Friday Mar 06, 2009

OpenSolaris Storage Summit Presos

I see the OpenSolaris Storage Summit wiki is filling up with presentations and videos and photos. Go get it all here while it lasts. Seems like the event was a success, so congrats to everyone involved. I like these summit ideas for OpenSolaris. There have been a few such summits (DTrace, Storage 2x, OpenSolaris 2x). Just carve out some space for a focused gathering for a couple of days without trying to make it too big and be all things to all people. Just keep it small, implement it often, and repeat.

Sunday Feb 08, 2009

ZFS Saving Your Butt

Saving Big Money with Open Source Storage: "Since ZFS came out, it has saved our behind more than once. The combo of OpenSolaris and ZFS is such that I would now be quite willing to pay for what it offers." -- Jason Williams, COO and CTO of Digitar, quoted in Enterprise Storage Forum

An interesting read about how OpenSolaris was evaluated and implemented in this storage environment.

Monday Feb 02, 2009

OpenSolaris Storage Summit: February 23, 2009

If you are in San Francisco in late February, check out the OpenSolaris Storage Summit. This is the second such summit for that community, so they clearly have momentum. Help organize the event and/or go and participate. Either way, you can get involved here, here, and here.

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Well, what did you expect?

All day today while the West Coast of the U.S. has been sleeping, I've been reading articles in the media about Sun's new open storage appliances -- the Sun Storage 7110, 7210, and 7410. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the tech media all had articles on these new systems. But the Forbes piece grabbed me right in the first paragraph: "Give Sun Microsystems credit: The roof may be on fire, but the beleaguered server vendor seems just as focused on putting out innovative products as putting out the flames." Nice bit. But my first reaction was, "well, what did you expect?" Ok, times are tough, but we sure as hell aren't curling up in a little ball and going away, right? I like the focus on innovation and the determination to build something new. I like the buzz in the blogs. That's what you should expect.

Anyway, Bryan has the entire story with links to the whole team, so I'll just point there so you can start with Fishworks engineering. I know this project has been going for some time, and the entire team deserves a massive congratulations. Enjoy the day!

Sunday Sep 28, 2008

OpenSolaris Flying with the FAA

How the FAA Is Bringing Its Air Traffic Systems into the 21st Century: "Sun's open-source OpenSolaris/ZFS/SunFire server/Thumper storage infrastructure -- which features built-in, state-of-the-art virtualization capability -- was a key building block on which the FAA IT evaluation group settled. Some of the new software is already being used in the air traffic system; ZFS (Sun's open-source Zettabyte File System) is being used in the FAA's air traffic data center. 'The FAA uses a large quantity of Sun Solaris servers in a variety of configurations to support some of our noncritical business applications,' Andy Isaksen, manager of the Communications Infrastructure Engineering Team for NADIN and architect of the original mainframe system, said. 'ZFS is being used on at least one service within the Air Traffic Organization Enterprise Data Center.'" -- eWeek, September 24, 2008

Cool. The article also points out that Sun is teaming up with Cisco on this new system. Seems like a pretty important deployment for OpenSolaris that will potentially help support all air travelers in the United States.

Saturday Sep 20, 2008

Man on the Street

We've all seen the late night comics doing "man on the street" interviews in, say, Hollywood, where people can't find the United States on a map of the world, right? Great stuff. But imagine if Jay Leno came across these guys walking down the street? That would be a wild interview, eh?

Friday Sep 05, 2008

New OpenSolaris Storage Summit Graphic

Nice new OpenSolaris Storage Summit graphic. Santa Clara, California. Sept 21, 2008. OpenSolaris Storage Community here. My blog seems to mess up the image, so see the full size graphic here.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

First OpenSolaris Storage Summit

The first OpenSolaris Storage Summit will be held in Santa Clara, California, on September 21. Stop by and participate.

Sunday Jul 06, 2008

Storage Last Year

The OpenSolaris Storage Community Group had a great year -- [storage-discuss] Storage Community July '07 - June '08 Report. I didn't realize they had 36 development projects on now. Outstanding.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Qlayer on OpenSolaris

Really nice to see more companies getting involved in OpenSolaris -- It takes a village to build a community.


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