Friday Apr 23, 2010

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group 2010.04

A few shots from the Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group earlier today. About 40 people came by on a nice spring Saturday for the six sessions (three for administrators and three for developers).

Sunday Mar 14, 2010

Massive DTrace Day Coming to Tokyo

The Japanese OpenSolaris Community will be hosting a massive DTrace Day on Saturday, March 27th in Yoga. Meeting details are here in Japanese and here in English. Directions with photos are here in Japanese and English. There will be two rooms to hold the six sessions. All talks will be on DTrace and everything will be in Japanese. A nomikai will follow (of course). Developers working on all operating systems platforms are welcome.

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010

OpenSolaris Community Growth in Japan

The Japanese OpenSolaris community continues to grow. It's now the 3rd largest community in the OpenSolaris world following the Spanish and Indian communities, it's the 3rd most active, and Tokyo is the #1 city outside the United States for sending traffic to The community in Japan also continues to diversify as well with general users mixing with kernel developers and globalization engineers. In fact, this diversity is driving the need to run concurrent sessions for beginners and advanced developers and users at community events.

There are multiple parts to the community in Japan:

There is a lot going on. I try to track what I can at this tag.

Thursday Feb 25, 2010

4 OpenSolaris Sessions at Tokyo OSC

The OpenSolaris community plans four sessions at the Tokyo Open Source Conference on Friday and Saturday. See announcements from Shoji and Masafumi and Reiko Saito, who also posted her slides. These sessions will involve not only dives into the technology, such as ZFS and new features in the OpenSolaris distribution, but also how to contribute localizations and get involved in the community generally. There will be a booth, so stop by and get some CDs and shirts and other stuff. If you miss the conference, you can catch up with things in March when we'll have more community events at the Sun Yoga office. A Linux technical meeting is planned for the 13th, and then there will be 3 sessions of OpenSolaris later in the month on the 27th.

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

OpenSolaris Lightning: Tokyo Dev Summit

Masafumi Ohta, Hiroshi Chonan, and Hisayoshi Kato did a lightning talk about the Japan OpenSolaris Community at the Tokyo Developers Summit. Japanese video. Good photos. :) 

Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Tokyo2Point0 020810

I went to the Tokyo2Point0 event last night. There were 250 people there with another 150 online, so it was a packed time for sure. Really nice to catch up with a bunch of people. I haven’t been to one of these events in many months. Just been too busy. It was also to good to see Michael Sullivan do a short talk on OpenSolaris as well.

Friday Feb 05, 2010

Building International Communities in Tokyo

Here are two really nice articles in the Japan Times talking about the international tech community in Tokyo:
The articles describe the meta community here, and that's where we OpenSolaris guys hang out. By contributing to the larger community, we've found that the OpenSolaris community here is growing and earning its way right along side everyone else. There are language and culture barriers to overcome, but we all are making a great deal of progress. It's quite common now to find OpenSolaris developers, administrators, and users participating in multiple international communities, which, of course, helps us to learn in return. And the Web 2.0 community is growing in size and diversity as well. Also, since the tech community locally is well connected globally, we can extend our reach around the world by just interacting right here at home. Here's my photo archive as well (mostly Linux & OpenSolaris).

Sunday Jan 31, 2010

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

There were two sessions (beginners/advanced) at the monthly Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group on Saturday:

OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

OpenSolaris Study Group 013010

A third concurrent session will be opened hopefully starting in February or March. More info soon. Subscribe to ug-jposug and ug-tsug to participate.

More info about the OpenSolaris communtiy in Japan here. More OpenSolaris photos here.

Friday Jan 22, 2010

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210: Photos

Some images from the OpenSolaris Night Seminar in Tokyo earlier this evening with presentations from Junko Yoshida, Mami Sueki, and Shoji Haraguchi. Video from Shoji Haraguchi here.

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210 OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210 OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210 OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210

OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210 OpenSolaris Night Seminar 012210

Hundreds more images from the OpenSolaris community in Japan right here.

