Monday Apr 16, 2007

OpenSolaris and the Google SoC

Congratulations to everyone in the OpenSolaris community who are involved in Google's Summer of Code. Glynn talks about 40 applications this year? That's outstanding. Way more than last year. And twice as many were accepted this year as well. OpenSolaris is clearly getting more traction at school. See the OpenSolaris Google SoC students here.

Thursday Mar 15, 2007

OpenSolaris at School

Back before we started OpenSolaris we talked a great deal about the desire to get OpenSolaris technology back on campus. Solaris certainly used to be strong at universities around the world, so we figured that there was no real reason why we couldn't return to our roots.

But when we had conversations with professors a couple of years ago about OpenSolaris, they told us quite clearly that Sun and Solaris left campus, not the other way around. We were closed, after all, and that just didn't work for teaching and open academic research purposes. Good point. Some of those early conversations were brutally honest, too.

Also, back then many critics were saying that we'd never get back on campus. Never? That always seemed like a really long time to me, especially since universities were more than a little excited about the prospect of OpenSolaris. So, back to school we went, it seems. Look what I found floating around some presentations recently -- a handy little list of some of the universities where OpenSolaris is starting to become part of the curriculum. And what's most interesting about this list is that more than 60 of these universities are from one country -- China. I wonder what the available market for OpenSolaris distributions will be in a few years when thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands (etc) of students all graduate with the new choice of exploring OpenSolaris because they were introduced to the technology back at school? Could change things a bit, eh? Especially in emerging markets. Especially in markets pressing for open source technology.  This is just a start, of course, and this is one of the ways that Sun is helping to build the OpenSolaris community. It's not a bad start, don't you think?

01. Agricultural University of Hebei
02. Bannari Amman College of Engineering
03. Beihang University
04. Beijing Agriculture University
05. Beijing Institute of Technology
06. Beijing JiaoTong University
07. Beijing Normal University
08. Beijing Science & Technology University
09. Beijing University of Post & Telecommunications
10. Beijing University of Technology
11. Brown University
12. Capital Normal University
13. Center China Normal University
14. ChangChun University of Technology
15. Chengdu Electronical College
16. Chengdu University of Information Technology
17. China University of Geosciences
18. Dalian Institute of Light Industry
19. Dalian JiaoTong University
20. Dalian University
21. Dalian University of Technology
22. Dartmouth
23. Defendence Science and Technology University
24. East China University of Science and Technology
25. Fudan University
26. George Mason University
27. Guangdong Education Institute
28. Guangdong SongShan College
29. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
30. Guangzhou University
31. Guangzhou University of Technology
32. HangZhou Normal College
33. Hebei Polytechnic College
34. Henan Agriculural College
35. Henan Judicial Officer College
36. Henan University of Technology
37. HuaZhong Science and Technology University
38. India Institute of Science
39. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
40. Israeli Ministry of Education
41. Ji'Nan University
42. JiangXi Normal University
43. JiuJinag University
44. LiaoNing Normal University
45. Nanjing Agricultural University
46. Nanjing University of Technology
47. NanKai University
48. NIT Trichy
49. Northeastern PolyTechnical University
50. Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University
51. Northwestern
52. Notre Dame
53. Ohio State University
54. Peking University
55. Penn State
57. QiLu Software School
58. ShaanXi NormalUniversity
59. Shandong University
60. Shandong JiaoTong University
61. Shanghai University
62. South China Normal University
63. St. Paul College
64. Tongji University
65. Tsinghua University
66. UCLA
67. UCSD
68. University of Electronic Science & Technology of China
69. University of Minnesota
70. University of Queensland
71. University of Science and Technology Beijing
72. University of Science and Technology China
73. UVCE
74. WuHan University
75. WuHan University of Technology
76. WuYi University
77. Xi'an JiaoTong University
78. XiDian University
79. XiYou University
80. YanCheng Institute of Technology
81. Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
82. Zhejiang University

If you are a student and intersted in OpenSolaris, check in with Teresa Giacomini and Joey Guo. You can find them in the Academic and Research Community, which has OpenSolaris Curriculum Resources in multiple languages and a new OpenSolaris Campus Evangelists program. You may want to pick up an OpenSolaris Starter Kit along the way, too.


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