Sunday Jan 17, 2010

2 New OpenSolaris Website Translation Projects

The latest version of is now in the Community Translation Interface for a localization update, and we are also now starting to localize as well. Because of many community contributions recently, already lives in 17 languages. It will be good to get the SCM Console at localized into a bunch of languages via the same process as we continue updating that application in the coming months. See the announcement from Ales on i18n-discuss for details about contributing to these these two website projects.

The localization of -- which is currently 15 applications -- will come together over time and in various stages. But I really would like all of it localized into at least two dozen languages by the end of this year. Should be doable. So, if you are interested in participating, I wrote an outline about how we are breaking this into pieces and how you can get involved: Localizing Website Content. I will update the document as the project evolves. See the Internationalization & Localization Community for even more projects and information. Subscribe to i18n-discuss. Thanks.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Translating Auth: An OpenSolaris Community Project

There are several active conversations taking place on website-discuss and i18n-discuss regarding the localization of the Auth application. This is very good news. The activity demonstrates the community's direct involvement.

On our team, Alan Burlison in the U.K. wrote the application over the last couple of years, and when I got involved in the project last year I casually mentioned it would be cool if we could localize the app since the current site's registration page is in Japanese, Chinese, and English (although it was difficult to implement those languages on the current site). Alan responded with something like, "Oh, that's easy. Auth was designed with internationalization and localization in mind from the very beginning. No problem." Music to my ears.

I figured we'd get a half dozen or so languages, but I never dreamed about the response we've had thus far from the Internationalization and Localization Community. When Auth goes out next week, it will be in 17 languages and those translations were contributed by about 50 people around the world. Absolutely. Fantastic. I've been working with Alan and Sun globalization engineers Fuyuki Hasegawa in Tokyo and Ales Cernosek in Prague as they have been leading the Auth localization effort and walking me through their processes to engage the community via the Community Translation Interface (CTI). I've learned a lot. But it was the community that really came through here, no question about it. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed.

For many years on this project, we've been wanting to get properly localized. We now have the tools to begin that process. Next up will be getting more languages for Auth, getting the icons and other user interface features localized, and then it's on to XWiki in the fall. XWiki already has content localization features built in, so that application should move along nicely after deployment.

To get involved in OpenSolaris localization projects, subscribe to i18n-discuss and check out how to get involved in translating the website.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

Getting Started with OpenSolaris: 10 Languages

The Getting Started with OpenSolaris 2008.05 guide is now published in 10 languages. See the announcement from Ikuko Kagaya in Japan. It's also great to see that the community contributed to the translations as well. These guides are about 100 pages long, so that's a lot of user content moving out there into a bunch of new languages. Excellent.

Monday Jul 07, 2008

Contributing OpenSolaris Translations

One of the best talks at OSDevCon in Prague recently came from Petr Tomasek, Robert Malovec, and Ales Cernosek. They talked about globalization issues, and I especially liked it because the guys focused on how to contribute translations to the OpenSolaris project. In fact, they built a pilot system providing community access to back end computers with the end result being a package living in an IPS repository. If you are interested in globalization and want to contribute to the OpenSolaris project, check this out because your feedback would be most welcome. Here is the paper describing the details (from page 84 to 91). Here is the video presentation. And here is the slide deck.

As this system matures, I hope it -- or future versions of it -- will move to the Internationalization and Localization Community Group on Conversations for that community group take place on i18n-discuss.

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Czech Translation Contribution Integrated

Fuyuki Hasegawa just announced that Czech translations for the kernel commands and libraries have been integrated into build 74. This is the first contribution of its kind for OpenSolaris, which is excellent news. Generally, these translations are done by Sun globalization engineers, but as you can see we are expanding to include contributors of many kinds now. See Hasegawa-san's note here. See the entire thread discussing the issue here -- Czech OS.o translation available. If you'd like to get involved in globalization projects like this, go to the Internationalization and Localization Community Group and give us a shout on i18n-discuss.


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