Friday Jan 15, 2010

OpenSolaris Night Seminar, January 22, Tokyo

Shoji Haraguchi just announced the next OpenSolaris Night Seminar in Tokyo. It will be on January 22nd in Jingumae. On tap will be Crossbow and Solaris Containers. Register early. These seminars generally fill up pretty quickly, and there's only room for about 100 people in the room. You know, we really could use some bigger conference rooms to hold these events. Lots of people are interested in OpenSolaris in Tokyo. See you there.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

OpenSolaris at the 2010 Japan Developer Summit

The OpenSolaris Community will participate at 2010 Japan Developer Summit in Tokyo February 18-19. Subscribe to ug-jposug and ug-tsug for more information.

Friday Dec 18, 2009

OpenSolaris at Tokyo Charity Event

The OpenSolaris community in Japan participated at a charity event last night -- Tokyo's Biggest Tech Party Ever. I don't know if it was the biggest ever, but there were 400 people there throughout the evening from over a dozen tech communities in the city. Michael Sullivan, who leads the Tokyo OSUG and who got us involved in the event, auctioned off a bag stuffed full of OpenSolaris and Glassfish items (shirts, CDs, books, mice, pens, pads, hats, and whatever else we could find). Good time. Some images.

Monday Dec 14, 2009

OpenSolaris: 3 Community Events This Week

Members of the OpenSolaris Community in Japan will be participating in three community events this week Tokyo's Biggest Tech Party Ever (A Charity Event), OpenSolaris Hot Topics Seminar, and the Tokyo Linux User Group's Technical Meeting & Bonenkai. Should be a pretty busy week to end the year around here. I'll take some images. If you are in the area, stop by. After that I am taking a couple of weeks off -- no email, no cell phone, no Internet, no nothing. Just fresh air.

Saturday Dec 12, 2009

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group 121209

I stopped by the Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group meeting in Yoga today. The guys were running two consecutive sessions on ZFS, Solaris Internals, and Driver Development. Good turn out for a Saturday afternoon, too. About 35 people came to the sessions with another 30 or so contributing on IRC at #opensolaris-jp on Freenode. Here are some images:

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group

 The Tokyo OpenSolaris Study Group grew out of the Japan OpenSolaris User Group. Here are some links to more information about the OpenSolaris community in Japan. And here is a stash of several years of images from OpenSolaris in Japan.

Saturday Oct 31, 2009

OpenSolaris at the Tokyo Open Source Conference

Here are some images from the Fall 2009 Tokyo Open Source Conference. The OpenSolaris community participated with presentations from Reiko Saito and Masafumi Ohta and a booth full of demos for the weekend event. There are some NetBeans and Linux guys mixed in here as well. There were dozens and dozens of communities there.

Monday Oct 26, 2009

2 Upcoming OpenSolaris Events in Tokyo

There are two events coming up in Tokyo for the OpenSolaris community. See Shoji's announcement. The first is an OpenSolaris Night Seminar at Sun's Jingumae office on Friday, and the other will be activities at the Tokyo Open Source Conference on Saturday. Stop by. We'll have some interesting presentations from Sun Japan engineers and community members. Also, there will be plenty of OpenSolaris CDs and t-shirts and such. And a nomi, too. Should be fun.

Monday Oct 19, 2009

Tokyo Open Source Conference

The Japanese OpenSolaris Community will be at the Tokyo Open Source Conference next week (30th and 31st). The Japan OpenSolaris User Group guys will be there with talks about their group activities, and Sun`s Reiko Saito will present on how to contribute translations to the community. Stop by.

Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group: Resources

I am building out a page of resources contributed to the community from the Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group. If you have something to contribute that you want posted, ping ug-tsug at opensolaris dot org (subscribe here). Also, I am looking for people who are interested in editing the TSUG website when we move to XWiki on in two weeks. Here is the current list of leaders. We need editors, translators, coders, writers, photographers, videographers, designers, organizers, students, professors, business guys etc. Everything. And, of course, if you are interested in presenting something on OpenSolaris or Open Source or community development we'd be happy to have you talk as well.

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

A Little Germany in Japan

Martin Schmidt, from the Osnabrück OpenSolaris User Group in Germany, stopped by Tokyo tonight so we went out for a little dinner with Masafumi Ohta and Michael Sullivan. Nice time.

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

Planning a Wet and Windy Nomi

A few guys from the Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group will be getting together tomorrow night for a beer (nomikai). Martin Schmidt from the Osnabrück OSUG in Germany will here, so it will be great to meet him and talk all things East and West. But there is also a big hairy typhoon spinning its way to Tokyo. So, we may get wet.



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