, the forums attract too much spam. So, we are going to replace Jive entirely as part of the new webapp we are building. In the meantime, we can't keep creating new forums that need fixing since that takes critical infrastructure resources away from doing much more important work on the site. In fact, I'm actually deleting forums on a limited basis where I can. Also, we are coming to a critical time over the next couple months migrating to the new site, and when that process is under way we'll start the requirements gathering conversation for replacing Jive. Our Mailman lists, on the other hand, work just fine for their capabilities. I'm looking forward to finding a new web forum solution that suites the community's needs. Stay tuned for that.

Also, here's a reminder when requesting OpenSolaris projects. When you request new projects on the project-set list, please give the name of the project, the name of your list, and the user names of the leaders who got the project/list approved. I need all three bits of info, so it that's not in the thread you forward to project-setup, please add it. This will expedite the creation of projects. And please be mindful of trademark issues. Use generic, descriptive words to title your project. For background on this, go to the projects portal, the project set up page, and the project lead reference page.

Finally, as you know we will be moving to a new project creation process after the new OpenSolaris Constitution is approved in the upcoming March 2009 elections. Until then, we are using the current system. Here is more information on the proposed group creation process.

Thursday Jan 22, 2009

The Distros

The LXF Guide: OpenSolaris distros: "It's fantastic to see development flourishing in the wider OS world beyond Linux, and there has never been a better time to broaden your Unix skills and try something new." -- LINUX FORMAT

To get the OpenSolaris distributions, go to the downloads page on Oh, and don`t forget that one more is coming: Jaris.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

OpenSolaris on the EeePC: Japanese Article

There is a Japanese article in the February issue of Software Design about OpenSolaris on the EeePC. It's from Masafumi Ohta. Check it out.

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

OSUG Kits Shipping

The OpenSolaris User Group Starter Kits are now shipping. See Teresa's announcement. Let us know when you get your boxes. Take some pics, too. I want to see what the heck we are shipping around the world. :)

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Japan Developers Summit 2009

The Japanese OpenSolaris Community will be participating at this Developers Summit in Tokyo next month. Many other communities as well. I'll be there for a bit. Sun is one of the sponsors as well. Stop by.


There is a new OpenSolaris channel on IRC for discussions in Japanese and English -- #opensolaris-jp. I updated the OpenSolaris chat page.


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